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un jour je serai de retour près de toi
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"You often meet your fate on the road you take to avoid it"
- French Proverb

The United States' National Highway System is composed of more than 160,000 miles of highway within the country's borders, with hundreds of thousands of other state and local roadways filling in between. Long, lonely stretches of road that seem to run for an eternity, where it is possible to drive for days without ever meeting another living soul. On these roads your car is your lifeline, your means of transport and safety that ferries you from where you were and where you want to be. Within it, you may feel secure, safe even.

[glow=yellow]Are you truly as safe as you think?[/glow]

On the back roads and highways of the USA, the long arm of the law finds it's reach straining. There is no civilisation out on these roads, only empty wilderness desperately held back in some locations by small towns, motels and rest-stops. The officers of the law who patrol these long, empty stretches of the world are few and far-between.

[glow=yellow]Are you as safe at all?[/glow]

All it takes is a little fault. Maybe you forgot to stop for gas at the last station, and now your engine splutters and dies. Perhaps there's a fault with your engine, or one of your tyres decides to blow on you. Could be it wasn't a fault at all. But as you step out of your dying vehicle, its headlights the only source of light in the oppressive darkness of these midnight roads, you realise one thing.

[glow=yellow]You are not safe.[/glow]​


You are a traveller, moving through the lonely back roads of the United States. You have your reasons, the ones you tell your fellow travellers... and the ones you keep to yourself. Somehow, events have led you to be travelling in the van of Jonathan Wallace; maybe you hitched a lift, maybe you met him at a rest-stop and agreed to travel together for a time.

[b]My Name is...[/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]And I am...[/b] (What do you do/how do you define yourself? This can be as straightforward as your occupation ((ie. "And I am a Nurse")) to something a little broader and explanatory ((ie. "And I am a nursing student who's just finished college, out trying to see the world")). Be as descriptive as you feel the need to be.)
[b]I am travelling to...[/b] (Where are you telling others you're going? A town nearby? A city across the state? This does not necessarily have to be the actual place you're travelling to; this is simply what you've told the other passengers.)
[b]The Reason I am travelling is...[/b] (Why are you travelling across this midnight roads? To visit friends? To attend something? Again, this does not need to be true, this is just what you have told the others)
[b]I am carrying...[/b] (What do you have on you? If you're carrying a suitcase or a backpack, what are its contents? Please list everything you're carrying, even if it's hidden; it helps prevent meta-gaming. If you have a hidden item upon you, simply have 'HIDDEN' in brackets next to it so the other players know that their characters won't be aware of it, at least initially.)

The game will take place on SATURDAY 4TH JUNE, at 21:00UTC. Here is a time converter that you can use to figure out what time the game is at where you are, so you know if you can play.

THERE ARE FIVE OTHER SPACES IN THE CAR, and thus we can have up to five players in this game.

  • Follow the rules of Iwaku
  • One character only
  • Don't act like a prick to fellow players
  • Don't meta-game; nothing kills a Chat RP faster
  • Be prepared to run with what's thrown at you
  • This game will be dealing with some fairly grim, horror-related themes; if that doesn't sound like your thing, this probably isn't an RP suited to you

My Name is... Jonathan Wallace
And I am... a Journalist for a fairly obscure magazine, writing an article on travelling across the US
I am travelling to... the other side of the country, to "get the full picture of what travelling across the country is like" to quote the editor of the magazine.
The Reason I am travelling is... for the story I am writing. It's trash, but work is work I guess.
I am carrying... a briefcase, containing a Mac Notebook and charger (for when I can find power), a notebook and pen, and a sleeping bag. There's munchies in the glovebox of the van and a pair of flashlights. Hidden in the briefcase, I've also got a snub-nose revolver and a box of rounds; I know the roads can be dangerous sometimes, so I like to come prepared.

That's 4pm CENTRAL, I think. I THINK. Someone can correct me. >>;

Anyway, I am going to try really hard to make it. If I don't, someone can take my spot. D:

Yes, I have played Susan before. >:]

My Name is... Susan Jenkins
And I am... WAS A Costumer Service call girl, but recently abandoned her job and her life...
I am traveling to... Traveling to meet her sister, but not saying where her sister is. (This is a lie. D:)
The Reason I am traveling is... Just a friendly family visit. Really. (She actually just left her boyfriend, whom she just found out was a criminal. A very bad criminal!)
I am carrying... One very big duffel bag containing; hastily shoved in clothes, cosmetics, an extra pair of shoes, two books, medications, and a suspicious [hidden]bag of money wrapped up in a paper bag and stuffed in an inner pocket. [Hidden] A BABY IN HER TUMTUM.
My Name is... Lance Weathers
And I am... A salesman
I am travelling to... Houston
The Reason I am travelling is... To give a presentation on the Lifesaver Water Bottle
I am carrying... A Lifesaver Water Bottle, a briefcase with presentation notes, diary and pen. A mobile phone. A wallet with money (HIDDEN).


My Name is... Jannell Goguen.

And I am... I am a senior student who is majoring in English. I plan on finishing school, and becoming an English teacher in an overseas country.
I am travelling to... to the United States. to see relatives that I've never visited before. To show them how well I've grown up to be.
The Reason I am travelling is... to see relatives that I've never visited before. To show them how well I've grown up to be.

I am carrying... a single shoulder strap backpack. A diary of some sort planning out my events and passing bys. (HIDDEN.) My cell phone to call people that I've left at home; and my Ipod, to tone out the annoying people.
I'll read the logs early Sunday morning. :( *Brews the coffee in her tears.*
I'll read the logs early Sunday morning. :( *Brews the coffee in her tears.*

Poor Tegans.

I plan on running plenty of Chat RPs over the summer, so hopefully you can make the next one.

