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  1. So...Tell me what you think? If you'd join, let me know!!!!!!!!!



    'Crime has a new enemy'
    Due to the quickly rising crime rates in the United States, and in other parts of the world the United Nations has taken it upon themselves to institute Project Metalliká. Despite it's obvious dangers, Metalliká takes amputees and gives them a second chance--and the ability to served their country. The amputees who are selected for this program are based on mental stability and personality--too emotional and the chemistry in their brain will cause the system in their brain controlling the cyber-technology to go haywire. Initially, the United Nations attempts were unsuccessful--the subjects rebelled, wanting to return home and see their families. Armed with cyber-technology, the subjects were borderline unstoppable and uncontrollable, and they almost succeeded in their escape before being shut down.
    Then, Dr. Kim Aniston made several break through's in the field of Cyber technology. She created a flawless system where, AI's and humans worked hand in hand. There would be AI's or 'Kimbots,' as their creator affectionately dubbed them, guarding and patrolling the facility ensuring the protection of the scientists and imprisonment of the subjects. She's developed a memory wiping device stripping the subjects of their past and names, replacing them with numbers. However just because the memories are gone--that doesn't mean that it's permanent.
    The organization has it's own division in the Baltimore City Police Department, they are called in to handle serious and delicate situations and when they aren't training or doing that, they are solving cold cases.
    The Metalliká division in the Baltimore City PD are led by a Kimbot AI and two human detectives.
    On occasion, the Metalliká division works with Vario, together these organizations protect and serve--only at the cost of their own free will.

    1. No god modding. Yes, you're all cyborgs, but still very human.
    2. Please take note of the posting expectations, they are there for a reason. A single 6 sentence paragraph is the minimum.
    3. Please alert me if you're unable to RP, no alert = spontaneous death within the Rp
    4. Multiple Characters. I allow multiple characters to be created, but here's the catch. You cannot create two of the same kind, this rule doesn't apply to the family members of cyborgs.
    5.Romance is allowed, this RP may get gritty so if you manage to incorporate romance, have at it! But not literally. Take steamy scenes to inbox. Thnx
    4. Don't forget, you're assigned numbers rather than names.


    'Tin Men'

    [6] @CrimsonHorizons
    [8] @RareSecret

    'Unlimited amount'



    1. Reserved by @Incandescent


    Head Of Mettaliká

    1.Dr.Kimberly Aniston
    2. [Assistant]


    * Downgrade
    * Point deductions
    * Isolation
    * Upgrade

    About Points
    Dr. Aniston has instituted a reward system within Metalliká, points can be earned at any time but they can only be given by Dr. Aniston. The subjects can use their points to buy upgrades, for example if John want's to get his bionic eye upgraded for the first time it'd cost him 100 points, now he has night vision and access to the criminal data base. Points can also be taken away, and subjects can be down graded for bad behavior.
    Everyone starts off with 5 points.
    Cyborg CS (open)

    Real Name:
    Age: (older than 18)
    Looks: (Picture and/or description will suffice.)
    Limbs Amputated: (Don't over do it, please explain the accident/event that took place.)
    Skills: (Variety, John could be ex-stripper and good at geography.)
    Abilities: (OKAY! Here we go, the fun part. Pick two abilities, so say if you character is missing both of his legs, because of his bionic limbs he can 1. Run inhumanly fast 2. Scale walls easily. The ability has to pertain to the cyber limb(S) Character can have multiple amputations, but only 2 skills.
    Family: (Depth people, include spouse if there is one, children, dogs, grandmas.)

    Character Sheet For Criminals (open)

    Reason for committing crimes:
    Other important info:

    Character Sheet for Detective and Lab assistant (open)


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