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    The History:

    Long since the dawn of time, in the shadows there has lived a creature. Some see the ferocious flames and the teeth like swords, the scaled armour like a thousand mail vests that seem nigh impenetrable. But there is beauty, in majestic wings and startling colours than shine the purest ever seen. Roiling eyes that show the passion of a race beyond our comprehension.

    Until now.

    Centuries ago, a treaty was signed that was never honoured. A treaty between the greatest king of Earth and the mightiest dragon of the age. 10 young adults were to be accepted into the deepest folds of draconic culture and reborn as the warriors, the liaisons between humanity and the world of dragons. On that treaty day, those children were given the latent powers they would receive once they were accepted into the draconic community. But a great war took place, the treaty neither completed nor abolished. Many humans died, the race of dragons fled into hiding and for the past 300 years, no contact has been made between the two great races.

    Until now.

    On the horizon, there dawns a new age that shall be decided, in a war so great against an enemy beyond the scope of imagination. A war that threatens both humanity and dragons, a war that shakes a foundation that has stood strong over the millennia. The treaty is to be honoured, to create the fiercest warriors of both races and to unite their peoples to defend their very lives and freedoms.

    Plot event 1: The Search
    This first chapter or arc, as you will, will contain the very short section of introductory posts and the ways in which each character finds out about their heritage and their new duties.
    The ways include:
    Being contacted in a dream by either their ancestor who was originally chosen or the dragon form they will inevitably possess.
    Being summoned by a sorcerer or magic practitioner who has had a vision
    Or a similar approach through mystical means, which will direct them to the capital of their kingdom, Shieldsborough. There, their king will explain the origins of a legend told throughout the lands, of the 10 warriors of the last treaty. From here, the new warriors will be sent in the Hallelujah mountains, the last stronghold of draconic kind.

    More information will be entered into this section as the RP evolves.
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  2. The tree branch, only just thicker than her arm, dipped slowly and quietly as she shifted her weight onto it's rather flimsy strength. It swayed only slightly and held her weight admirably, a good choice.

    But she ceased her musings on the thought, as the soft shuffle of hooves in the grass reached her ears and the soft brown eyes of a doe watched carefully from below. She'd been tracking her quarry for about an hour in total, carefully evading their gaze and choosing the doe she would take back to the settlement. She'd chosen an older doe, with greying fur and no fawn to see and obviously beyond bearing age. It wouldn't collapse the herd overly much, there would still be others to breed and this way, she made a minimal impact on the balance here. Balance must always be maintained after all.

    Settling her recurve bow against the edge of her hip, she began to apply the draw weight to the bowstring and notched an arrow quickly, before letting the shaft fly into the clearing behind. The deer scattered as the old doe hit the ground and Akila swung down, quickly striding over to where the deer struggled and attempted to flee, even as the shaft of the arrow dug deeper into it's chest. Drawing a dagger out of it's sheath, she deftly sliced across the thin skin of it's throat and the doe stilled almost immediately as the life slipped from her. "May the All-Father bless your spirit, so that your sacrifice is of eternal rewards. Your body is gone but your spirit feeds the forest." The old ritual was muttered softly and reverently, a sacred part of the hunting ritual, one that many hunters now ignored.

    Moving fast, she strung the doe up from a branch and began to skin it as the blood made its way out of the dead animal's veins, so that the meat would not spoil. She then gathered what meat she could from the doe, then wrapped them in the skin to cover them from the flies. To dispose of the entrails, she dug a small hole nearby and dumped them in, not wanting the teeth of scavengers to desecrate the corpse. Grasping the bundled up meat in one hand, she made her way over to where her horse, Sulmandir, was tethered to a grove of trees. He nickered as she approached and she scratched his nose before tying the bundled meat onto the back of her saddle and after untying the reins, swung into the saddle with the ease of long years of practice.

    She made it back to the settlement within the hour, as she called out to the guards and the gate swung open in response, welcoming her back to the village. "Marn, where's your brother? I've got some nice venison for him for the festival tonight!" There was a brief silence, before a young girl swung down from the ramparts with a laugh. With laughing eyes and bright red hair, Marn was easily one of the more cheerful youngsters in the settlement. Her eldest brother, Mero, was the butcher/cook for the village and had been since he was in his mid teens.

    "He's over at the great fire but I'm heading over there as well, I've finished my shift at the gate!" With a skip in her step and a bubble of laughter, the fiery headed girl was of towards where the great festival fire was being built in the centre of the meeting grounds. Dismounting Sulmandir, she followed after the junior gate-keeper at a slightly more sedate pace. As she saw Mero heading over towards her, she began untying the bundle of meat and placed it on a cooking table, laying out the meat cuts she had taken for the chef's appraisal.

    "Well, you got some fine venison today then! I thank you very much for the bounty of the spirits! Amet and Hast brought venison as well, as well as a brace of geese, so it shall be a fine feast tonight for sure!" She'd always loved the chef like a brother, with his chortling laugh and great humour, as he was one of the more genial members of the community, though all were kind in their own ways.

