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  1. so yeah, i'm sure i'm not the first (if so, i likely won't be the last) person to migrate from RolePlayerGuild (hence forth referred to as RPG for short), seeing as the site went down about 2 weeks ago.

    My name is Buio (formerly Buio DiAngelo) and, while my coming here is somewhat bittersweet (what with having lost literal thousands of hours worth of posts, character sheets, and personal messages with RPG's apparent shutdown), I am happy to discover such an inclusive, organized, immersive RP site and community here on the internet.

    I expect I will be spending a lot of time here from now on, and if RP ever comes back up, i will most likely be moving a fair amount of the material i had archived there over here ^_^.

    I have lots of experience GMing but I enjoy being a regular player too time to time. I generally roleplay high-casual to advanced level roleplays, but do my best to include even roleplayers of lower skill levels in my activities (especially when i am GMing).

    I look forward to meeting you all.
  2. Welcome former RPG member!

    I was/am on that site too as Mythical Nica.
  3. Hi there! :D It's great seeing more passionate roleplayers! (I am also a serious roleplay addict, I have a personal website where I store all my character bios and important rp logs. O_O)

    Welcome to Iwaku, and I hope you can make a home here! <3
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  4. Wow. Me and my MCF group seem to have migrated at a good time, just the same time as all of you guys. Heh.

    Do YOU know DrKnightKOT? I'm just really interested to see if anybody knows him.

    Maybe I'll see you around :)
  5. Thanks a lot Wonder Woman (literally the first thing i think of whenever i see someone named Diana). I'm actually far less of an addict than I used to be (though that has a lot to do with the fact that RPG's atmosphere was on the decline this last year). But in my 'hey day' as it were I had a minor reputation on the site as always making very... big roleplays lol.

    not in the sense of they attracted many many players. Rather, One rp in particular took me approximately 3 months to set up from start to finish, still had room for further development at launch (we were going to implement item lists and an entire economic system), spanned 10 different OOC sections (each for a different section such as economics information, character submission/approval,information on the world's magic and tech, etc.) and half as many IC threads and the compiled information from the first posts of each OOC thread added up to over 100 word document pages.

    now, that was my magnum opus, and i haven't put THAT much work into a thread since, but yeah lol, I used to put a sometimes extreme amount of detail in the world settings of the rps i GMed.
  6. and sorry, can't say i know that person ^^;
  7. im from RPG too! welcome fellow members! I can make a group for all of us!
  8. Hey Buio , its Silyan from Rpg . You were the first familiar name I saw so I posted . . . But hi . ^.^'
  9. Ah, thats okay. I can still contact him on DeviantART, I was just curious.

    But still, welcome!
  10. eeeey silly ^_^ nice to see a familiar face (figuratively speaking).

    how's things going?