Grumpy re-reads his notes for this game for the fourth time.] -04:00 Jun 04
[Susan has a secret!] -04:01 Jun 04
grfg -04:03 Jun 04
[Lance was liking this particular episode of Doctor Who very much] -04:03 Jun 04
[Grumpy thinks Lance should put on his big-girl pants and DEAL WITH IT] -04:03 Jun 04
[Susan tests out her color and prepares for the GM briefing.] -04:04 Jun 04
Grumpy: We'll wait another couple minutes to see if we get any more takers, then we'll get shit going. -04:04 Jun 04
Susan: Going to be picking people up on the street or will everyone already be in the van? -04:05 Jun 04
[Lance runs back to Doctor Who] -04:05 Jun 04
Grumpy: You guys know the score; horror shit in the middle of nowhere, USA. I'll introduce what little I have, and from there I guess we can just run with what goes down. -04:05 Jun 04
Lance: Khaki... -04:06 Jun 04
Grumpy: We'll already be in the van. -04:06 Jun 04
Grumpy: I'm going to assume that we've all already met up and are travelling together, but we probably don't know much about each other yet. -04:07 Jun 04
Grumpy: All right, fuck it, let's get shit going. -04:07 Jun 04
Susan: Ayeaye, cap'n. >:] -04:07 Jun 04
[Grumpy is now known as: Jonathan] -04:07 Jun 04
GM - The sun begins its descent for the evening as a blue transit van speeds down an empty back-road, somewhere in the heartland of the United States. -Jonathan
Lance: Lance clutched his briefcase to his chest as water dripped from his hair and coat, pooling in the foot well as the van rumbled along. "Well, I think it's a good idea," he muttered, after receiving blank silence from the others when he explained the Lifesaver Bottle to them. -04:09 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jonathan kept the van running at a steady speed as it moved down the road and towards the approaching sunset. His two fellow passengers, other travellers on the road, sat in the car with him, though a nervous silence preveiled. Turning down the radio in an attempt to get some conversation going, Jonathan decided to break the ice. "So... everyone comfortable? Music not too loud?" -04:10 Jun 04
Jonathan: Breaking the ice was... not Jonathan's speciality. -04:10 Jun 04
Susan: Susan was hovering on the brink of sleep, paying attention to the other passengers only with the faintest of attention. Though she cast an odd look in the rearview mirror at the wet man in the backseat, she nodded at Johnathon. "You don't have to worry so much about comfort. Anything is better than being stuck on the side of the road, right now." -04:11 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Wait, your bottle does... what again, exactly? Filters or something?" -04:12 Jun 04
Lance: "Yes, filter. It has a membrane, like a plant. They tested it with e.coli and found it achieved 99.99% purity. This has far ranging implications the Third Wor--" Lance stopped himself from doing the full sales pitch and took out his mobile phone, which was also dripping with water. No signal. Great. -04:14 Jun 04
[Jonathan GM: - The road moved into a series of twists and bends down the side of a mountain, moving into a more forested area. The diminshing light of the sun was even further blocked by the thick trees and foliage.] -04:14 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Dammit..." Jonathan muttered as the light on the road began to fade, and flicked the headlights onto full, "Looks like it gets dark early in these parts of the world." -04:15 Jun 04
Jonathan: "So you travel up and down the country to sell these bottles then... Lance, right?" -04:16 Jun 04
Susan: "I used to work in customer service. It's really hard to get out of work mode." She piped in with some amusement. If she thought Lance was strange, she didn't show it outside of a quizzical look now and then. Susan tilted towards the window so she could get a better view at the trees outside. She tried to keep her gazed focus on what was in front of them, cause watching the road spin by made her dizzy. -04:18 Jun 04
Lance: Lance sighed and closed his eyes, resting his head on the back of the seat. "Yes," he grunted as he tossed his mobile phone beside him and let the briefcase rest on his lap. He was going to be late... seriously late. This whole trip had been for nothing. -04:19 Jun 04
GM - The light grew even dimmer as the van pressed further into the trees, the bright headlights the only thing holding back the darkness. As it rounded a bend, the headlights lit up a single, rusting sign; \'GAS-STATION, TWO MILES. LAST STATION FOR 70 MILES\'. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jonathan's eyes flicked to the gas-meter; slightly less than half. Far too low. Out here, running out of gas would be a nightmare. "You guys mind if we stop at this next gas station? Think we're gonna need more fuel". -04:23 Jun 04
Susan: "Lord yes, stopping would be great. I've needed to pee for three miles now!" Susan murmured, possibly with more enthusiam than one should when needing a bathroom break. But damn if something wasn't jumping on her bladder and she hated to make him stop somewhere on the side of the road. -04:24 Jun 04
Lance: Lance sighed again. More time lost. But there was no way now that he could make the meeting tomorrow. At least at the station he could use a payphone and call his secretary. He grunted his agreement and continued trying to doze. -04:26 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Damn, Susan, you should have said!" Jonathan replied with a chuckle, before glancing into the back. "Your phone okay, Lance? Or is there no signal to be had round here?" -04:27 Jun 04
Jonathan: "That's one of the things I found out in my research for the article I'm writing," Jonathan continued to jabber as he turned back to the road, "Phone signal is some of the remoter parts of the US is appalling; the phone companies really should..." Jonathan continued to drone on, starting to really get into what he was talking about. -04:28 Jun 04
GM - The trees thin out slightly, though it seems only a temporary respite from their gloom, as ahead the gas-station comes into view. It looks like it\'s seen better days; the billboard on it\'s roof advertises a product that doesn\'t even exist anymore, and the pumps themselves look like they\'ve been around since the 60\'s. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan shrugged her shoulders with a sheepish grin, listening to Jonathan chatter. She didn't mind it in the least. It saved them all from those awkward silences, and she didn't have to be the one to fill it with conversation. "I'm not a big fan of cell phones, myself. At least not anymore, anyway. Sometimes it's better to be unreachable." She peered out the window again, frowning at the town. It didn't look like anything would even be open out here... -04:32 Jun 04
Lance: "My phone is wet." Lance's grumble was lost beneath the chatter of the two in the front. He scowled at the emerging form of the gas station. It didn't look like it had any proper amenities. No wi-fi, no coffee machine. Not even a dryer in the washroom. This was barbarity. -04:35 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Ah, here we go!" Jonathan exclaimed brightly, interrupting himself mid-schpeel. He snapped on the indicator as the turn-in for the station approached and pulled the van in carefully, coming to a stop next to one of the pumps. Pushing open the door and clambering out, he seemed taken slightly aback by the archaic design of the pump for a second before he picked up the input and turned to smile at the other two. "I'll just fill the tank up; could you guys see if anyone's about?" -04:35 Jun 04
Susan: "Bathroom, first. I'll be right back!" Quick to swing open her door and go dashing for the building, Susan's form disappeared around the corner. She was relieved to find the bathrooms unlocked and let herself inside. -04:38 Jun 04
Jonathan: (OOC: You guys go ahead and describe whatever; the interior's basically just an old, kinda rundown gas station. There's an attendant.) -04:39 Jun 04
Jonathan: The pump mechanism was old; Jonathan struggled to get the damned thing working for a moment or two, but eventually managed to get it going. As he filled up the tank, he glanced around the clearing where the station was situated; an eerie silence preveiled through the area. Jonathan couldn't put a finger on what it was, exactly, but something about this place put him... on edge. -04:42 Jun 04
Lance: Lance climbed out of the back, checking his signal again, more water dripping out of the phone's casing. He looked over at Jonathan. Then at the form of Susan dashing around the corner of the building. He stood there, staring blankly, then drifted towards the station. His briefcase was clutched in his hand as he pushed through the dirt-smeared door and stepped into the darkness beyond. He yawned and peered across the litter-strewn interior, where the odd shaft of moonlight caught on rusted chairs and peeling walls. "Hello?" he muttered, not really putting any effort into it. -04:44 Jun 04
GM - From the back of the building, Lance heard a chair grating and a door open. A woman, who looked as old as the station itself, stepped behind the counter and affixed him with a stare. \"Can I help you, mister?\" -Jonathan
Susan: Though the place wasn't as clean as she would have liked it, Susan made quick work of her potty break. At the sink she fussed with trying to get the water running. "Oh c'mon... I am not washing my hands in the toilet." Susan glanced up at the mirror, pausing when she thought someone had come in behind her. But no, just her jumping at shadows. She rolled her eyes at herself. -04:46 Jun 04
GM - The bathroom was empty; the only sound was that of the running water. Yet Susan still felt an unpleasent tingle on the back of her neck, giving her the sense that she was being watched. -Jonathan
