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Hey guys, I am back from a much needed break and I'm ready to start roleplaying again. I am hoping to find at least one flexible partner (or two) to write a (MxF) long term story with. I am interested in most genres/settings but as of right now, I'm currently craving an action/adventure thriller (similar to Indiana Jones and the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown) and/or a law-enforcement/special task force setting. But like I said, I can do other genres/settings if you're looking to do something else in which case I can do historical romance, medieval/modern fantasy, tv/film/book fandoms, Greek mythology, romantic comedies, supernatural/paranormal romance, mysteries, superheroes/meta-humans, and sci-fi/cyberpunk.

So, if you find anything here in this thread that piques your interest then please contact me via PMs.

Star Trek (reboots) [seeking Dr. McCoy] - Canon x OC only
Star Wars (The Original Trilogy/EU) [seeking Han Solo] - Canon x OC or OC x OC
Indiana Jones [seeking Indy] - Canon x OC only
The Mummy [seeking Rick O'Connell] - Canon x OC only
The Phantom of the Opera (2004) [seeking Erik] - Canon x OC only
X-Men (2000/2002/Last Stand) [seeking Cyclops or Wolverine] - Canon x OC only
The Dark Knight Trilogy [seeking Scarecrow] - Canon x OC only
Harry Potter (The Founders Era/Victorian Era/WWII Era/The Golden Trio Era/Post Second Wizarding War) [seeking Oliver Wood or Remus Lupin] - Canon x OC or OC x OC
The Lord of the Rings [seeking Eomer] - Canon x OC only
Hawaii Five-0 [seeking Commander Steve McGarrett] - Canon x OC only *CRAVING!!!!!!!!!!* I have a few plot ideas for this!
American Horror Story (Murder House) [seeking Ben Harmon] - Canon x OC or OC x OC
Hap & Leonard [seeking Hap Collins] - Canon x OC only
Star Trek (TOS) - OC x OC

I do have some rules/guidelines:

- Please be an intermediate/advanced, multi-paragraph writer (4+ solid sized paragraphs).
- Please be 18+ (or a red star member).
- All characters must be 25 years of age or older (unless we are doing a Harry Potter setting where we play as students).
- Please be willing to play multiple characters besides your main (which I'll be doing the same).
- Please write in the third person past tense perspective.
- All face-claims must be realistic in appearance. I have no interest in anything that resembles any Anime artwork.
- I am more than happy to double up as a male if you are a female behind the screen, but you must do the same for me.
- I'm only interested in story driven stories with MAYBE a couple of sex scenes thrown in but that's about it, unless my partner(s) prefers to fade-to-black instead.
- I am only interested in planning and roleplaying via PMs.
- Please be OOC friendly.
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I would be willing to do a medieval fantasy role play.