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  1. Boarding the ship Inspector Warwick was approached by an android. "Good morning and welcome to Pilgrim 1, the first ship heading towards the newly terraformed Sepin - Four. May I see your ticket?"

    The detective handed the robot his ticket, he found it funny that even today we use paper tickets. The android wished him well as he walked to the bridge It was a big ship, it had room enough for ten thousand people and every room had been booked. There were gambling halls, fine dinery, and plenty of activies to perform around the ship. It was said that the journey with the new FTL drives would take around a week to travel to the star system, not a bad record for humanity.

    However, Warwick wasn’t heading towards any of the casinos or restaurants, he had a much more dark purpose. The inspector was heading to talk with the Captain, someone had planned to sabotage the ship and Warwick was going to stop whatever Terrorists he found in his way, he was just, that kind of guy.
  2. Waking up in his bed.. Or was it his bed? York can't remember... He gets up, somewhat gingerly, and began to pace his room aboard the ship.
    "Who am I?... Where am I? Why am I here... Where IS here?"
    As he pondered all this, a strange feeling of unease comes over him, something was wrong... How he knew, or what it is.. He isn't sure... He places a hand on what seemed like an console with an hand-print on it, resulting in the door to his room opening with a quiet hissing noise. A little startled, he exited the room and went to investigate a map found nearby. He hoped to find some answers to his questions.

    ((talking a little out of character here, sorry if my formatting isn't the best >.< I'm quite new to this site, hopefully I can still provide a decent contribution to the plot of this rp!))
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  3. Alabaster walks out of his room on the ship with his tool belt over his shoulder. He was on break, but also on call. If something comes up, he has to respond in a timely fashion, but until then, he could enjoy the scenery. He mostly watched the interesting people who came and went and writing in his blank covered book.
  4. Toomas sat at the Blackjack table becoming increasingly frustrated with his luck, or rather, lack thereof. After seven straight losing hands, he decided enough was enough. Looking around, Toomas saw quite a few interesting characters, many rich people, several workers, and of course the ever pleasant sight of cocktail waitresses. "Time for a drink" Toomas said out loud as he walked towards the bar.
  5. I was by the railing looking out, the view was spectacular and as I took a deep, smiling in this joyous moment someone grabbed my right arm, making me jump. It was my mother, Gothel-and right behind her, my sister Sarah.
    "Get away from the railing you nitwit!" she snapped, "you could hurt yourself!"
    "Sorry," I smiled, moving strands of my lovely curly hair behind my ear. "It's just...this place is so wonderful...and unusual."
    Gothel rolled her eyes, "we will be at the casino if you need us...and for goodness sakes put your hair up!"
    I rolled my eyes as she took my firey red hair and wrapped it up into a bun, afterwards she put a butterfly pick in it.
    They left and I put my hand on the railing. I had on a red dress with white gloves, our family was in first class.
  6. Sorin wandered around the ship, clearly he was curious of all of this. He was slightly tired from the trip. His white hair over his left eye, the thumps of his giant foot steps echoing down the ship as well. The hum of his power armor heard slightly. His maw was closed as well showing only what looked like a gasmask. His eyes are adjusting to the surroundings as well.
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