Mideval/Wizardry Adventure. Plot. ONE x ONE

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  1. Okay, Juku tell me what you think...

    It's about a man and a woman. They have had this serious rivalry since childhood.
    However, their homeland becomes consumed by an evil, dark disease that threatens the lives of their people. The wise but head-strong King - or His Grace, looked toward the heavens and found that it was the two of them that must search for the truth as to why the land is cursed. These people may be frail, but wield a rare magic - the only kind that comes from DNA rather than having been learned.

    Although the King's picking seems to be at random, it is not. The man and woman's families have always hated one another and it has carried on for generations. They never knew why this hatred existed, it just seemed as though it ran in the blood.

    So. The true quest is to find two things. They must find a cure for the force that has contaminated their land and has entered their realm; and cure the hatred that is tattooed among their families' hearts for one another (in this case, it is almost a Romeo and Juliet scenerio but I'm going to leave the ending up to you).

    I will give more details along the way, but I thought you would like to figure what country they live in, what type of people they are, what kind of powers...etc. If not, I can. Or, of course, if you have something else in mind ^^

    Let me introduce you to the woman I will be playing (so yes, if you are considering this, you would have to be able to rp a pretty good male character)
    Her name is Atlas. She has native american features, thick boned and strong. However, she has doe eyes and a soft smile. She has a striking personality and will leave you confused at times. Loves deeply, but keeps that a secret. Prefers to not use her power, she has this strange sense of pride about her.
    So there you have it!