Mideval assassins fant/mod

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~Katsugi Kaji~

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I had this idea for this rp a long time ago just never put it into action sakura actually reminded me of it with her rp so it might seem similar

Setting: Europe possibly, mideval times or regressed modern times caused by war

Story basics: you belong to a secret force of assassins who work to kill the king of the kingdom you live in. This king is terrible. He has wronged and killed many. This is why the assassins fromed to take thier revenge on the night of his sons 21 birthday . It's the assassins' job to kill him for good as there will be no other time t do so in a while.

I'm not quite sure yet if I want magic or not but Im not sure.

There will be no guns

there IS a possibility I might add more races ie elf, demon, etc

Got any questions?
Ideas to add?
Does this sound interesting at all?
And would you join?
Love the assassin idea. I'd dig an elvish thing, but shoot me a message when you've got more information
*points to above post*

"Got any questions?"

just ask them here I hate when I have to repeat myself
What's the scale here? Like, just the castle or the entirety of events leading up to it?
The Story line in the rp will hopefully be over 3 or 4 days seein how it goes

it will start the day before the party and the party will start at night the next day