Lance: Lance ruffled his hair to get rid of the water, and with another sigh picked his way across the room towards the old woman. "Yeah, hi. Do you have a phone I can use?" His eyes were lowered as he approached, working on the combination on his briefcase. No doubt the old woman would want him to buy something. -04:50 Jun 04
GM - The old woman\'s eyes fell upon Jonathan, filling up the van outside. \"That your car, mister?\" she asked, and only then did Lance\'s question seem to register with her. \"There\'s, uh, one through back there, I think. Not been used in quite some time, though.\" -Jonathan
Susan: At least the water was running now. Susan washed her hands as quickly as she could. Grimacing when the water went from clear to a rusty red. Huffing, she cut off the facets and snatched a paper towel. All the while peering around curiously. She hated to think of herself as someone that spooked easily, but she was definitely getting the creeps. -04:53 Jun 04
Lance: Lance glanced through the window where the old lady was looking. "Yeah, that's uh.." Then he peered to where she was pointing. "Right, thanks." Leaving some bills on the counter, he stepped around the old woman and moved into a corridor. It was dark, lit only by a single swinging lightbulb thick with dust and cobwebs. He squinted, trying to find the silhouette of a phone. -04:56 Jun 04
GM - As the sound of rushing water cut off, another sound seemed to rise to accompany it. From the furthest stall, Susan could hear the sound of... something scratching and moving. -Jonathan
GM - The light barely glinted off of the dull metal of the telephone the woman had mentioned. \'Quite some time\' did not do justice to the neglect the phone seemed to have recieved; it was covered in a thick later of dust and cobwebs. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jonathan finished filling up the van with gas, returned the pump to it's slot. That uncomfortable feeling remained, sitting unpleasently at the back of his mind. Trying to put it out of his mind, he turned and started towards the door of the station. -05:02 Jun 04
Susan: Tossing the paper towel in the trash with a stiff movement, Susan leaned over until she could see under the stall doors. There was a foot on the floor or an animal crawling around in sight. Though bolting out the door seemed like the best option, the rational side of her was insisting she was being jumpy. With a single finger she pushed open the stall door to prove to herself nothing was there. -05:02 Jun 04
Lance: Lance stopped next to the phone and put his briefcase between his feet. He grimaced at the sight of the phone, but reached out nonetheless. He could swear there was a belch of dust as he lifted the receiver and slowly raised it to his ear, his other hand searching for the keypad. -05:05 Jun 04
GM - Susan pushed open the stall door, and it opened with an accompanying creak of neglected hinges. Inside was an ancient toilet seat, equally unmaintained, and beneath it stood a rat, it\'s nose sniffing at a mobile phone. The appearance of such a modern piece of technology in such an archaic place stood out. -Jonathan
GM - Though faint, as if fighting to be heard through layers of dust, Lance could still make out a dial-tone from the ancient reciever. -Jonathan
Susan: "EEIIAACH!!" Susan hadn't meant to scream, but she also hadn't expected to see something! Exhaling an embarrassed grunt, she shooed the rat away and snatched up the phone to give it a look. Someone must have dropped it there. She headed out the bathroom door to see if it belonged to one of the employees. -05:09 Jun 04
Lance: "Hmm," he grunted, and began spinning the dialler. It had been a long time since he used this type of phone. The clicking of the dialler echoed through the gas station and seemed to make the bulb above him flicker. -05:10 Jun 04
GM - Susan\'s touch must have awakened one of the phone\'s sensors; the screen lit up to reveal a half-written text message. And there was something... sticky, about the back of the phone. -Jonathan
Susan: "Awgh.. damn..." Susan was wiping her hand on her pants while holding the phone carefully with the other as she walked back outside towards the car. Jonathon wasn't there, so she turned to go inside the store while reading the message on the screen. Not that she wanted to pry! But it might have the owner's name somewhere. -05:13 Jun 04
Jonathan: Just before Jonathan reached the doorway, something made him stop and turn. His eyes widened suddenly; in the distance, within the trees, his eyes made out a shadowy figure watching, though within a few seconds the light made impossible to see him. -05:13 Jun 04
GM - The message on the screen was unfinished, and read \"GET HELP SUMTHIN IN THE\". -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jonathan let out a yelp and turned to find himself just a few steps away from Susan. "Did you see that, over there in the trees?" he said, his voice on edge. -05:15 Jun 04
GM - The dialler seemed unwilling to move, but Lance managed to dial in the number without too much effort. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jonathan's eyes darted down to the stain on the side of Susan's pants, and his eyes widened further. "Susan, are you...?" he left the question unfinished, pointing the dark red stain. -05:18 Jun 04
Lance: "...no, I'm not okay. Look... yes.. right... look... LAURA, SHUT UP!" Lance shifted the phone, trying not to breathe in the dust. "Okay, call Mr Datsun in the morning and ask him to reschedule. Say 3 o'clock. And get me a flight back to Phoenix. What? NO I DON'T CARE WHAT CLASS? Okay... yes... yes, fine! Alright, go back to bed. I'll call you tomorrow when I find a motel. Good night." Lance slammed the phone down, rubbing his eyes as he gave the longest sigh yet. Then he flinched suddenly. "AAAGH!" he yelped, shaking his other hand as a spider crawled across it. "Fuck!" He picked up his briefcase and stumbled back towards the counter. -05:19 Jun 04
Susan: "Huh?" Susan was frowning in confusion at the phone message, when she glanced up at Jonathon. She followed where he was looking. Squinting her eyes to see, but there was nothing but darkness out there. "Am I what?" Now she looked down at her pants where he was pointing... and could swear her heart stopped beating for a second! Once she realized it wasn't blood - well, HER blood, she relaxed. ....Just a little. "No, no... it's not me... I just phone this phone and I guess it's covered in it?" -05:20 Jun 04
GM - As he returned through to the main room of the station, Lance realised that the old woman was gone. Outside he could see Jonathan and Susan talking. -Jonathan
Jonathan: "The phone was covered in it?" Jonathan still sounded nervous, and held his hand out, "May I have a look?" he asked, glancing over his shoulder into the trees again. -05:22 Jun 04
Susan: "Yeah, here." Susan was more than happy to hand it over. Then she was wiping both hands on her pants again. Not that it was going to do any good. She debating returning to the bathroom to wash them again, but... now she was a little uneasy about being in there alone. "I found it in one of the bathroom stalls. There's an unsent message on there." -05:24 Jun 04
GM - The sun only sunk further towards the horizon, and the light was diminishing with it. With a dubious flicker, the lights of the gas station grumbled to life, casting light upon the station itself but only darkening the area around it. -Jonathan
Lance: Lance scooped up a leaflet from the counter. 'Bates Motel, Your Home Away From Home' He squinted at the map. It looked like the motel was on the other side of these woods. He would stay there tonight then call a pickup truck in the morning to attend to his broken down car. Everything would have to wait. He just wanted to sleep now and avoid any more conversations with that journalist guy. Stuffing the leaflet in his pocket, he crossed the room and stepped outside again, just as the light flickered on. "Can you get me to the motel, the other side of the woods?" He didn't even look at Jonathan as he yawned out the question. -05:27 Jun 04
Jonathan: Taking the phone gingerly in an attempt to keep his hands from getting blood on them, Jonathan turned the phone over carefully. Sure enough, the back was coated in an unmistakable layer of blood. Reading the message only made Jonathan more uneasy. Lance's reappearance made Jonathan jump. "Uh, sure yeah," he said quickly, glancing back over to the car. "I think it's high time we left here. Is there anyone inside? I need to..." he glanced over his shoulder into the gloom outside the station, "...pay for my gas." -05:29 Jun 04
Lance: "Some old woman," Lance answered, walking back to the car and placing down his briefcase. He was clearly impatient to be going. -05:32 Jun 04
Susan: "I'm just gonna get something out of my bag real quick. This stuff is giving me the creeps." Susan was already headed for the van, popping open the back of the trunk so she could dig in to her duffel bag. Somewhere in there she had to have some wet wipes, and as long as the guys didn't mind she'd changed her pants right there too. -05:33 Jun 04
Jonathan: "You and me both..." he muttered in response to Susan, turning nervously into the station interior. Moving past the dusty shelves and looking around for the old woman Lance mentioned, he quickly gave up and slapped a twenty down on the counter. "Should be enough to cover the bills..." he muttered, turning and moving quickly for the door. -05:36 Jun 04
Lance: Lance glanced at Susan, frowning at what she said, then shaking his head. He was too tired to care. As she opened the boot he slipped into the back of the car and sat there in silence. -05:36 Jun 04
