Midsummer Forest


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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Rose bumped along in the carriage as it rode from the small town of Braxton into the deep forest. It had been a while since she was sent out to meet with her father, a noble out in Hamingtonshire. It was hard to convince Rose to leave Braxton and her mother though, especially with reports from the city guard that there were orcs and goblins roaming the woods and they couldn't afford to send any guards with her. Instead they rented a carriage and a driver and sent her on her merry way. If she was lucky she wouldn't have to use the sword she had clipped to her belt.

As the carriage bumped along the dirt road leading into the deep Midsummer Forest a light breeze blew past her, tossing her blond locks here and there. Just outside the forest there was a small camp full of various people from all sorts of races and backgrounds. It came to a stop and an idea popped into Rose's head, maybe she could find some help navigating the forest with her driver, and maybe even a bodyguard or two. She couldn't afford to use her family name to try and buy people over because that could be just as dangerous as the orcs.

A heavy thump sounded as she hopped down, her boots clunking on the dirt and the driver's horse neighing as she walked around and patted it on the side. Surveying the camp she put on a bright smile, adjusted her sword and waited for a moment before shouting out, "Can I get everyone's attention? I am looking for an adventuring party to help me get through the Midsummer forest to Hamingtonshire! If anyone is able to navigate or is willing to help get me there safely there will be a handsome reward! All interested parties can find me at my carriage here!" She nodded, dusted her hands and walked back to the back of the carriage before hopping back up and setting on the edge, waiting for volunteers.
A rather grizzly looking dwarf with dark auburn hair and a beard so long it brushed the ground and so thick he didn't have much more than his nose still visible stepped up to the carriage and looked the blonde girl in the eye. He sucked in some air and spit to the side, then with his hands resting on his heavy leather belt looked her up and down as if assessing her ability to pay as she had said, or perhaps her skills with the blade she carried on her hip.

"If yer lookin ter hire some muscle lassy I got a little to spare, but what I would be wonderin is whether yer payin up front or just on safe delivery," he said in a deep, gruff voice. He had a rather intimidating and large hammer strapped to his back that looked as if it was way more than he should be able to lift or carry, but such is the strength of dwarves that they can handle much more than their four foot average height would lead to be believed.

"Me name is Flint Rockhammer, and if ye so wish I would be willin to give escort for yer carriage and help with that safe delivery," he added after a moment. His beard looked well groomed, but there was just so much of it that his mouth was not very visible and his eyes, what was visible looked like only the black beads of his pupils. Since he was in a safe camp and had a tent set up he was not presently wearing any armor, but just some comfortable leathers.
A large smile came over Rose's face as the dwarf approached her, she had heard tales of them before but seeing them in person was a sort of culture shock. She assessed the smaller man and nodded, taking mental notes of his features. This...Flint Rockhammer would certainly be an interesting travel companion to say the least.

At the mention of payment she reached into one of her bags resting in the carriage and pulled out a couple gold coins and held them out to him. She had plenty more where those came from but it wasn't wise to let him in on that fact right away, after all could just as easily rob her blind and leave her for dead out in the middle of the woods.

"That is all that I can really spare if I'm to hire more then just you, but I assure you there is plenty more where that came from if you do decide to help me out. Paid on safe arrival. I do hope you'll consider it." She smiled warmly giving off an airy chuckle. The man's voice seemed so stereotypical of his race but it still brought a smile to Rose's face. "My name is Rose..." she paused for a moment, trying to think of a proper pseudonym, "Moonleaf...yeah, Rose Moonleaf." She sort of half bowed, her hand with the gold pieces still extended towards him.
Flint reached a rough hand that was covered on top with a lot of auburn hair as well towards the two gold coins she held out towards him. He accepted the partial payment with a single nod. Both coins were brought to his face as he inspected them, then when he found them to be good and of course well smelted he dropped them into the coin purse hanging at his hip. Strangely they did not make a single sound, not even from clinking against each other as they fell.

"I thank ye fer yer kindness Rose Moonleaf and i'd be glad to be yer escort through these here woods," Flint added once the coins were safely hidden way in his purse. He was an honorable dwarf just out travelling. Like all dwarves Flint loves metals of all kinds, and currently he is on an expidition to gather new raw metals. He is a smith of legendary skills among his people, so is also a very good judge of metal types.

"When do ye plan on wantin ter begin yer journey missy?" he asked after a few moments. He was not ina hurry himself, but rather liked to keep to a good schedule and times were an important part of that. He walked over and leaned against the side of her carriage gently. He was careful not to put all his weight against it since, even without his armor donned his full weight was heavy enough that the carriage could easily get tipped over on accident.
Rose couldn't help but smile, it seemed the dwarf had no idea of who she was and that was good for her. If anyone found out her real identity then she could be robbed blind easily. She tilted her head as the coins she offered up to Flint were dropped silently into his bag. It was certainly strange to not even here the soft padding at the bottom of the bag being hit with the coins.

"Ah to answer your question, Sir Flint, I want to see if anyone else can help out but we shall depart in roughly one King's Hour. Until then it should be best to rest up as much as possible, I'm not sure if you're aware of the danger that happens to be in these woods but from what I've heard it's quite rare to make it through unscathed." She brushed another lock of hair off her shoulder and her face grew grim and serious.

