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In the past sixty years the human race has struggled to get out of the time demanding medial labor and to replace it with a slightly more automated automoton. But it has only been in the recent 20 years that this struggle has turned into more of a double edged sword. The following program touches on this, and don't worry I can guarantee this isn't some ordinary documentary.

Audience Advisory: The following program contains strong language and mild sexual themes that might not be suitable for children under the age of 12.



Now after watching that has technology really spiralled out of control? Like that last portion was displaying, we are creating powerful and great things but using them for as stupid an activity as playing the "duck bum organ." What are your thoughts on the video?

Personally I think technology has sort of left its awe inspiring grasp at the door. New things come out everyday now and it seems less and less great. But that's simply because of how we use these things. I don't look to someone now-a-days holding an iPhone and hold them in the same regard as back in the day when the new thing was a cell phone and only wealthy, well-accomplished businessmen had them. Technology companies have further seeked to drain money from their propaganda by explaining the powerful things it could do but give out applications (not apps) that were geared more toward arsing around in a plight to beg for more money from your wallet. Even now as I type these words and you read them you don't seem to think about how powerful and amazing this achievement, the internet, is. Not to mention the sheer amount of data being translated is astronomically high. This program has definitely reminded me of what the original purpose of technology is and how grateful I am to have and how some others are ungrateful twats.

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