    The festival crept closer and closer and by the time the moon was high in the sky, the feast was drawing to the highlight of the night, after the cooking of their fabulous chef. The ritual was starting and a thrum was going through her bones. The drums were a mere faint beat in her ears but her blood was roaring, as the rituals of their people called on the ancestors and the spirits of the forest. The great tree was alight with the ancestral lights, but the thrum in her blood was strange. This was new, never had she felt this before but a deep yearning to feel the air around her had taken a hold of her heart. There was heat behind her eyes, a strange white light and there was a faint cry in her ears before the darkness overtook her.

    It felt like a moment and an age at the same time before she had awoken but she was in a strange place now, on what seemed to be a high mountain temple. Barren, or so she thought. A man sat nearby, with silvery hair like her own and the strangely pointed ears of her race. Behind him, there stood a great hulking figure, a silvery-blue creature she could not identify, until it shifted and the great wings unfolded and a great dragon arched above her, with it's intelligent eyes and strangely kind visage.

    "Welcome, descendant of mine." The man was speaking and her eyes flickered back to his face, startled to see the same eyes of the dragon reflected there. "Don't be afraid, we are only spirits here. Child, you must listen to me." She couldn't understand why they wanted her, did she offend the spirits?

    The tall dragon chuckled, it's voice a chiming bell type sound that rung across the space and she could only stare as the gravity of the situation lowered significantly. "You have offended none of the spirits but a great war is upon you now, and an age-old treaty must once again work to preserve this world- or there will be no generations after these."

    There was a dread sitting in her heart then, a great fear and terror she was unsure she could handle. What could wipe out a whole world, beside the wrath of the gods?

    The dream or vision was beginning to fade now, the edges blurring but a single sentence followed into her waking mind.

    "With haste, to Shieldborough."
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  3. His face turned pale. bead of sweats dropped from his forehead. and again he woke up in the middle of the night "those dream again" Cadreinth said while clutching his throbbing head. this is the fourth times he got the same dream. he slowly stood up and walked to the kitchen. A dragon, big one and so dark swallowing himself whole in those dream, and this sensation seems real. he took a glass of water from the jar and drank it down to quenching his thirst. first time those dream came soon after his father funeral a few year ago and slowly began to fade. his body shuddering when he remembered the darkness or so he called the dragon slowly devouring himself in the dream. 'you are not worthy' and ended with just one sentence.
    "young master you are awake" a voice greeted him from behind, he is james a butler who served the family for two generation. "oh james did i wake you up?" Cadreinth put down the glass and walked back to his room "did those dream come back" and Cadreinth only nodded as his answer. soon as he opened his room's door, he already found an intruder has entered his room. "who are you?! and how can you entered my room?!" Cadreinth took his trusted epee from the holder and aimed it at the intruder. the intruder didn't flinch but spoke an unknown language before Cadreinth. a large purple portal suddenly appeared from the thin air. but before he can act a massive shadow hands suddenly grabbed his entire body and dragged him down to the portal "wa...wait... stop it.. stooooop iiiiiiittttt!!!" his scream fading as the portal started to disappear after the intruder or it could say the kidnapper entered the portal with Cadreinth.
    'this is not dream, this is real. i.... i was swallowed by the darkness'
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  4. The job had been simple: take a payment of gold from some noble's estate to the Mages Guild in Shieldborough. Evidently, this noble had been in desperate need of several enchanted items and was willing to pay through the nose to get them. Fortunately, the local banditry didn't accost me over the two-day journey. I guess they were unwilling to venture out in the driving rain. Smarter than I was.

    I hitched my horse to a nearby signpost and walked in, carrying enough gold to buy out a shopkeeper's stock. "Could you tell me where Arcanist Mullain is?"

    "Certainly. He's in his study by the entrance to North Tower."

    "Thank you."

    I went into the Arcanist's study. He was a noted wizard, interested in everything from elementalism to divination. He was currently engrossed in the latter, studying a crystal ball. "Here is the payment from Markford."

    "Thank you."

