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At 0200 Julius Raymond Blake, also known as J.R., was called into the Commandant of the Marine Corps office. As he looked over at his father, J.R. saw the current commandant Nicholas McCawley raise up from his seat. J.R. and his father both saluted the commandant wondering what they were both called in for. The commandant looked at both of them.

"Today I've called you both here for a special mission." He stated, as a photo and a small bio was handed to Juilus's father and then to J.R. himself. "If you see the bio in front of you, your target is a high school girl named Skylar Lynn Connelly. She currently is enrolled at John T. Wolfe High School in Indiana. She is seventeen years old. Our intelligence has told us that she might have some special powers triggered by the recent meteors that fell. So I'm asking you two to man up a secret mission that only the three of us will know about. Remember that none of this leaves this room. If any of you two are captured by enemy forces your existence in will be disallowed by us...Do I make myself clear?" Both J.R. and his father nod. "You leave at 0600."

At 0600 the camouflaged hummer left from the the barracks of Blake's father towards the destination of their new house. A position closer towards their target...Skylar. The name rang into Blake's head as he looked up to his father and asked "Sir, Why me for this mission. I feel I maybe not qualified for this."

His father glanced at him. "I recommended you. You are not qualified but you fit perfect for what is needed for this mission...You are the easiest that we can drop into her school and keep close to her. Remember that outside the headquarters I am your commanding officer here and your mission is absolute. Failure isn't an option." A salute was given from Blake to his father. He knew that the mission was the only thing that mattered in this. His father then handed him his school stuff. "Once we get there it will be time for school to start so we are dropping you off. I will go to our new residence. Remember Little Wolf; Your stealth abilities were highly recommended by me for this. You need to stay close to her." Blake nodded.

At 0700 the hummer closed in on the school known as John T. Wolfe High School. It came to a stop at the corner. Blake's father turned to him. "This is where we part Little Wolf. It would damage our mission if this vehicle was seen by too many. The rest is up to you."

Blake slowly opened the passenger side door of the hummer and stepped out of it, saluting his father once more before the hummer sped off in the opposite direction. Blake turned to look at the school, wondering what would go on. But he pushed those thoughts to the back of his head, and reminded himself the mission came first. He walked towards the front gate of his new high school.

The high school of his target... The high school of Skylar.

He slowly walked passed the school gate and looked around as if looking for tactical points. He pulled out a piece of string and #2 pencil. He knew that would be all he needed for now. He slowly began walking towards the main building.

'Are you sure you're okay there alone, sweetie? Should I call up Aunt Jen to stay with you?'

"Ugh! Please don't! She's smokes three packs a day! It's okay, Mom, I swear. You and Dad should enjoy your trip. Most of the time I'm staying late at school anyway. Speaking of which, I really have to go. I have Student Council duties today. We're signing in new members to the student clubs." Skylar glanced at the clock. It was only 6 AM, but she wanted to be there early and make sure everything went smooth.

'We'll call you next weekend! Stay safe and Father says he loves you!'

"Looove yooou toooo!" Skylar said quickly before hanging up the phone with a sigh. As much as she loved her parents, she was glad they finally decided to take their 'Round the World' trip without her! It took her three weeks to convince them that it'd be perfect if they left when the school year started. Her Junior year was going to be busy-busy and clingy-parents were super distracting!

Skylar dashed over to the door to shrug on her coat and pulled her bag over her shoulder. She was almost out the door before she had to double back and snatch a silver chain off the corner to hang around her neck. She couldn't leave without her special good luck charm! Over the summer while digging around for new rocks for her collection she found the most awesome stone. It had to be one of those fallen meteorites, so she couldn't resist tumbling it until it was smooth and hooking it to a chain to wear. It was quite the prize for the President of the Geology Club!

It didn't take her long to walk to school, though there was a few moments she had to stop and look around curiously. For a week she'd been getting that creepy 'being watched' feeling, but considering it started not long after her parents left she was pretty sure it was just that First Time Alone paranoia.

Walking in to the school courtyard, she waved to the few people that had already arrived and moved directly to her table to start setting up. This year she was determined to get more than two people to join her club!

Once she had her sign set up and her display rocks set out on the table, she was quick to get attention. "Step right up! Signing in members for the improved Geology Club! This year with actual field trips for rock collecting! ...Anyone?! C'mon! We're better than the Science Club!"
As Blake finally made it into the main school building he looked around and noticed alot of tables. He wondered what was going on in the first place but he remembered that one of his friends talked about this stuff during basic training. "I think he called it..Club Day?" Blake thought.

He knew he needed to get accepted into the school and to do that he'd have to join a club but the better question was which one. There were a alot of them out. Blake just started walking looking around at the club tables.

