Metroid: Prophecy

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    --SOURCE: GALACTIC FEDERATION NORION BASE, .0473, -3.43, 00.336--
    Attention, all members of the Galactic Federation Ship Isis. Approximately one week ago, a warrant for the arrest of bounty hunter Samas Aran was put into effect due to the fact that she is the only known source of Metroid DNA in the galaxy. This DNA needs to be extracted and destroyed so that it does not fall into the appendages of the Space Pirates or any other violent faction. You are ordered to use all resources necessary to track down Aran and bring her back to a Galactic Federation base for transport back to Earth.
    I raised an eyebrow as I read through the notice, my mind working on overdrive as I thought about this new development.
    I had been around when the Space Pirates attacked Norion. I had been around when the Meralis went to war with their neighbors, the Or'alions. I had been around when the Cervuls and the Xenerias had fought over the unclaimed planet of Fenull, I had been around when the Herine had defected and joined the Space Pirates, and I had been around when Bryyo and Elysia were struck by Leviathans.
    I dreaded going after Samus Aran at least three times as much as the possibility of being drafted into all of those missions combined.
    I shook my head as I cleared the message off my suit's visor, taking out my weapons for their nightly cleaning and beginning to work as I exited my quarters and walked down the hall. I passed the mess hall, ignoring the loud laughter coming from behind the closed door, and boarded the expansive elevator. I ascended to the Bridge level and got off, sitting down on one of the steps that led to the helmsman's post.
    "Madness...", I muttered as an image of the Hunter flashed through my mind, all imposing I cracked a smile at that out-of-place thought.
    Unbeknownst to me, many light-years away, crumbling gears began turning as an ancient power-source awoke from a long period of hibernation. A mural on the wall of a derelict temple began glowing, and an old machine hummed to life...