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  1. Hey there my fellows! I've been craving some writing and roleplays a LOT recently. With football coming to an end, I will have even more time on my hands! All I need is a computer I can get on 24/7, and I'd be absolutely golden. Now, I'm not just looking for any person to roleplay with. It would be nice if you wrote a minimum of five sentences, you like to play NPCs or multiple characters, you're willing to develop your character(s), and it would be even better if you're willing to invest yourself for the long run.

    So, a list of plot ideas I think sound really good right now are:
    An action packed cop story, a fantasy game of thrones style story, a rage virus/zombie story, a sci-fi epic, and a demon hunting story. Tomorrow when I'm on a computer I will edit this and make it more detailed and better to look at.
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  2. I have a set of female characters that would fit into a cop theamed role play ^.^ I'm kind of ok at actiony stuff xD I'm willing to try
  3. Perfect! Are you thinking over the top like Die Hard or something more realistic?
  4. Uhhhhm wellllll I'm not to sure on realistic but we could always add a bitbof sci-fi to it it could make it more interesting and with that being said it could get pretty intense depending on what you plan to do with your characters the characters I plan to use when used in a sci-fi setting my main used sound waves as a form of self defense and the other can in a sense hack into anything she touches or they can be average girls depending on what you wanna do with it =) I'm a very pliable partner ^.^
  5. Sci-fi works perfectly! There is so much I can do with sci-fi. I really like your ideas!
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  6. ^.^ yay! Alright well pm me the details of anything else you would like I really like character sheets if you don't that's fine but I still wanan use one xD
  7. I am in search of a Vladimir the Impaler rp or sons of anarchy if your interested they are just plots revolving around them not actually following the story lines.
  8. I love SoA!
  9. Win
  10. Do you have any plot ideas you want to work with?
  11. I wanted to do something where a new guy comes to town who transferred from another sector , but also seems to fall for a girl who is the daughter of the president and also is the vp rough outline
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