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  1. the plot idea is fairly simple, two special military contractors have found themselves stuck behind enemy lines after just finishing a job asigned by their superiors. With no back up available and zero airsupport, the two must make their way across the border to allied territory. They are relatively low on ammo so confrontations are to be avoided however possible. If there are no other options they are allowed to use whatever means to dispatch the enemy. The terrian is mainly mountainous with thick evergreen forests, it is the middle of fall as well so the temperature will fluxuate between mild and freezing temperatures. The enemy is still currently looking for the two so they also have to make sure they cover their track along the way. Will they survive, or will this be their last mission together?

  2. Interesting, I hope you don't mind me joining =)

    Name: Kate 'Jae' Rasti
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Jet black hair and pale blue eyes. She wears a black T under her uniform and a black belt to carry her combat knife, a pistol, a small emergency kit, and a flare. She wears brown combat boots and her uniform is a green camouflage.
    Equipment: Glasses that have night vision, infrared, and motion detectors.
    Weapons: A sniper's rifle, AK machine gun, a small pistol, a combat knife and her fists and feet.
    Bio: Her mother and father were in the military when she was young. Her older brother took care of her and when she turned 18 he left for the military, so she was left on her own. She did fairly well for the ond year she spent on her own. Joining the military at age 19, she quickly showed that she knew her skills. That's pretty much it.

    Is this okay?
  3. actually I'm sorry to say I'm no longer doing this one....right now anyways. I'll try getting it up sometime later but for now I'm gonna have to close it off. Thank you though for you interest in this when I start it up again I'll be sure to contact you first k? :)
  4. That's fine =) I hope you have a good day =D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.