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  1. So, I've had some issues getting to all my messages in the past, and happened accross the same problem again. Curious, I checked to see if my message count on my profile matched the number of messages I could actually find. I searched in all the forums I've posted in, but found I was about thirty messages short of viewing what my profile says I've posted. Why is this? Do messages disappear even from the archives after a time?
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  2. Not sure if this is correlated, but there seems to be a bug with the various post search queries all over the site. Search bar, recent activity, member's content — all of it's partially or entirely broken. I imagine this could affect the post count, as well. :o
  3. So your post count is higher than your logged posts?

    I just went ahead and checked our records and it is rather odd.
    You only have 12 posts recognized, but 189 on your account.

    Did you take a long hiatus from the site or something?
  4. As far as I'm aware, I've posted something at least once every few weeks. But as Samster said, its most probably that bug, whcih, sadly, I can do little about. Thanks, though, for checking!
  5. I think??? That posts on profile walls or in groups also raise post count but don't always show up in your content searches.
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  6. Ah, thanks, that could explain it. I did join a few jump in roleplays but they died out pretty quickly, so I can guess my post count for those may about the amount that would round out the total as my profile lists it.
  7. For some reason some of the search feature will not show you ALL of your forum threads and posts. I think it stops the search after some unknown limit. o__o I'm not really sure why. I'm assuming it must be a built in feature to not kill the database you have a bazillion posts?
  8. I can follow my posts back as much as I want though, while his were cut off insanely early and he has far less posts than me...

    I'm betting that fatal's right on the group and wall thing, that's the only explanation I think of that doesn't simply raise more questions when compared to other people's post history.
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