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  1. Howdy Hey everyone! SO I am looking to pick up one more rp that I am hoping is a little more active, at least a post every other day or so - I am not really picky in truth. With someone that can offer up a good three to five paragraphs of a post. I know that is a lot to ask for but I cannot work with people who can only write maybe two sentences.

    It is frustrating, so my apologizes if this is you. I won't rp with you.

    I have a plot in mind but I am not looking to say anything out right now since I would like someone with a general interest to know.

    Otherwise I am really looking for a Tokyo Ghoul styled RP. No idea really why, just know I love Tokyo Ghoul and find it fantastic!

    If you are willing and curious, send me a PM or respond here tagging me. I might not see it quickly otherwise since I Mod on another RP site.

    Thanks everyone!


    Looking for:
    • Quality and Quantity (spelling mistakes happen, whatever)
    • Romance
    • Adventure
    • Comedy
    • Partner Co-operation
    • General fun and silliness
  2. @Ace of Mana
    Shoot me a PM with your plot idea, that is, if you're still looking.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.