GM - Overhead, there was a grumble from the sky; the sound of thunder. It was accompanied just a few seconds after by the beginnings of rain. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan couldn't find her wet wipes, but at least she had her fresh set of clothes. With a "Fuck" under her breath at the rain starting, she changed her shirt and her pants with little modesty. Not bothering to slip her shoes back on, she slammed the trunk door shut and dashed around the vehicle to climb back in to the passengers seat. "Whew... just in time." -05:38 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Goddammit!" Jonathan swore as he stepped out of the building to hear the sound of approaching rain. He moved for the van quickly, wanting to get back on the road before the weather got too bad. "Let's go, guys. Before this rain gets too bad." -05:38 Jun 04
Jonathan: He started the engine quickly and pulled out of the station. The rain began to hammer onto the van, filling the interior with constant sound and making sleep difficult. He snapped the headlights on full and began to drive down the road. "What the fuck was that back there?" -05:40 Jun 04
Susan: "I think all country gas stations are contractually obligated to be as creepy as possible." Susan responded trying to sound as light as possible. "Oh, did you ask the attended about the phone..?" In their rush to leave, she forgot about it. -05:41 Jun 04
Lance: "Yeah, I did," Lance answered. "Called my secretary." He put his head back again, trying to get some sleep -05:42 Jun 04
Jonathan: "I'll be sure to mention that in my article," Jonathan said with a half-hearted smile, trying and failing to lighten the mood. At the mention of the phone, Jonathan held it up for the other two to see. "She wasn't there. I left some money, though. Not gonna screw someone out of gas money." -05:43 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Where did you say this motel was, Lance?" he asked over the din from the rain hitting the car. -05:44 Jun 04
Susan: Susan didn't have the heart to tell Lance she hadn't meant him. She cast him a quick glance before settling in to her own seat, finally relaxing a bit. Susan took the phone out of Jonathon's hand to see if she could find it's address book. -05:45 Jun 04
Lance: Lance's eyes were closed. He didn't see the mobile. And he kept them closed as he answered. "Just follow the road. It's about 20 miles on, at the edge of this forest." -05:45 Jun 04
GM - Moving away from the unsent message, Susan realised that the phone had over a dozen missed calls, numerous voice-mails and multiple unread texts. -Jonathan
Jonathan: "Seriously, what the hell was that place like back there?" Jonathan's voice sounded like it was trying at humour but not succeeding. "Creepy figures in the forest, absentee workers, blood-stained phones in the bathroom..." For a moment he considered rattling on, but gave up momentarily on his facade of cheer. -05:49 Jun 04
Susan: "There's a ton of missed calls on here... at least two weeks worth." Susan mumbled as she scrolled. "Weird that the stuff was still wet though. Maybe they're just avoiding calls..." Susan refused to say 'blood' as that would admit something terrible may have happened, and she wasn't sure she could deal with that. -05:51 Jun 04
Lance: Lance opened one eye. "Whuh..?" he muttered. He closed it again. He really didn't care. -05:51 Jun 04
Lance: Lance opened the opposite eye. "You stole someone's phone?" -05:52 Jun 04
Jonathan: "No, Susan found it. What do the texts say?" -05:52 Jun 04
Lance: "Meh." Lance closed his eye again. -05:54 Jun 04
GM - Sunset was imminent. Around the van, the only source of light was the powerful beams of the headlights; the surrounding forest was pitch black. -Jonathan
Susan: "Um.. just normal stuff. 'Where are you?' and 'Call me.' At least a couple of these people are family, and they seem really worried..." It gave her stomach a weird churning. They could have just stumbled across a crime scene for a missing person, or worst. "You know, maybe we should go back and talk to the attendant or call the cops or something. This has me all wigged out." -05:55 Jun 04
Jonathan: The ominous darkness combined with the blood-stained phone was starting to freak Jonathan out. His hands shook slightly and he clutched the wheel tighter for comfort. "I'd rather not go back to... that place." He said nervously. "Let's just make for this motel; maybe the phone'll get signal along the way." -05:58 Jun 04
Susan: Susan nodded reluctantly. She set the phone down in one of the cupholders and settled back in to her seat again. Her head resting against the headrest so she could idly watch the trees zoom by. -06:01 Jun 04
Lance: Man, these two are jumpy, Lance thought to himself as nodded off. It was like they had never seen a gas station before. -06:01 Jun 04
Lance: Being a travelling salesman, he had gotten used to stopping for fuel at night. He guessed that some people were just ignorant. -06:02 Jun 04
GM - The van moved into the thick trees as its passengers drifted into silence. Ten minutes passed as it moved further into the forests. -Jonathan
GM - Suddenly, the van gave a violent lurch and twisted itself into a skid as the tyres suddenly blew out from under it. Jonathan wrestled desperately at the wheel as the van skidded to a halt, inches away from colliding with one of the trees at the side of the road. -Jonathan
Jonathan: "JESUS CHRIST!" Jonathan roared, staring horrified at the tree that was barely a step away. If they had been going any faster... "You guys alright?" he asked, turning to check on the other two. -06:05 Jun 04
Lance: "WHAT THE FUCK?!" yelled Lance, his eyes now wide open. He twisted on the seat to scoop up his briefcase, clutching it to his chest as he took deep breaths. "What the hell happened?" -06:07 Jun 04
Susan: Susan had one hand braced against the dashboard and another draped protectivly over her stomach. She hadn't screamed during the skid, but she was pretty sure she had bit her tongue, because now she could taste blood. "Ugh.... Okay, I think... Did we lose a tire?" -06:08 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jonathan's heart was still hammering in his chest. "I dunno what just... fucking hell..." He breathed heavily, then reached over and opened up the glovebox to grab one of the two torches. "Lemme survey the damage, I guess." -06:10 Jun 04
Jonathan: He stepped out of the van and into the rainy blackness, flicking the flashlight on. He peered down at the wheels; both the front tyres had blown. "Front wheels are gone, and I don't have enough spares!" he called to the other two from outside. -06:12 Jun 04
Lance: This day was shit. Frozen shit. Frozen shit stabbed into his head. Frozen shit stabbed into his head and snapped off so that there was frozen shit floating around in his brain. With a growl, Lance opened the door and half fell out onto the road, tottering to his feet. He stared at the trees looming over them, then back at the road, his gaze running along the black track of the skid marks. -06:12 Jun 04
Lance: "Both wheels? Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" -06:13 Jun 04
Susan: "What is the luck that three people all end up stranded on the same stretch of road.." Susan muttered with dark humor. She stay in the passenger's seat out of the rain, but had the door cracked open so she could still converse. -06:14 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Fraid not, man. Take a look for yourself." -06:14 Jun 04
Lance: Lance did not take a look. He wasn't the kind of guy who looked at tyres. "Well that's just perfect." He turned around in the rain and yelled at the trees. "FUUUUUCK!" -06:15 Jun 04
Jonathan: "There's another flashlight in the van, if either of you want it. I'm gonna..." he jumped as Lance swore into the night, "...go check the road..." -06:16 Jun 04
Susan: At Jonathon's suggestion, Susan was already searching for the other light. She could understand Lance's frustration, but at this point, screaming in to the night seemed a little pointless. "I found the light. ...Do you want it, Lance?" She half expected him to grab his briefcase and start stomping forward down the road. -06:17 Jun 04
Lance: "No, I don't want a fucking flashlight. I want a motel room, a coffee, a hot shower and a flight to Phoenix! That's what I want!" Lance kicked a tree as more rain hammered down on him. -06:19 Jun 04
Susan: "Pitching a fit in the rain isn't going to make it happen faster, Lance." Susan growled back. She was trying to be patient, but she didn't care to get yelled at either. "Just... get in the van, or something! Maybe we can get a signal on this phone I sound!" -06:23 Jun 04
Susan: *sound found -06:23 Jun 04
Jonathan: Walking a little ways down the road to where the tires blew out, and trying to ignore the freezing rain, Jonathan shone the powerful beam from the flashlight around the forest, as though hoping to fend off the darkness with it. He knelt down when he reached the spot where the van had blown out it's front wheels and surveyed the scene. When he saw what lay across the road he swore loudly. "GUYS! YOU'RE GONNA WANT TO SEE THIS!" -06:24 Jun 04
Lance: Lance ignored Jonathan's shout and stomped back to the van, leaning over Susan's ajar door. "Do you have a signal?" -06:25 Jun 04
Susan: Resisting the urge to roll her eyes, Susan snatched up the phone and shoved it in to Lance's eager hands. Taking the flashlight with her, she got out of the van to trot out to where Jonathon was calling them. "...Please don't tell me it's a dead animal, cause I just -really- don't want to see that." -06:26 Jun 04
GM - Small metallic objects had been spread across the road. They were small enough to be unnoticed by cars, yet sharp enough to punch through thick tyres. Whoever had spread them had done so with care... -Jonathan
Lance: Now they're looking at roadkill. These two were weird. Shaking his head, Lance held up the phone. It looked like Susan had covered it in lipstick or something. Women! He held the phone high, trying to get a signal. -06:29 Jun 04
