Midnight Run



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MR is a unique wolf/human 16+ play by post rp site, set in the year 3001. With a plot that allows your imagination to fly. Role players of all skill level are invited to join in on the fun. We don't only have many land's to chose from, but lands you can create yourself, we also allow off-topic have a member journal, have pack's and allow you to create your own pack. We encourage you to check the site before saying no!

The government created a virus that takes lives quick and painful, unable to control it they started on a cure, but it was to late, the virus took over killing more then millions. Despite the world crumbling around them they continued to try and find a cure, grabbing wild wolves and testing on them after many years the cure was found, but it had a side affect no one expected, click plot below to find out what happen, what side will you join?

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