Messengers of the Gods

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  1. Life could be great. Really great. It is not everyday a teen had a chance to get his or hers heart’s desire every single day. Delicious food, a room that could change to whatever you wanted it to, a huge pool complete with a deluxe flat Plasma screen TV, delicious food, and wonderful neighbors. Of course, this does depend on what said teen wants. If you have a desire to live on life’s edge, then the afore mentioned luxuries could be yours for only a lifetime of servitude. After all, if you had the chance to live with the gods, would you give up your common life or would you stick to what you deem as everyday life?

    Long ago, the Creator created the Earth. On this earth he made animals and made man. That was the beginning as according to Genesis. As mankind grew and spread, different beliefs sprang into being. These beliefs gave birth to the Gods and Goddesses we now call ancient. But time went on. Eventually, the beliefs that gave life to these mighty beings died, taking the strength of the Gods with it. These beings convened and it was decided that they would leave. They would leave and create their own worlds, their own people. They were successful. When they left Earth, each Pantheon left behind relics to be found by those worthy enough to serve Them.

    This role-play would need a minimum of four people to work. The pantheon I originally would choose was the Egyptian Pantheon, but any pantheon could work instead so if Egyptian is not to everyone's liking, it can change. The relics will be found by one character/player, that person is the only one able to carry the relics. The relics are diadems, each with the symbol of the god that made it.

    Four players could play the four main Gods/Goddesses, one or more players could play antagonists. If more show interest, I did have a group of young Gods who dislike the Messengers (the title of those chosen to directly serve the Gods).

    If you think anything needs improved upon, please let me know.
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