Jonathan: "...honestly, Susan, I wish it was a goddamn dead animal," Jonathan replied, holding one of the objects up so he could see it properly in the beam of the flashlight. -06:30 Jun 04
Susan: "Was... was there a wreck here...?" Susan was desperately grasping at some sort of explination that made sense. Anything other than someone deliberately trying to strand cars out in the middle of nowhere. Who would be such an asshole. "...even if we call someone, they can't get through that. Should we walk...?" -06:31 Jun 04
Jonathan: "These aren't here by accident," Jonathan observed darkly, getting to his feet, "I don't think we should stay here." -06:33 Jun 04
GM - No matter how high Lance held the phone, no signal could be found. The rain thundering from the heavens made the blood on the back of the phone begin to run down onto his hand. -Jonathan
Lance: Disgusting! Lance tossed the phone back in the van and wiped his hand on his coat. Maybe he should make a new living selling mobile phone masts to yokels. He sat in the passenger seat, out of the rain, and noticed some bags of crisps in the glovebox. "Hmm..." -06:37 Jun 04
Jonathan: Turning back towards the van, Jonathan motioned to Susan. "Come on; we should all stick together." -06:38 Jun 04
Susan: "Yeah, totally agree." Susan turned on a heel, heading back to the van. By now she was soaking wet and shaking a bit from the cold and from her nerves. Now she was wishing she thought to stuff a raincoat or umbrella in her bag. -06:38 Jun 04
Lance: Lance was reaching for the crisps as the others returned. He quickly lowered his hand. "So. Sit here and wait for another car?" -06:39 Jun 04
GM - As Lance reached down to grab one of the bags of crisps, he spotted a blur of movement that passed through the beam from the headlights. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jonathan didn't say anything as he returned, clambering into the back and rummaging around for his bag. -06:40 Jun 04
Susan: Susan stood not far behind Jonathon, debating on whether she wanted to haul her bag with her or not. That's when she noticed the sudden flicker infront of the headlights. Her body froze stiff. "J-jon.." -06:42 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Gimme a second!" he called from the van, still rummaging around the mess in the back. -06:43 Jun 04
Lance: "Hey, I saw something..." Lance wound the window down and poked his head out. "Are there bears in these woods?" -06:43 Jun 04
GM - Another figure seemed to move through the headlights, just for a second. -Jonathan
Jonathan: "Bears? No, man, we're totally in the wrong part of the world for bears..." Jonathan sounded distracted, finally exclaiming, "Aha!" as he located his bag amidst the debri. -06:44 Jun 04
Susan: "Jon, there's something out here." Susan responded almost in a whisper. She wanted to move, but seemed bolted to the spot. Reaching out to quickly tug on the back of Jonathon's shirt. -06:46 Jun 04
Lance: Hmm, locals, it seemed. Lance opened the door again and got out, moving into the beams of the headlights. "Someone out there?" he called. "We could use some help!" -06:46 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Wha--" Jon began, but was interrupted by Lance's shouting. -06:48 Jun 04
GM - Several figures appeared in the headlights, moving straight for the car. They held shovels, crowbars and other assorted instruments, their appearances hidden under thick raincoats -Jonathan
Lance: "Hi there," Lance said as the men approached, turning his back to them to point at the car. "We came off the road. Have you guys got a pickup truck or something? We can pay." -06:51 Jun 04
Susan: For a split second Susan was elated to see people! That meant there was help. But... something had her hackles risen. No one was responding to Lance. They could hear, right? Susan flicked on her flashlight and pointed it at the people's faces. -06:53 Jun 04
GM - The figures stop in front of Lance, moving to surround the car carefully. One steps forward and Susan\'s flashlight illuminates her features; he has the same weathered, old look of the woman at the gas station. -Jonathan
GM - \"Yeah, we heard you come off the road a ways back...\" the man says in a gurgling voice, \"Why don\'t you folks come with us. We gots a truck not too far a ways from here\". -Jonathan
Susan: A soft laugh. Mostly at herself. What was she expecting, a bunch of zombies or something? Susan cracked a weary smile, shifting her posture so she looked less like she was about to start swinging at people. "You do? There's stuff all over the roads, we were afraid no would could drive out here..." -06:58 Jun 04
Lance: The man had a weird voice. But Lance really didn't care. He just wanted to get to the motel. "Thanks," he said, turning back to the man. "We're heading to motel the other side of the forest. If you can drop us off, that'd be great."" -06:59 Jun 04
Jonathan: gm GM: - "Course, course..." gurgled the hooded man, "You folks jus' step out your van, now..." -07:00 Jun 04
Jonathan: *command fail >:[ -07:00 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jonathan reached down to pick up his bag and sling it over his shoulder. Something seemed... off about the men they had met, but he wasn't going to turn down a free ride out of this forest. He pushed open the door and clambered out, offering Susan an arm in support. -07:01 Jun 04
Lance: "We appreciate it. The name's Lance Weathers." Lance ruffled his hair again and moved to retrieve his briefcase. Hopefully these men would not be as chatty as Jonathan. -07:03 Jun 04
Susan: Susan took his arm and climbed out. Pointing towards the trunk of the van. "My bag." Though she wanted to get out of there as fast as possible, she knew she'd regret not taking some dry clothes along with her. Easing around the van nervously, she dug her duffel bag out of the trunk. Warily glancing from stranger to stranger. "Uh.. and I'm Susan?" -07:04 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Jonathan Wallace," Jon intoned, still somewhat wary of the men. He waited as the other two moved for their belongings. -07:05 Jun 04
Lance: "You guys working out here?" Lance asked as he rounded the van again with his briefcase, looking at the coated men and their tools. -07:06 Jun 04
GM - \"Pleasure to meet you all...\" the man intoned, pronouncing the words all wrong. \"You could say that,\" he said in response to Lance\'s question, \"We was... sent to collect someone.\" His eyes flashed to Susan and he smiled. Suddenly, he swung his shovel into the air with a deafening roar and made to bring it down on Lance\'s head. -Jonathan
Lance: "WOAH SHIT!" Lance brought up his briefcase with a sudden reflex and as the shovel struck he stumbled away, falling against the bonnet of the van, and sliding to the ground. -07:10 Jun 04
Susan: Susan yelped Lance's name in a warning that came too late. That creepy guy had stared right at her, but his words didn't sink in. Right now, she was hefting her bag on to her shoulder and unzipping it. Digging around for something to use as a weapon, like a pair of scissors or a pen or something...! -07:11 Jun 04
Jonathan: Like Susan, Jon had dived for his bag and was aiming to withdraw something to defend himself. Unlike Susan, however, he had something specific in mind. He'd heard tales of travellers attacked on the roads and had packed some protection. From out of his bag, Jon produced his snub-nose revolver, aiming it with one hand at the lead attacker. "Get the hell away from him!" -07:15 Jun 04
GM - The other two figures accompanying the shovel-wielding man had fanned out into the gloom of the forest, their dark clothes making them difficult to see. With a hiss, the man aimed a savage kick at the prone form of Lance -Jonathan
Lance: Lance crawled around the side of the van and passed Jonathan's legs, dragging his dented briefcase with him. -07:17 Jun 04
Lance: Then he took a kick to the ribs. "Aaagh!" He rolled against the side of the van, curling up and trying to bring the briefcase up to shield his torso. -07:18 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon let off two shots at the man attacking Lance; one went wide but the other struck him firmly in the shoulder, knocking him back. -07:19 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Everyone run!" Jon shouted, moving forwards to help Lance up as the hooded attacker tripped over a branch, giving the trio a precious few seconds to flee. -07:21 Jun 04
Susan: Susan didn't bother to ask "Run where!", there were precious few options! She simply darted off in the direction that was opposite of the crazy people. Slinging her bag so the weight was on her back and easier to carry. Keeping her flashlight trained on the ground so she could watch her step. -07:22 Jun 04
Lance: "Ow, uugh, aagh!" Lance hobbled to his feet and started running, across the road and into the opposite treeline, where Susan was leading the way. Rain and darkness enveloped them, but all he could do was concentrate on his breathing, with each gasp stinging his bruised ribs. The briefcase was clutched in his hand, knocking against tree trunks and branches. He couldn't let it go. It was his livelihood in there. -07:24 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon took off after the flailing light of Susan's flashlight, just ahead of Lance. They had to stick together; if they got seperated out here they were all done for. -07:28 Jun 04
GM - Out the corner of her eye, Susan could see one of the hooded men, clutching a crowbar, making a bee-line stright for her. -Jonathan
GM - The trio were now well away from the road, moving into the dense forest. Rain fell in sheets, obscuring vision even further, but it seemed as if they were moving uphill. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan kept running! Willing herself to run faster, but the weight of her bag was making an uphill trek in the rain nearly impossible. With a regretful grunt, she made sure she had her hands on a pair of scissors from her makeup case, then let her bag slip off her shoulders and slung it towards the man persuing her! -07:34 Jun 04