    As I turned to leave, I caught a fleeting glimpse of the crystal ball and stopped dead in my tracks. The image in the crystal... was me.
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  5. It was silent as Kairon sat alone with his head bowed. He was meditating. He did this before every match, so he could enter the arena without a care in the world. He found that caring was a man’s greatest weakness. If he could empty his mind of everything that he was, then he was a flawless fighter, and could take down any-
    The voice was deep and guttural, and seemed to reverberate off the walls and drum into his ears one thousand times over. Kairon sat bolt upright and looked around urgently for the source of the voice. No one else was in the room with him. However he distinctly remembered seeing a flash of red before his eyes when the voice bellowed his name. His imagination? A bell was sounded, causing him to walk towards one side of the room.
    “This isn’t good…” he thought to himself. “I can’t have any distractions.”
    After a short moment, there was a slight rumbling and the wall began to be lifted away by a kind of pulley. He stepped through into the arena he had grown to love since he was a child and finally laid eyes on his new victim. Across the sandy pit from him was a man dressed in thick steel armour. His face was exposed, Kairon noted, and so were this man’s inner thighs and armpits.
    The arena was rather small, about forty metres in diameter. The two opponents walked towards the centre of the pit, where a rack was displaying an array of weaponry, from scimitars to morning stars. Kairon surveyed his choices, and then sized up his enemy. The man had a masculine moustache and was around six foot five. Kairon smiled, then took a small steel dagger from the rack and stood facing his opponent, waiting for him to make his decision. The man stared at Kairon, furious at his choice. How dare he choose such an insignificant weapon against someone the likes of him? He was offended. He tore the morning star from its holder and waved it around, grinning as if he had already won.
    “Welcome, one and all, to The Arena! For this match, we have our very own Kairon Angelbane! We’ll be watching as he takes on another newcomer! This one looks like he might have a chance! I suppose we’ll see soon enough! Let the battle… begin!” Now that the announcer was finally finished hyping up the crowd, Kairon took up his regular fighting stance, deciding to wait for his enemy to make the first move. As they stood there, eying each other off, Kairon suddenly cried out and collapsed to one knee. His opponent stared at him in confusion, unsure if this was a trick. Meanwhile, Kairon’s eyes were burning with the image of a gargantuan steel dragon, staring at him with eyes of fire.
    “Kairon!” roared the dragon. Kairon froze solid in fear. In the outside world, however, he was up and fighting with a renewed vigour. He was dodging and ducking, wearing out his opponent, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. His eyes were aglow with a life-breathing fire. Kairon had no idea of his actions, as his mind was focused on the dragon. It seemed to be controlling his every physical move, while keeping a hold on his mental form so he could deliver his message…
    Kairon blinked a few times before his eyes grew accustomed to his surroundings. He was still in the arena. His enemy kneeled before him, bleeding profusely and cursing.
    “Finish me off, you cursed child! I’ll not have you torment me!” The man looked up with eyes filled with anger, and a hint of regret. Kairon stared down at him, unsure what to think. How did this happen? What had just happened? …Why? He stepped forward and ran his dagger along his fallen opponent’s neck, looking up at the crowd as he the man slumped over, finally dead. It was only then that the cheering finally registered for Kairon, and he raised his hands to embrace it, as he did after every victory. He was still distracted though, even more-so than before. He threw the blade back towards the rack and walked back out of one of the arena entrances, seeming to be in deep thought.
    Later that night around twilight, as he walked towards his house, he heard a slight giggle from behind him. He turned around to see two girls following him from a short distance behind. The giggling increased and they quickly walked up to him.
    “Hi Kairon!” One of them said. At a closer view, he could see that they both looked rather alike, with blonde hair and brown eyes. They were both slightly shorter than him and had curves that made him want to cry. “We saw you fight earlier. You were amazing!” The other said
    “O-Oh, really?” He laughed, scratching the back of his head. “I can only imagine…”
    “Don't be silly!” One of them said, slapping him on the chest playfully and laughing. She turned to the other. “Isn’t he so adorably modest?” They both swooned. “Well, we were wondering if you were free tonight. We’ve been big fans for quite a while and would love to get to know you.”
    Kairon choked for a moment, then straightened up. He tried to never have one-on-one time with any of his fans, as he didn’t want any drama to be caused or his reputation to be ruined, but, then again, there was two of them. “You… you want to spend time with me? Well, umm… I suppose I don't have anything to do tonight.”
    At that moment, an extremely loud growl echoed down the street, rocking the ground on which he stood. He almost fell on his face before it stopped, leaving behind and eerie silence. He regained his balance and looked at the twins. They seemed completely unphased by it. It was as if it had never even happened for them. They were just looking at him as if he was insane.
    “I’m sorry.” He said abruptly. “I really can’t tonight. Maybe some other time? I’ve got to go…” He quickly started walking off. “Bye!”
    “But… But wait!” They two yelled. “Where are you going!?”
    “To Shieldborough!”
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  6. The morning sun shone through the leaves and onto Arthur's face, waking him from his slumber in a tree. "That was an odd dream... I saw something like an electric dragon..." He mumbled to himself. After descending back down to the ground, he stretched his stiff muscles a bit, a few joints making slight popping noises.

    Right before he was about to go on his morning hunt however, Arthur heard a voice call out to him. "You're Arthur Sumia, right?" It asked. Turning around, Arthur saw that the voice belonged to a man who looked to be in his late 20's, wearing a simple grey cloak.

    Arthur decided it would be rude to just not answer him, so he nodded. "That's me. Yours? And what am I needed for?"
    "My name is not of your concern. However, what you are needed for obviously is. See, you are needed in the capital. There is to be a grand war that if left unhindered will threaten our day to day life permanently. So, let's go to Sheildsborough! Time's wasting!" The man replied.

    Arthur gave him a skeptical look. "Me? Required in the capital? Seems a bit far fetched to me... That war even moreso... Sorry but I'm not go-" He said, turning to walk away, getting cut off by the man sprinting around him. "Oh, I'm afraid you don't have a choice." He said before knocking Arthur in the head with just enough to knock him out. The man hefted Arthur over his shoulder, and went to a wagon. Climbing in the back and setting Arthur across from him, he spoke to the man at the reins. "Back to Sheildsborough."
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