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  1. A lonely mad scientist has learned to not only clone a mature human, but also give it the ability of metamorphosis. Out of the vat, the clone has no obvious gender, but appears to be a petite young girl. However, the clone can alter its gender, shape and even grow extra body parts on command.

    The scientist trains the clone to be a sexual servant to not only him/herself but to other clients that are willing to pay huge fees to, 'rent out' the creature.

    My character would be the clone, and yours would be the scientist and the clients. The gender of the scientist would be up to you, but my character would be able to change genders at will. However, 'she' has been conditioned to only be able to transform on command.

    My limits are scat, gore and vore. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

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  2. I'd want to join!
  3. The website is saying that your inbox is full, and I can't PM you. Can you PM me?
  4. I to would want to partake in this fun RP.
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