GM - The figure clearly was not anticipating this move; the bag, weighed down by all the water, crashed into him and knocked him off his feet. -Jonathan
Lance: "Ooph!" Lance stumbled over the fallen man, stepping on his limbs and face, before falling against a tree. He spun around and ended up with his back against the trunk. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?" he yelled. -07:38 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon pounded up the hill, slipping and sliding in the mud as he went. He kept an eye on Susan's flashlight beam before turning to shine his light on Lance, who was lying against a tree. "AWAY FROM THOSE MADMEN! C'MON, MAN, WE GOTTA KEEP MOVING!" -07:39 Jun 04
[Jonathan hates his touch-pad.] -07:40 Jun 04
Susan: She was running out of breath, they were out in the middle of no where, and running without direction seemed crazy. Even when being chased. When Lance stopped running and shouted, she stopped as well. Leaning forward to rest a hand on her knee, gasping to catch her breath. "...where... are we... 'sposed... to go...!" -07:40 Jun 04
Jonathan: (OOC: Could someone time-out the other Jon?) -07:40 Jun 04
[Jonathan was timed out by force!] -07:41 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Let's get to the top of this hill!" Jon shouted over the pouring rain and thunder, "Maybe we can get our bearings from there, see if we can find a way out of here!" -07:42 Jun 04
GM - Further down in the forest, the trio could make out flickering lights and the sound of angry shouting. Though what they were saying was mostly unclear, one word did echo up to them. \"...THE WOMAN!...\" -Jonathan
Lance: Lance was panting as he got to the top of the hill and his legs were caked in mud. He stopped at the crest, clutching his ribs, and through the canopy of trees the moon was peeking through the rainclouds. He looked around desperately, then turned to glare as Susan caught up. "Why are they after you? What did you do??" -07:46 Jun 04
Susan: Susan was lucky she made it up to the top of the hill at all. Her lungs were burning and her side ached from the exertion. She glared at Lance, gasping to hiss back at him. "I didn't do anything..! I don't even know who they are!" But for a split second there was doubt on her face. Did her boyfriend... No, that's just crazy. All of this was way too crazy! -07:49 Jun 04
Jonathan: The expression on Susan's face flickered for just a moment, and Jon had a good eye for such things. "You sure, Susan? Now would be a good time to tell us, so we know what we're up against. Whether we want to be or not, I'd say we're all in this together now." -07:50 Jun 04
Susan: "Yeah, I'm sure!" She huffed, squeezing the flashlight in her hands, before she heaved an exapserated sigh. "I think..! I don't know! I left my boyfriend! I was going to tell him I was pregnant, but then I found out he was a real shitbag dealing drugs and so I LEFT okay..!" Susan threw it all out there in a rushed sentence, having to stop to catch her breath again. "He's a dick, but this is just... not normal!" -07:53 Jun 04
Lance: "Great! Just great!" Lance shouted. "So not only does my car break down and my phone get wet and my meeting get cancelled. But now I almost get bludgeoned to death in the middle of some white trash domestic dispute?!" -07:55 Jun 04
Jonathan: Drug dealers and douchebag boyfriends were one thing, but what was going on here was something completely different. Jon's heart pounded in his chest, and he struggled to keep the panic at bay. "Alright. Thank you for telling us," he said to Susan, as calmly as he could. Then he rounded on Lance. "And you're not fucking helping, here. There's something fucking... wrong about those guys back there. They weren't junkies or dealers, they were... different." -07:56 Jun 04
Susan: "Such an asshole." Susan growled under her breath. She wanted to take a swing at Lance, but them arguing with each other wasn't going to get them anywhere. ...if there was anywhere to get! "We've established they're freaks, what do we do now?" Susan was bouncing on her feet trying to keep herself moving. Her teeth were starting to chatter. -07:58 Jun 04
Jonathan: "We gotta find some shelter, first. Somewhere we can get out of this rain and hole up, hopefully avoid those headcases." -08:00 Jun 04
Lance: Lance waved a hand at Jonathan dismissively. Then he took out the leaflet in his pocket, struggling to read it in the moonlight. "It's another 4 miles to the motel... even if we can find the right direction. Maybe if we follow the road..." -08:00 Jun 04
Jonathan: "The motel would work," Jon said, his face brightening, if we get to the top of this goddamn hill, maybe we can see what way the road leads." -08:01 Jun 04
Jonathan: *" -08:06 Jun 04
Susan: At the top of the hill, Susan strained to see out over the trees. To her chagrin, she had to flick off her flashlight to remove the glare and hopefully see better what was in the distance. -08:06 Jun 04
Lance: As they stopped again, Lance opened his briefcase and took out his Lifesaver Bottle, scooping up some rainwater from a puddle. Even in his panic, he knew his product. In about half an hour, he may be needing to rehydrate. "You see anything?" he called. -08:08 Jun 04
GM - It took Susan a moment for her eyes to adjust to the gloom of the night, but after half a minute of staring she picked out the road, running along through the forest to the east. -Jonathan
Susan: "Look! Look..! I can see a road over there! It's just right down this side of the hill!" She pointed, almost relieved! Surely there would be sane people at the hotel and they'd be able to call the police. -08:11 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Well spotted," Jon said, sounding slightly relieved even if he was still on edge. If they could make it to the motel, they'd be safe, he was certain. "You leading the way, then?" -08:13 Jun 04
Susan: Susan was a bit hesitant to lead the way, but she did finally turn her flashlight back on and start walking. Going DOWN a hill in the rain was even more tricky than going up it, and she was forced to keep a close watch on where she was putting her feet. -08:15 Jun 04
GM - Further down the hill, the lights grew brighter and the voices louder... -Jonathan
Lance: Lance put the Lifesaver Bottle back in the briefcase, leaving the water to filtrate. His shoes were ruined, and the impact from the crowbar strike had sprained his wrist. He heard the voices below and started moving quickly, passing Jonathan. "Keep your voices down. They're still after us." -08:17 Jun 04
Jonathan: The gloom and mud combined made for an unpleasent climb down the hill; Jon was careful with his footing, knowing that one slip-up could send him tumbling down into the darkness. "You okay, Lance?" -08:17 Jun 04
Lance: "No I'm not fucking okay!" Lance hissed, before slipping on a muddy rock. He went tumbling a short distance and hit another tree. Cursing, he rolled over and struggled to reclaim his briefcase. -08:18 Jun 04
Susan: So much for staying quiet! But she kept that thought to herself. The less noise they made the better. She was so terrified, she was almost fearful that they could all hear how hard her heart was beating. Susan slowed her trekking down hill, to make sure she didn't stray too far from Lance and Jon... but didn't stop! -08:19 Jun 04
Jonathan: Cursing under his breath, Jon moved to help the fallen businessman. Though his attitude might suck, he wasn't going to leave the man behind. "Watch your footing, man," he said, helping Lance up, "this hill's a bitch." -08:20 Jun 04
Lance: His shoes were not only ruined, but wholly lacking in grip. Using Jonathan's arm and the trees for support, Lance continued onwards, glacing back every not and then at the halo of light that was coming over the hilltop behind them. -08:22 Jun 04
GM - The hill slops down, with only a narrow, muddy path for the trio to make their way down. Behind them the shouts from their pursuers were constant encouragement to keep moving. -Jonathan
GM - Suddenly, a voice from further up the hill could be heard. \"DOWN THERE! I SEE THEIR FLASHLIGHTS!\" -Jonathan
Susan: Now it was Susan cursing under her breath. She really didn't want to turn it off. REALLY didn't want to. But with a click, off went her flashlight. Now she was jumping and near running down the narrow, slippery path of the hill to reach the bottom. It was so close! But in the dark, everything look so ominous. -08:25 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Shit!" Jon swore as he heard the shout. He stopped and motioned for the other two. "Grab ahold of each other, okay? Link arms and that sort thing. We can't get seperated or we're done for." -08:26 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon held out his hand for Susan and, snapping off the flashlight, the other for Lance. His heart was in his throat, and the last thing he wanted to be in was complete darkness, but he especially didn't want to be seen by the men following them. -08:27 Jun 04
Susan: Susan really hoped in the future she could laugh about that moment being a very creepy wizard of oz like scene. She grabbed Jonathan's hand after stuffing her flashlight in her pocket. -08:28 Jun 04
Lance: "Aw fuck!" Lance gripped Jonathan's arm and stumbled with the others down the slope of the hill. For now it was like moving through oblivion... but in time their night vision would adjust. No doubt they were making enough noise and leaving enough tracks for their pursuers to follow. So they just had to count on speed. His shoes were filling with mud and rain was mixing with his sweat to saturate his entire body. The man was running now on pure adrenaline. -08:30 Jun 04
