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    In this scattered and cursed world,
    we wait for a brighter day to come.

    But when time is running out out,
    we seem to forget everything we have learned.

    The quest for dominance,
    and the blinkered creed of a few,
    rule our destiny.

    Do we not listen to the voices of the dead?

    Humanity is too blind to see where salvation lies.
    It is written that the devastation we've brought upon ourselves
    will eat us alive.

    For history will repeat itself.

    Although the soldiers of the Red Line were driven back from the gates of D6 one and a half years ago, the Metro is more unstable than ever. With the massive loss of equipment and manpower suffered at the battle of D6, the death of General Korbut, and the toppling of General Secretary Moskvin, the Red Line has began to crumble. Three of their stations have already been conquered - Park Kultury to Hanza, Lubianka to the Reich, and the distant Sportivnaya to the nosalises. But the Red Line is still fighting the invaders tooth and nail, and the invaders have also began fighting each other. And in the chaos, Polis can do nothing but sit and watch now that they can no longer depend on the Spartan Order. The defeat of the Red Line at D6 gave people hope, but now it seems as if humanity is finally about to devour itself.


    But now, in this time of crisis, legends pass through the Metro like a mighty gale. A legend of a huge undergroudn reactor , outside Moscow, far away from the metro, of it being able to provide the entire Metro with power, of strange, armed men in the far reaches of the wasteland, dressed in black and brown and speaking an alien tongue. People have said much during the years, but in this time of desperation, it matters little whether these legends are true or not. In the hope of endless energy, and through it, dominion over the Metro, the Hanza, the Reich, and even the battered Red Line are rumored to have set out to find this reactor, and will stop at nothing to find it.

    This means that you must as well, Ranger. The future of the Metro is in your hands.


    You are a member of the Rangers of Sparta, the order of soldiers that were almost wiped out completely at the battle of D6 one and a half years ago. Your mission is simple - find the reactor and find a way to use it for the benefit of Polis. However, be on your guard - the other factions will not take kindly to you trying to beat them to their goal; even the usually neutral Hanza will turn on you should they learn of your mission. And that is not to speak of the hordes of mutants waiting within and without the dark corners of the Metro. And with the rumors of strange men speaking a strange tongue wandering the outskirts of Moscow, who knows what you may find out there - in The Unknown Beyond.

    - Decent spelling and grammar
    - Don't be an ass
    - What the GM says goes; feel free to ask questions.
    Other than that, all global forum rules apply. Players are encouraged to discuss and plan things OOC. Not a rule, but I think everyone would appreciate it.

    Character sheet:
    Place of Birth:
    Appearance: (image and/or description; include both body and clothing)
    History: (optional)

    And there we go. I was not amused at the lack of Metro rp's on this site, and so I made one. Note that since I am not terribly experience in the role of GM, I have Thundor with me to act as co-GM. Be nice, kids.​
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