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  1. Some argue that there are no choices in life. That all that is considered free will is just an illusion, and all of you are just following some pre-destined story that has already been written. Turn left, or turn right? It is the choice that gives you power. But the true power lies in the options.

    Oh, look. We have a question, with two possible answers -- answer A and answer B. Now, I bet you believe you are in control. You have the power to choose you're own answer and effect your future. Or do you? Have you ever asked yourself how the options got there?

    I mean, you're free. You get to choose you're own leader! At least, from the options available. From only the ones that can spend millions to run for office. But, you definitely get to choose from the ones set up in front of you. Too bad voting for president doesn't leave the option for "D" like most test-questions. You know, "none of the above". At least they have the courtesy to ask though. And they say chivalry is dead! Ha!

    What if I told you, my dear readers, that there is a choice that could change the world? And change you along with it? Could you make that choice, or are you afraid you might fall once the training wheels come off? You should be.

    This is no game.

    Who among you will venture forth into the unknown, abandon the materialistic for a full recounting and rapture of the ego? Let go of ideological "sanity" and programming from a modern world, and discover truth with me! For nothing is as it seems.
  2. Well, I guess I gotta give you some premise of my story.

    Basically, your characters are modern-day humans. Modern day real life. Now, the characters you create must be realistic.

    But you will soon find yourself involved in something unexplainable and unreal, and that is where the fantasy part comes into play. So, if you are interested in having a modern person experience a fantasy world, this will be the thing for you. And that is all of the primer I will be willing to give.

    Just let me say, the plot is well thought out, and it will not be what you expect.

    And, the way the story will be conducted will be like so:

    You have mostly free reign in the world, and can for the most part create parts of the story yourself. Like NPC's and such. You have control over actions and reactions and certain events.

    You will not be able to control the actions of other PC's or any of the NPC's that I create.

    I will playing the role of DM or GM, if you are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons. But there will be no dice rolls, so don't worry about that. When I post, I will create the situations, describe the surroundings and progress the characters through the main story-line.

    So, whoever is interested, lemme know. Ask questions if 'ya want.
  3. Sounds interesting so far.
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