Midnight Mystery Masquerade

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  1. The sparkling glass of the chandelier hung over the checker-board ballroom floor, dazzling the guests below it. Red silk curtains covered the tall windows. Outside was pure black, only pieces were lit by the pale breast of the moon. A piano echoed through the ballroom and hallways of the mansion. Soft chattering of the guests covered the silence. Everything was running smoothly.

    A gun shot sounds.

    Suddenly, there was screaming throughout the mansion, women tripped and fell over there dresses, men hurried to pick them up and try to escape as fast as possible. Most of the guests made it out, only a handful lost their way inside before the doors had been locked and boarded from the outside. Several car engines start and the screeching of wheels is heard. Soon enough, everything became silent.

    Now the remaining guests must find each other and a way out. Perhaps finding a maid or even the owner would help them? Or was it them that frightened everyone? The mystery remains unsolved.

    -Clears throat-
    Pretty Interesting, right? :D
    I want to see who all would be interested in this as a RP.
    I'd limit remaining guests to about 7 or 8. Housemaids and butlers would limit to about 5 or 6. And of course, the owner and gunman would be played by me, only to be revealed much much later on... >_>
    Also, I am also going to put together a map of the mansion, just to show how easy it is to get lost... >:D

    The main RP is basically a Modern/Magic/Mystery with romance somewhere hidden inside. :3