Midnight Bites (Open Male part)

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  1. Alice didn’t understand. Why was her life so miserable? Now, she sat at the bar of a club drinking away and a little tipsi. Of course she had that job as at the Animal Shelter. Looking after the animals, cleaning them, and feeding them. But her father was sick with cancer and had made her bring him back to the U.S to visit friends and family. She was a god damned vampire! He knew it! Why would he bring her to the city away from any supply of animal blood? There was no way in hell she would be able to survive off blood bags or humans. She had promised no human blood ever. It brought out the worst in her. But starving herself wasn’t the best thing ever either.
    Alice chugged down another shot of vodka trying to diminish the hunger that strived in her fangs, in her throat, in her veins. With her curly long golden locks and ccrystal blue eyes it was hard for others to notice what she was, so it was easier to hide. But right now her eyes were crimson red with hunger.
    The only way she would be able to feed right now was another vamp, a male I since she was straight. It was a vampire thing. But too bad, she knew no vampires except her best friend Allisa who lived all the way in Australia. She’d never been interested in seeking her Bonded Mate. He was out there but, what could it bring her to? Nothing but pain. So, she sat there. Just waiting for an idea to come to her, if she didn’t get one, every single last human in this club would be dead by midnight.


  2. The young male walks into the club he placed his jacket down then sat down in the booth sighing softly looking at the menu. He's just got off of work and decided to relax a little in one of his favorite spots. He combed through his dark brown hair ordering a couple shots of vodka for himself. Alcohol doesn't really bother him due to his high tolerance but he still liked to drink. He downed one of the shot classes looking down at his tablet device checking out his emails.

    After a while he got up walking over to the bar ordering more drinks for himself looking over seeing the young woman drinking a shot. "Ah rough night huh?" he said her as he took his wallet out of his back pocket pulling out a few bills handing it to the bartender.
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  3. "Is the sky blue?" the female asked with out looking up, sarcasm laced in her british accent. She didn't recognize tis male's voice. She refused to look at him. He would see her eyes, and she would get in big trouble if he were a human. She wasn't taking chances. Taking another shot of her vodka the burning sensation as it went down numbing the hunger inside of her. She brushed a strand of golden locks behind her ear. She still felt the man standing there.

    "So what brings you here sir?" she asked obviously distracting him from wanting to see her face.
  4. Jake enters the bar with a few friends. as they take a booth he notices a woman sitting next to the bar . He stands up and walks towards her only to see another man already making small talk with her. He walks and takes a seat on the other side of her . He orders a beer from the bartender before turning his head towards her . " excuse me.. but would it be mad if i told you look very good tonight" Jack says with a smile.​
  5. He chuckled softly to her sarcastic comment "I just got off of work and decided to relax in the club for a little while" Nathaniel downed on of his shots examining her closely seeing how she's hiding her face. "You're too cute to be hiding your face you know..." he teased pulling a piece of paper writing on it a little note saying it's an animal blood flavored lollipop it should calm you down a little. He folded the paper in half putting it next to glass with the lollipop before walking back over to his booth since she had company.