As Flint leaned against the carriage Rose felt it lean slightly which prompted a giggle from her, certainly the stories of the strength of dwarves was no joke. Seeing one up close tempted her to poke, prod and pull on him just to see what he was like but she was trying to come off as a seasoned traveler not some spoiled girl who lived in the company of humans at all times.

"So if it is all right with you we shall wait and then we can go, it'd be best if you had your supplies ready by then, I'm sure your traveling gear can be placed in my carriage as well."
"Mrow?' came a sound from the foot of the carriage and then with a powerful jump there it was purring beside Rose. Very fluffy and creamed colored with chocolate tips the cat on silent pause walked over to the girl. The cat then put it's two front pause on Roses leg and mewed once more. It seemed to be asking for a pet. The cat wasn't going without it's meal and it's coat was well groomed. There really wasn't much odd about it other then it's eyes. They were deep purple. Did cats come with that color of eyes?
Rose jumped at the cat appearing next to her and purring. She reached down and scratched the cat behind the ears gently, tilting her head to one side as she caught sight of the cat's eyes.

"My kitty, where did you come from? Well, if you want to come with I don't have a problem with it. Welcome to my carriage little one. I wonder if you have a name..." Rose tilted her head to one side and looked out along the camp once again. It wasn't long before the king's hour was up and Rose set out into the camp to once again make the announcement and to round up Flint so they could head out.

"This is the last chance for anyone who would like to help me navigate this forest I will pay on successful escort to the city of Hamingtonshire! If you are willing to please see my immediately!" She nodded and headed back to look for Flint by her carriage, hopefully the cat had stuck around, after all he was awful cute.
A short boy approached Rose, a mischievous grin on his face. He flipped his head to the side and his chocolate brown curls out of his eyes. He was no more than three feet tall and didn't look to be more than a eight years old physically. His eyes showed much more age than that though. Rembrandt Greenbottle was in fact a halfling well into his fourties, which is about a third of the life span for an average halfling.

"I'd like to help with your little excursion if you're. Willing to have me,' he said, his voice sweet and young sounding.

"I know I don't liik like much, but I pack a bigger punch than you might think," he added almost as an afterthought. On his right hip is strapped a long curved dagger, though for someone of his side it looks more like a scimitar. On his other side hangs a slingshot with a small leather bag next to it, assumedly holding ammunition for the weapon.

"I doubt that meself," Flint put in, looking at the little halfling in disbelief. A dwarf is a good judge of other fighters, but no matter what they will always think that elves are flighty and halflings are kids, which makes his opinion somewhat misjudged.

"Come on... come on... five wands, that's good... the Chariot, yeah, eight of cups... The Hanged Man! No!"

A scruffy young man bangs his fist on the card table set up near the edge of camp. He wears a loose, tattered, half-open shirt and blue work pants; a dwindling cigarette somehow hangs casually from the edge of his mouth even as he argues with the card dealer.

The dealer shakes his head disapprovingly. "Pay up, Huxtable. Forty-four copper. That's on top of what you owe for all the times we've fed you for free, and all the times swiped from our wine cellar..."

"Yer arse ain't worth four copper! Pah!" Anders Huxtable suddenly stood up and flipped the card table over in a fit of anger. The sound of silverware and cups crashing down reverberated through the camp, turning a few heads in the direction of his outburst.

But at that moment, a covered carriage rolled into the camp, gaining most peoples' attention. Anders took one look at its main passenger and froze in place. The blonde figure was saying something; he was too distant to hear her clearly. But that didn't matter...

Anders dashed into the nearby forest and started rummaging through his backpack. He finally pulled out a wrinkled scrap of paper, covered in sloppy handwriting, and signed with a red "X" near the bottom. Anyone in the know would recognize the document as a blood-sealed order of the thieves' Sanguine Guild. A crude drawing and description were included on the back of the paper - golden curls featured prominently on a comical, smiling face. A caricature of the young lady Rose of Braxton, daughter of the lord of Hamingtonshire. The reward for her capture: a promotion within the Sanguine Guild and 50 silver pieces.

Anders reclined in the shade of a tree near the start of the road to Hamington. Puffing on a handmade herbal cigarette, he grinned greedily. Braxton Rose, you will be my deliverance.
Rose was taken aback at the small halfling that had appeared near her carriage as she returned. She had heard plenty of stories about them as well, and it seemed like they were true, he was no larger then a small boy but he was probably three times as old. She turned to look at Flint who seemed a bit put off by the halfling's offer but she remembered stories that dwarves were hard-headed and disliked most other races.

"Well Sir Halfling, I would greatly enjoy your company along this trail, we shall set out shortly, shall the two of you be walking or would you prefer to ride in the carriage? If you choose to walk I will make sure we go slow enough for you to both keep up though." She smiled and rifled through her things, pulling out two gold coins and handing them to the halfling, the same fare as for Flint, after all she wanted to be fair. "Though I'm afraid I don't know your name Sir halfling..." She bowed lightly in embarassment.
"Rembrandt Greenbottle's the name ma,am," he replied with a bow. He was cute in a sweet way since he looked so young.

"I have a pony I can ride myself so the carriage isn't necessary, though I do appreciate the offer," he added, then whistled and a small pony came ambling up to stand beside him. It was a beautiful black beast perfectly sized for him. It tossed its head and whinnied gently, then lowered its head to nibble some sugar from his raised hand. Flint shook his head and made a huffing sound.

"I'll take yer offer to ride with ye on yer carriage missy," Flint put in. He preferred being higher up so he could keep a good eye on surrounding areas.