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  1. anybody else on this addictive new app from Nintendo?

    First: add me from FB if you've got me there

    Second: what are your thoughts on it?
  2. What is it exactly?

    I've seen pictures of miis doing silly things in pictures. All I can guess is it's an app for mobile that lets you play with miis?
  3. It looks like yet another useless thing that I won't put on my phone. Rejoice!
  4. You make a mii of yourself and answer questions about yourself to share with your friends. Kind of an effort to get people to know each other better and find out stuff you never thought to ask. I mean, you could just talk to people face to face instead of using an app, but it's harmless fun. Plus there's cute outfits to buy and win in pachinko-style games and silly pictures to make.

    TLDR: not a must have, but fun for what it is
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  5. If ya know.....I had friends....or a twitter....or a facebook....I'd be all over this. But I will sit over in loserville. population me.....errrr.....Mii. I tried it but it's kinda useless without social media or friends.
  6. I alas have a phone plan where we get few data each month. So not really my thing to waste said data on, that and I'm more so in Luna's boat. Just minus the sadness and more so I dislike the people in my area.
  7. I used it, since played would be an interesting term.

    It was about a week before I got tired of it because I have no friends.

    I'm pulling your leg. None of my buddies have the app.
  8. Miitomo, why you no find my friends who has Miitomo
  9. The extent of my fucks to give about Miitomo is this post.

  10. only do it for the coins

    for the discounts.
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