Metro 2033 Retold - When Emotions Meet Survival

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Open world, or close RP?

  1. Open World: Players can join different factions and interact.

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  2. Close RP: Players are forced together and have to work as a group.

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    Theme Song (open)

    Background Story:
    In 2013, a nuclear war occurred, forcing a large amount of Moscow's surviving population to relocate to underground metro stations in search of refuge from the outside world. Eventually, those who settled in the underground train stations evolved their homes into independent station-countries. Soon, new factions grew, ranging from the independent "Rangers" to the communist "Red Line" faction to the "Fourth Reich" which constantly engages in skirmishes with the former group. As these small states began to evolve, the Red Line and the Fourth Reich entered a permanent state of war, as both sought to control the metro and its resources. As the war raged, those stations who refused to join either side were massacred by the militants, raided by bandits, or outright destroyed by the Dark Ones - paranormal, otherworldly, mutated humans who live on the ravaged surface. Within one of those stations is where the events of Metro 2033 unfold.
    -Wikipedia on 'Metro 2033'

    OOC Background:
    This is a interest check for a group RP taking place in the Metro 2033 universe. I have two ideas explained below. Pick your favorite and vote in the above poll. If this kind of RP strike your fancy, let me know in the comments. It will give me a rough idea of the number of people wishing to participate.

    Rough Plot Ideas:
    What happens when a group, each person from different ideal, is forced together to save not only themselves but all of the Metro? Where one joke might see you backstabbed by a revengeful comrade? The Metro is in danger of collapse. The outpost stations are reporting mysterious event, events that cripple the Metro infrastructure. Only by working together can these people survive to live another day. But anything will be working against them. Can they set aside their own versions of the future, to stand together?


    Perhaps you would rather see a open world beneath the ground. Factions fight, and interact for control of the big Metro. Every man and woman fight for their own survival. But the monsters on the surface are evolving. What happens when walls break down, and monsters flood the tunnels?
    More Random Info:

    Factions (open)
    Factions (open)

    • Fourth Reich - A politically far right neo-Nazi faction who embrace many of the ideals of World War II Nazi Germany. Their leader, the F├╝hrer, enforces a policy of oppression against all those who are considered 'inferior' which includes people who have been mutated by radiation. Their home station is the triple station of Tverskaya-Chekhovskaya-Pushkinskaya, though they occupy many other stations and bases on the surface. In a state of perpetual war with their political opposites, the Red Line, their army consists of highly trained men with advanced equipment, and often utilise Wehrmacht-style helmets and banners. They prefer well trained soldiers and heavy firepower at the expense of a smaller army (possibly because their purges have limited their recruitment options).
    • The Commonwealth of the Stations of the Ring Line - Shortened to Hansa, this faction is a collection of stations that occupy the Koltsevaya Ring Line of the Metro. Formed during the early days of the Metro when Central Metro Command fell, Hansa is the most powerful faction in the Metro. Their influence stretches in all directions due to their line being impossible to bypass, meaning Hansa grew incredibly rich. Although their security forces are well equipped, they rarely seek war, preferring to use economic sanctions to suppress their neighbours. They also protect a number of satellite factions, in return for food, electricity and so on. Their leader is the mysterious Prime Minister Rusakov.

    • Polis - Occupying the Arbatskaya, Alexandrovsky Sad, Biblioteka im Lenina and Borovitskaya stations, Polis is the beacon of light in the post-apocalyptic Metro. Created by previous members of the Russian government, military, and police, Polis is the factions closest to pre-war life, with electric lighting and relatively comfortable living conditions. Taking their society from Indian caste system, the Brahmin lead, the Kshatriya are the protectors, the Vashiya the merchants and the Shudra, who are the servants, Polis actively seeks to preserve as much of the old world as possible. They frequently send Stalkers to the surface to hunt for pre-war books that they distribute to the entire Metro.

    • Rangers of the Order - A para-military organisation considered the protectors of the Metro, the Rangers venture the Metro and the surface, eliminating mutants and bandits who prey on the weak. Although technically neutral, they have close ties with Polis, with many members hailing from there. They have no home stations, instead occupying the surface base of Sparta, and the D6 bunker. Their leader, Miller, enforces a policy of 'if it's hostile, you kill it', which has served the Rangers well so far. Many members were previously Russian special forces or military, training which makes them ideal soldiers for protecting the Metro.

    • Red Line - The Red Line are a politically far-left faction who emulate the former Soviet-Union, particularly that of Stalin's era. Occupying the Sokolnicheskaya Line, minus the two stations of the Ring, the Red Line are a powerful faction. Although not as openly hostile as their enemies, the Fourth Reich, they are nonetheless an oppressive society, with many executions and imprisonments. Their army is reminiscent of the World War II Red Army, compromising of large quantities of poorly trained and equipped men with low survivability. Their huge (relative to the rest of the Metro) population allows this huge neglect for life. Their leader, Secretary Moskvin, is a harsh leader, though the faction is fairly wealthy nonetheless
    Plus a bunch of minor factions.

    Mutants (open)

    Nosalis - A common mutant found in the metro that likely mutated from moles. There are six varieties in Metro 2033: common, black, winged, albino, plated and rhino.
    Lurker - Small, numerous and agile creatures likely mutated from rats or small dogs.
    'Watcher - Large mutants covered with dark, grey fur, and known for their distinct howling.
    Demon - A dangerous giant bat-like creature found only on the surface.
    Spiderbug - Large, scorpion-like insects that are deathly vulnerable to light.
    Shrimp - Large chitinous marine mutants found in the underground metro "river" and the swamps on the surface.
    Librarian - Quasi-intelligent beasts, very dangerous. Found only in the library. There are 2 varieties: common and black. Their appearance resembles grotesque gorillas; passively suggesting they are mutated from humans or apes.
    Giant Amoeba - A large explosive ball of protoplasm, seeks out living creatures and explodes on contact.
    Nosalis Rhino - A massive nosalis leader that acts as an alpha female to common nosalises.
    Bear - A bear that was affected by the radiation.
    Mutant Crow - Mutant crows are small bird-like animals living on the surface and have the ability to fly.
    Surface (open)
  2. I may be interested in the closed RP idea.
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  3. I have my hopes placed on that idea as well.
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