GM - The three stumbled down the slope, initially blindly though soon capable of seeing somewhat as their eyes adjusted to the gloom. The rain had peaked and was now not nearly as heavy as it had been an hour ago, though it still filled the forest with ominous sounds. The lights of the pursuers remained behind them, but the noise appeared to have died down; perhaps they had realised that the three could hear them. -Jonathan
GM - Susan\'s eyes had been true, however; after nearly an hour\'s walk, the road came into sight, and down the road the lights of Lance\'s motel could be seen. -Jonathan
Susan: She was so tired, but had a renewed amount of energy just on the sight of the road and the motel. As they trekked on to the road, she finally let go of Jon's arm, but didn't stray far for fear of losing them in the dark. -08:38 Jun 04
Jonathan: "There's that motel you were after," Jon quipped at Lance with a relieved smile. -08:39 Jun 04
Lance: "Thank fuck," Lance muttered and as the ground levelled out he quickened his pace. He wanted to keep well into the treeline, rather than move on the open road. But the forest would be too slow-going, and they were getting soaked. "I'm gonna call the police, the ambulance service, the breakdown people, my lawyer - EVERYONE!" -08:40 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Let's make the police a priority right now, man. Though just at this moment I'd settle for anything with big, flashy lights. Nothing like big flashy lights to tell you everything's gonna be okay..." Jon muttered to himself as they walked towards the motel. -08:42 Jun 04
GM - The motel grew steadily closer and closer, its features becoming clearer; like th gas station several hours before, it looked archaic and out-dated, though its glowing \'VACANCIES\' neon sign was a relieving light in the dark. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan pretended not to notice how this motel had that same look as the gas station. That in itself wasn't weird, lots of places were old like this. She was just on edge and freaked out. Once they reached the building itself, Susan was the first person in the door, slamming her hand on the bell-ringer for service and hoping someone non-insane was there! "Hello! Anybody here!" -08:46 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon followed Susan through the door quickly, tucking the revolver into his pocket. No need to freak out any staff-members by wandering in brandishing a gun. -08:47 Jun 04
GM - Like the gas station, the interior of the motel was poorly lit; the small front lobby had only one flickering bulb to illuminate it, the light behind the desk seemingly long since dead. The sign-in book still remained laid out, covered in a layer of dust, on the desk as well. -Jonathan
Lance: "Jesus, doesn't anyone hoover around here?" The moment no one instantly responded to the bell, Lance was looking to climb behind the counter and hunt down the phone. -08:55 Jun 04
GM - Lance located the phone quickly; it lay just under the desk, and was a thankfully more modern design than the previous. A reassuring dial-tone eminated from the reciever. -Jonathan
Susan: "I don't think anyone is here. ....I don't know if that's good or bad..." Lance was looking for a phone already, as Susan gripped the end of the table. She was dizzy and scared witless. People always thought about what to do in these situations for fun, but now that it was here, she was blanking out! -08:59 Jun 04
Lance: Leaving his briefcase on the table, Lance took the phone out from the counter shelf and immediately dialled 911. He waited as it rang, his fingers drumming anxiously on the counter and leaving a muddy streak. -09:00 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Call it paranoia, but my money's now sitting on bad," Jon muttered, eyeing the doors that led further into the motel nervously. -09:01 Jun 04
GM - \"Police. State your emergency.\" -Jonathan
GM - Outside, the sound of voices began to become noticeable... -Jonathan
Lance: "Yes, we're at the Bates Motel, just outside Rangely Forest. There's three of us. We were attacked by a group of armed men. We think they're still hunting us. Please, get down here. We have no car. We're stranded." The words tumbled from Lance's mouth, sounding on autopilot, as if someone far away was speaking as his mind drifting into other chambers of fear. -09:03 Jun 04
Susan: "They're coming." She hissed at Lance. Bouncing nervously on her feet again. She couldn't just stand there. Susan moved towards the motel doors, locking every lock she could find. -09:04 Jun 04
GM - \"I\'m sorry, could you repeat that sir, your vo...ard to...ke ou...\" the sound on the reciever seemed to die, just as the light above them flickered and died. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jon retrieved the revolver and the flashlight from his pocket, and clicked the beam on hurriedly. "We need to get further into the building, before they get here. Maybe there's an exit through the back or something?" -09:07 Jun 04
Lance: "Fuck!" Lance hissed, ducking down behind the counter. His instincts told him exactly what was happening. They were cutting the lines. Lance pulled the briefcase down with him and clutced it to his chest, rocking slightly as he lost all sense of what to do next. -09:08 Jun 04
Jonathan: Susan was already moving for the doors, and Lance was cowering behind the desk. "C'mon, man!" he snarled at the businessman, "We gotta go!" -09:09 Jun 04
Susan: "Don't go all damsel on us now, Lance!" Susan shouted over at the counter. At Jon's instruction, she had her own flashlight out again and walked down the hall to see if there was another exit. -09:09 Jun 04
Lance: "Fuck, fuck!" Lance pushed himself up again and rolled over the counter, stumbling after the others -09:09 Jun 04
GM - The corridors were narrow and winding, but the trio moved into them regardless. Behind them, the voices seemed to be right outside the door. Moving around the corner, a sign directed would-be visitors to different parts of the hotel. \'FIRE EXIT\' was down one corridor, \'MOTOR POOL\' down a set of stairs at the end of a long corridor. -Jonathan
Jonathan: "Your call, guys," Jon muttered, "Just choose fast; those guys'll be in here soon." -09:13 Jun 04
Susan: "...Maybe there's a working car in there. You think?" It could be false hope, but anything to get them out of there faster sounded like a good idea to her. -09:16 Jun 04
Lance: "Keys..." Lance muttered... "Where would we find keys?" Water and mud were trickling into his eyes and stinging them, and there were gashes in his coat. They all looked like the walking dead. -09:19 Jun 04
Jonathan: "In one of the motel rooms, maybe?" -09:20 Jun 04
Susan: "It's worth a look. ...should we each take a hall?" Susan wasn't keen on seperating, but with so many rooms it would help them find SOMEthing faster! -09:21 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Alright, I'll go left," Jon said, darting down the aforementioned corridor without another word. Now really wasn't the time for talking; they needed car keys if they were gonna get out of this place alive. -09:22 Jun 04
Lance: "This is a really bad idea," Lance muttered, before peeling right and stomping down the opposite hallway, shoving against any door he could find. -09:24 Jun 04
GM - The first three doors Lance pushes on won\'t budge, but the third opens. The smell inside is one of dry-rot and mould, the bed within is in shreds. A single chest of drawers sits in one corner, and in the other a writing desk with a few drawers. -Jonathan
Susan: "Just keep talking and scream if something happens!" Susan complained, waiting until they both disappeared before she headed down a hallway of her own. She checked doors and peeked her head in when she found one unlocked. -09:27 Jun 04
Lance: Lance put his briefcase on the bed and began rummaging through the drawers, moving quickly so he wouldn't have to think about the cobwebs and filth that he was touching. -09:28 Jun 04
GM - The room Susan eventually found was in similar disrepair and also had a chest of drawers and a desk. Unlike the room Lance was in however, there were several unpleasent, dark brown stains on the walls from which an awful smell eminated. -Jonathan
Jonathan: (OOC: And now for some dice-rolls; fingers crossed, all.) -09:29 Jun 04
GM - There was a crash from further back in the building, and more footsteps entered the motel. -Jonathan
Susan: "Oh gods..." Susan covered her mouth with her soaked shirt and entered anyway. She didn't touch anything for very long and looked around as quickly as she could, hoping she didn't see anything she'd regret. -09:30 Jun 04
Jonathan: gm GM: - Despite Lance's search, all he found in the room was cobwebs and dust... -09:31 Jun 04
Jonathan: *slash command fail >:[ -09:31 Jun 04
GM - Susan rummaged through the closets, but found nothing. In the last drawer she found something she could have done without seeing; a severed arm, shrivelled and dried. The smell made her eyes water and the bile rise in her throat. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan gave a muffled scream, slamming the drawer shut and quickly running out of the room to cough. Much to her displeasure it came with throwing up in the hallway. Wiping her mouth on her sleeve she called down the hall "...Anyone find something yet..!" she croaked. -09:34 Jun 04
Jonathan: "Not got anything!" came Jon's reply. -09:36 Jun 04
Lance: "Fuck!" Lance snatched up his briefcase moved back to the doorway, peering out as he heard the crashes from the lobby. One more room - there had to be another room that was open. He had to find some keys. With a deep breath, he plunged back out into the corridor and continued down it as quietly as he could, not daring to look behind him... not daring to answer Susan's call. -09:36 Jun 04
