Mind Over Matter

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    Do you believe in the idea of "mind over Matter" ?

    I am a firm believer in the idea of "mind over matter" in the sense that ANYTHING that is possible can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.

    I also believe that problems we have in our day to day lives, such as issues with people, work, stress in general, illness, depression, and all the BS we deal with throughout the day can be over come with proper and positive thinking. This idea is reinforced, to me, by the fact that the people with the most issues are usually the ones who refrain from positive thought.

    What Say you?

  2. Agreed 99%.

    Most of the time, all that you need is the will. The will and the desire to attain what you want, and what you want can literally be almost anything.

    However, there are certain things that just simply are out of your hands. And while I agree that depression and other mental disorders can be relieved with strong will-power, there are indeed sicknesses that exist physically just as well as mentally.
  3. Will helps with the mental symptoms of being sick or injured. We are built to be alarmed by problems with out body, strong will lessons the impact.
  4. Belief has its limits. Life has a tendency to not work out like some shonen manga/anime at times, so it takes more than raw self-esteem and balls to get through the daily grind.
  5. Raw self esteem and balls is all I have going for me.
  6. Raw selfless stubbornness is what I got... Seems to be working out.

    Anyways, I agree to an extent. Sometimes it takes more than will. There might be other pieces to the puzzle that are needed.