One by One...Club by Club.

Each table would try to get his attention but Blake knew his mission and the club he was looking for would be the one he saw his target with.

He did stop at one table though...the Science clubs table.

Blake didn't know what reasoning made him stop there in the first place but as quickly as he stopped, he moved on and as he moved on he saw for someone as he whispered to himself. "Target located. Proceeding with mission."

He walked up to the table that had the Geology club stuff on it. He thought to himself "Rocks would make a good stealth weapon."

Blake looked up at the girl behind the table and saluted her but remembered that this is a secret mission and quickly goes back to the way he regularly stands. He looks at the girl with the stoic experssion as he then says "I would like to know more about this..Geology Club."

Skylar blinked back at the guy first, not failing to catch the near-salute he gave her. Weird! She supposed he was one of the ROTC brats. But since he was asking about her club, she instantly went in to Salesman mode!

"Why, Geology Club is only THE best club in John T. Wolfe High. Did you know the entire history of our planet can be discerned from some of the rock samples here on this very table?" Like a shown room model, Skylar waved a hand to show off some of the stones laid out in boxes. All shapes, sizes, and colors. To most people it looked like a bunch of plain old rocks, but for Skylar it was her box of treasures.

"WE of the Geology Club even go on expedition fieldtrips to hunt for new shiny specimens." she leaned forward over the table to whisper. "You're not going to get that from the Science Club. They spend their entire day locked up in the school."

Skylar slid her clipboard across the table, complete with pen. "All you have to do is sign your name."
Blake didn't even hear what the girl said all he knew was that the only reason he needed to join this club was the girl telling him all this information, he truely didn't need to know this stuff about the rocks all he needed to know about them was that they're good stealth weapons and that was it.

Blake then saw the clipboard and pen slide across the table towards him. He looked at the girl and said "Well it seems what you have told me and what I have seen here is reason enough for me to join."

Blake picked up the pen as as he placed it on the paper on the clipboard and wrote his name on it. He placed the pen down back down and looked at the girl as he said "I guess you will have atleast one new member."

He just looked at the girl in front of him as he knew now he was on step closer.

Score one for the Geology Club! Skylar was grinned wide as she snatched up the clipboard to see his name and - credentials? Sgt Julius Raymond Blake. Yeah, he was sooo one of those ROTC guys. A military buff or something. That didn't concern Skylar, though. As long as he like rocks, she was good.

Of course then he was just standing there staring at her like he was awaiting orders or something.

"Hokay, well. Thanks for signing up! You're free to go any time now. Find your class and everything." Her shooing him away was cut short by an annoyed from and her muttered. "Blech... the enemy approaches."

The 'enemy' was one of the Science Geeks all dressed up in his lab coat and protection goggles, approaching on a mission of what Skylar only assumed was sabotage.

"You're really trying again this year? Didn't you learn from last year's crushing defeat?" the boy chortled, reaching to snatch up one of the stones from the table.

Skylar promptly slapped his hand before he grabbed. "I already have a member signed up. Go back to your potions, Curtis!"
"It seems this guy is a threat to the mission. I should subdue him immediately." Blake thought to himself as he reached for his piece of string.

He slowly snuck up on Curtis with his piece of string in hand. As he got close enough to Curtis he placed the piece of string around his neck knowing that it wouldn't do any damage but would give him the warning he needs.

"You have been determined to be a threat." he told the guy as he continued. "Now you have two choices, 1 you can walk away yourself or 2 I can help you walk away myself. The choice is yours."

Curtis looked completely startled, alarmed even. Being one of the dorks from Science Club any sort of real physical confrontation was like kryptonite! He looked about ready to start flailing and screaming.

Skylar's mouth had dropped open, but her reaction timing was far quicker than Curtis'. She immediately hopped around the table to give Blake a good hard swat, and several prodding pokes until Curtis was released and fleeing across the grounds. Even then Skylar swatted Bake's arm a second time.

"Are you bonkers!" she hissed. "What do you think you are, an assassin?! This isn't warfare, it's high school!"
Blake just watched the guy fleeing as the girl swatted his arm again as he turned his face slightly towards her upon her words and said "An assassin? That information is classified."

"Did him? But he is her he not?" He wondered to himself as the current burning question in his mind but should he or should he not ask it. That is the true question. In the end he decided...He had to know.

He finally turned his head towards the girl his stoic, cold and emotionless looking baby blueish eyes looking at her as he asked "He seemed to be your enemy? So when I gave him his ultimatum of him leaving himself or me helping him leave. Why did you help him out?"

He continued by stating "I did do as I was taught to do in this situation by my old teacher."