GM - \"SEARCH THE DAMN BUILDING! FIND THEM! BRING THE WOMAN ALIVE!\" The gurgling voice was familiar. -Jonathan
GM - Again the next few doors were locked tight, but the final door Lance was able to shoulder ajar. The room seemed less musty and decayed from the previous one, and was empty aside from a desk. -Jonathan
Susan: They were talking about her. Who else could it be! Susan frantically tried doors again until she found another one that opened. Without looking around the roof, she closed the door behind her. Then she dropped to the floor and skidding under the bed to hide. If they passed her by, she could dart out and run again! -09:40 Jun 04
Lance: Lance forced his way inside, using the briefcase to pry the door open. Then he rushed across the room and threw open the desk drawers, plunging his hand inside. -09:40 Jun 04
GM - None of the remaining rooms on Susan\'s corridor had unlocked doors, and the corridor was a dead end... -Jonathan
GM - Lance\'s hand rooted around the drawer, and for a horrible moment found nothing. Then his hand landed on somthing metal that jangled, and he pulled out a set of modern car-keys, complete with a remote unlocker. -Jonathan
Jonathan: (OOC: Natural 10, you lucky fucker :D) -09:43 Jun 04
Susan: Susan was effectively stuck in the hall. Her plans of hiding in a room somewhere failing miserably in the face of locked doors. She had her flashlight though and flicked it off. Trying to keep her breath steady, she inched back the way she came. Maybe she could sneak her way back to the men. -09:44 Jun 04
Lance: For a moment he didn't believe it. He just stood there, holding up the keys in the light as time stood still. Then he spun on his heels and raced across the room, plunging out into the corridor and sprinting for the junction. "Susan!" he whispered, as loudly as he could, "John!" -09:45 Jun 04
GM - The heavy footsteps drew ever closer; they were only a few corridors away now. Susan could just make out Lance\'s whisper... -Jonathan
Susan: "Lance!" she hissed, afraid to talk much louder, but at least wanting to make her presence known to the non-crazy people. Not wanting to get left behind in a frantic scramble for reason, Susan starting running down the hall! -09:47 Jun 04
[Jonathan laptop crash FFFFFFFFFFF.] -09:51 Jun 04
Jonathan: (OOC: Could you time-out Jon 2?) -09:51 Jun 04
[Jonathan was timed out by force!] -09:52 Jun 04
Jonathan: Empty-handed, Jon stole back down the corridor a sinking feeling when he heard Lance's whisper and Susan's response. Then he heard the footsteps, followed by the guttural voices of the pursuers. The game was up; all they could do now was run. -09:53 Jun 04
Lance: Lance saw Susan at the end of the corridor and Jonathan waiting at the junction. The sound of the pursuers was now almost on top of them. It was now or never. Gripping his suitcase and the keys he burst into a run. "I'VE GOT KEYS, LET'S GO!" -09:55 Jun 04
Jonathan: "RUN FOR THE CAR-POOL!" Jon yelled, rising to his feet and sprinting down the corridor. He rounded the bend and came to a stop, staring at the hooded figures moving down the corridor towards him. Reacting as fast as he could, Jon brought the gun up and fired off the remaining four shots down the hall before flinging the empty weapon at their pursuers and running after the other two. -09:56 Jun 04
Susan: Now everyone there knew where they were running, and Susan wanted to cry! Still, she ran, nearly on Lance's heels as they moved through to building to escape for the car-pool. -09:57 Jun 04
GM - The door to the stairs bursts open easily, leading into a drab grey stairwell. The door on the floor below had the words \'CAR POOL\' in a sign next to it. Behind the three furious shouts and running feet could be heard; their pursuers were right behind them, -Jonathan
Jonathan: "GO GO GO THEY'RE RIGHT BEHIND US!" Jon yelled, leaping down the steps as quick as he could. -10:00 Jun 04
Lance: Lance threw himself at the fire exit, rattling it, shoving it. Then he cursed, put the key in his mouth, shifted his briefcase to the other hand, and lifted the bar. The door swung open and Susan pushed after him down the steps. There were gunshots from behind them as Jonathan emptied his pistol. -10:00 Jun 04
Lance: [bah] -10:00 Jun 04
Jonathan: (OOC: Hey, the slapstick works) -10:01 Jun 04
GM - \"GIVE US THE WOMAN!\" The gurgling voice of the lead assailant howls down the corridor, \"SHE\'S OURS!\" -Jonathan
Lance: "FUCK YOU!" Lance yelled back. Having got his footing again, he clicked the remote unlocker repeatedley whilst scanning the dark silhouettes of vehicles that filled the car pool. "Come on, come on!" -10:03 Jun 04
GM - The lights of a sleek black truck began to flash and the vehicle emitted a chirping sound. Behind them, the pursuers had reached the stairwell. -Jonathan
Susan: Susan couldn't spit out of a word of reply, a choked frightened cry stuck in her throat. Clinging on to the back of Lance's shirt, she pointed in to the dark. "There!!" -10:04 Jun 04
Jonathan: "THERE, THERE!" Jon yelled, pushing the other two towards the car, "LANCE DRIVES, LET'S MOVE!" -10:05 Jun 04
Lance: He dashed across the car pool and reached the side of the truck. He put the keys in his mouth, shifted the briefcase to the other hand and flung open the door. Leaping into the driver's seat, he rammed the key against the ignition. The briefcase dropped into the foot well and got tangled up with his legs. -10:07 Jun 04
Jonathan: Hauling open the back door, Jon helped Susan inside before leaping inside. "C'mon, Lance! They're right fucking there!" -10:08 Jun 04
Susan: Just out of reflex, Susan latched her selt belt. She didn't dare glance out the window behind them. Her hands gripping her unlit flashlight so hard her knuckles had turned white. -10:09 Jun 04
GM - The cloaked assailants burst into the underground parking lot, running for the car with murder in their eyes. Lance could see the exit, though he would have to manoeuvre through the other vehicles to get there. -Jonathan
Lance: Finally, he engaged the key and the engine rumbled into life. He slammed his foot down.... on top of his briefcase. "FUCK!" He picked up the briefcase and flung it onto the passenger seat. Then he threw the truck into reverse and lurched out of the parking space, motoring back towards the stairwell where the pursuers were. -10:10 Jun 04
Jonathan: "GODDAMMIT, WHY DIDN'T I BUY AN AUTOLOADER?!" Jon exclaimed as he snapped on his seatbelt. -10:11 Jun 04
GM The truck slams into the oncoming attackers, who were not expecting such aggression. Three of the closest are knocked flying, though the others make to grab ahold of the car... -Jonathan
Susan: Covering her eyes and turning in her seat towards Jonathan, Susan didn't want to look nor did she want to hear! Every thump, thud, and scream she tried to block out of her mind! -10:13 Jun 04
Jonathan: "GET US OUT OF HERE, LANCE!" -10:14 Jun 04
Lance: "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" Lance put the car into forward gear and floored the accelerator again. The truck hurtled across the parking lot and swerved dangerously close to the other cars. Lance spun the wheel left and right, knuckles terror-white as they gripped the wheel, -10:14 Jun 04
Jonathan: Jon swore and ducked next to Susan, not wanting to look at what was going on outside the car. -10:16 Jun 04
GM - The truck nearly clipped several other cars but managed to get around them. Lance had a clear run for the exit... -Jonathan
Lance: Lance went for it, pressing the accelerator with all his might -10:18 Jun 04
GM - The truck lurches forwards, gunning for the exit ramp. The suspension manages to prevent the car from scraping across the asphalt as it shoots up the ramp and out into the night, driving through the motel parking lot... -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jon let out a cheer as they sped into the parking lot, whirling round in his seat to check if the men were following them. "We're in the clear, let's get the fuck outta here!" -10:21 Jun 04
Lance: Lance swung the truck onto the road and finally turned on the headlights, accelerating away from the motel. -10:22 Jun 04
Susan: Susan was still afraid to look, keeping her hands covering her eyes, but at least trying to remain optimistic. They finally had a working vehicle and everything was behind them. "...just... speed! forget the speed limit, please!" -10:24 Jun 04
GM - The headlights drive back the midnight gloom, and the truck speeds away from the motel and on along the road. -Jonathan
Jonathan: Jon's eyes were fixed on the view behind them, praying that nothing followed... -10:24 Jun 04
Lance: His hands and legs were trembling with adrenaline. He kept on the right side of the road, wiping water from his eyes as he focussed on the road ahead. -10:26 Jun 04
Lance: Then Lance leant over and reached into his briefcase. "Anyone want a drink?" he asked as he held up the Lifesaver Bottle. -10:26 Jun 04
GM - Continuing along the road and into the evening, Lance ignored the speed-limit and accelerated past 80. Jon\'s eyes saw nothing following them; no headlights, no figures... -Jonathan
Jonathan: "I think we're clear..." Jon muttered, then let out a sigh of relief and grabbed the bottle from Jon. -10:27 Jun 04
Jonathan: *Jon Lance -10:28 Jun 04
Jonathan: (OOC: Goddamn I'm tired D:) -10:28 Jun 04
Susan: Slowly Susan allowed herself to relax. Removing her hands from her face and peering wearily at the two men in the truck. "...Thanks guys." -10:29 Jun 04
Lance: "Now..." said Lance, as the rising sun lit the road ahead. "Tell us about this boyfriend of yours?" -10:30 Jun 04
Jonathan: THE END -10:30 Jun 04
TERRIBLE LOGGING SKILLS! But great game. :D Thanks boys. That Lifesaver Bottle kept me on pins and needles!
I shall try and join the next one; but only depends on my new schedule.