messiah fest not for christians

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  1. Ok i have a serious problem. I am the messiah. only i know i like to masachistically play the martyr. and in general turning water into an abortion...yeah this guy.

    seriously though i hate it when women say they love you but make you the bad guy for trying to be a knight in shiny i hear restraining orders anyone? Oh no, that's the popo coming with my patty wagon. I ordered them six months ago
  2. Are you sure your nit already locked up?
  3. Yeah I'm off my rocker completely bonkers.
  4. Crazy people don't know their crazy so I might be right there with ya bro
  5. I lost my camera to a woman, and shreded my. dignity , oh if you have time come to my place and well hang ya?
  6. Not sure what's up tomorrow yet. I might and then!
  7. Well drink flavored wine with some liver and fava beans...maybe head to that new age place.

    if not ill just work on my novel
  8. Um....all I can say to that is Christmas is over
  9. It could be that women find knights in shining armour incredibly patronising.

    *moves the topic to General*
  10. I hate it when guys do nice things for you, things that any human being with common decency should do, and then expect you to fall in love with them for it. D:< Hey dude! You opened a door for me and bought dinner, that doesn't mean you get to touch my boobs!
  11. But we hope you'll let us :) all joking aside I don't think guys should do nice things with expectations at all. The knight in shining armor was for a time women didn't stand up for themselves when they depended on men to "rescue" them( most likely finances over dragons)
  12. Dinner isn't cheap Diana. Especially if we bring you to some fancy ass place where the water costs $5 a glass. In that case we better at least get some boob touching if not the whole package.
  13. You can not buy happiness, love or friendship.
    But money sure does stop you being depressed, hated (with good use), or lonely.
    The moral is if you do something extra nice, girls won't never let you touch their boobs.
    But it doesn't mean they have to.
    You see, opening a door for a girl, is like opening a door to boob touching.
    It opens up possibilities.
    What makes the final decision is... a secret women shall never reveal!

    And if good food is so expensive in america, come to the UK! It's great here!
  14. Uhhh fools. First james, WOMEN invented chivalry not men. As for me I don't expect it to be a barter...boobs for niceties . That's fuckin mental. I expect to be treated in equal value. I'm nice your nice. Not i do what is right after we promise commitment and then you go knocking around with some guy who is a "friend" but! And girls, you want to change your mind about dating me or anyone fine. Just be courteous and tell us it isn't working, thanks for trying. Cheers mate. Instead of avoiding us and waiting for US to bugger ourselves
  15. It'd be fun to do a poll to see how many of us have cheated on somebody...