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  1. [​IMG]

    Madara gazed up through the liquid medium he had for all his life been apart of. He could see the faint images of sea gulls flying over the open ocean, using their medium of air. Never had the Mermaid wanted to be apart of the world above the waves, he had gotten more then enough of that from the playful activities he and the other merpeople would partake in. Speaking of activities his eyes shifted to what the arrival of sea gulls foretold, the large wooden sea vessels. From his position beneath the waves Madara observed the breaking of waves and formation of bubbles under the large construct. His people had come to know them as ships and often enjoyed testing their skills against the creatures that used the constructs to journey across the sea. Often they would swim in the bubbling swells for which the ships rode, their goal to journey as close as possible to the vessel with out being spotted. Madara's face softened as a smile grew on it, his attentions well in sight. With a powerful movement of his tail he would see himself ascend through these deep waters, eager to join the party of his fellow Merpeople that partook in the activities against the ship at this very moment. Perhaps he would find some interesting merpeople in the group, someone to which whom he could issue a friendly challenge.

    ((Please come in and join me in my sea adventures. I welcome interaction greatly. Feel free to jump in any time and I will be sure to interact with you. Please don't be intimidated by the all the post below by me. I simply want to role play and will continue my own little story as long as no one else joins in. Each post I leave a opening for others to join in so please make use of it! I am pushing out a post about ever hour or so. If you want me to halt my posting so you can sink your character in then send me a message and I will gladly wait!))
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    Madara had just came behind the rather large pod of his people, they all partaking in the games and activities. Now this pod was quite large, at least twenty members strong and still the ship which they rode beneath was longer and wider than all their bodies together. Observing the size of the ship Madara was surprised that he wasn't being simply pulled into the wake of such a large thing. Then again, he was trying his best to stick to the slip stream of those many merpeople in front of him, their streams cutting down on the effort he needed to put forth to keep up. Turning over to swim on his back Madara looked up at the dark shimmering wood. Reaching a hand up he was actually able to touch it but retracted in pain as he miscalculated just how much the water was supporting its wait. Due to that miscalculation he kept his hand stretched for to long and a mighty weight came down upon his wrist. He winced as a sharp assaulted his wrist and flipped right side up, diving beneath the pod. That seem to also be a miscalculation for he forgot that the slip streams of the merpeople were taking a lot of his efforts to keep up. The sudden strength of the water was realized as he was unprepared and was brought to a halt. He glance up as he descended down and watched as the pod and vessel continued on with out him. Looking down he saw a colorful coral reef and descended to its colorful visage, hoping to find a place of safety there until the pain in his wrist went away.
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    Luckily Madara did find a place of refuge amongst the coral reef. In fact the cave like area provided such a since of security that he fell asleep only to awake soon after. His view was blurry at first but with a few blinks of his chrome colored eyes that was cleared right up. The mermaid did a few quick gentle strokes of his tail and off he was, his goal to emerge from the cave. As he neared the narrow exit however he found his heart grip by fear and his motion through the water stopped. A large menacing shadow gingerly glided above the cave mouth. Madara immediately thought it to be a shark or something even more menacing like a fin strider. He quickly retreated back into the cave and rounded a wall that would give him a straight view of the cave mouth if he peeks around the corner. Now that there was a descent amount of distance between him and the assumed threat the mermaid began to think more clearly and his heart stopped its own personal assault. He closed his eyes and focused, focused on extending his consciousness to the coral above. He could feel his sense of self begin to spread to the water currents around him. It felt as like his body also included the water. He could feel the different particles flowing through it as if the little particles were bugs crawling on his skin. Satisfied with the quick progression Madara focused harder and soon felt his sense of self also spread through into the cave walls. The little bits of life in them could not even escape as he to could feel them crawling around. This was a skill that Madara had been developing for at least several months now and was always surprised by the amount of control he was able to exert. All Merpeople were able to extend their consciousness but very few developed the skill as the society thought it far from a practical skill. Oh how Madara would tell them how wrong they were, how wrong they were to call a skill that allowed you to feel the exact location of your enemies and everything else impractical.
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    Soon Madara's extended consciousness brushed up to the slow responding consciousness of the coral above. In their own unique way that only the creatures of the sea could understand the coral looked at the request to merge their consciousness with the dominating merperson's as strange. But they could sense the urgency in the conscious mind that brushed there's and also sense little malace intent. Slowly they allowed Madara's mind to merge with their lesser very unique minds. It was hard to describe the merging of consciousness with another living creature, no matter how similar or different their mind was to your own. Madara could feel every inch of the coral, every piece of them that moved in the waters above, he could even feel the satisfied apatites of the creatures. Suddenly he focused in on the massive tug on their tentacles by the water currents. The tug could only be summoned by something of a large size moving over them. Urgently with consciousness merger Madara coaxed the coral above to release any fluids or defense mechanisms they could to drive the creature away. The corals happy to help a creature who they now knew had no evil intentions but only wanted to remain safe allowed his fear to become their own and they did release what they could in defense. Madara could feel all the liquid and other gunk the coral produced in defense. Feeling at his limits Madara sent the coral a emotion of thanks and retracted his consciousness. The retracting of ones consciousness always felt more physical then anything and always caused your head to sling shot back.

    Shaking his head after it seemed to be physically pushed back Madara peered around the corner where quite a different scene was unfolding. A dark curtain was descending over the entrance of the cave. He immediately recognized the curtain as a collection of coral bile. He actually had a new problem to worry about, poisoning from the same fluids that possibly saved his life from a more up front threat. If he was one of courage then certainly the mermaid would've swam forward and fast, squeezing his body under the curtain's reach and ready to face the creature that previously frightened him if it hadn't been frightened off. Alas, Madara was not a Mermaid whom was courageous. He swam deeper into the cave, trying to escape the new threat that was of his own making.
  5. [​IMG]

    Madara had been in a much deeper section of the cave, far deeper than he previously dared to venture. Visibility was quite low, going near darkness, and that caused the marine creature to be on high alert. The energy lost from the previous use of his ability had long ago returned and Madara now used the same energy in order to throw a significantly smaller field of his extended consciousness around him. The ability now served the purpose of alerting him to the things in the ever increasing darkness that he couldn't see. He also had his hands extended outward as to feel any oddly shifting water currents by a creature who shared the cave with him. Soon darkness had enveloped Madara and he swam slowly, fear gripping his heart little by little. As he continued he could feel the walls around him branching off in seperate directions and immediately went to the left for it pulled with a stronger and quicker current than the right. This was a well known sign that the open waters of the ocean were connected in some way. Sure enough light could be seen at the end of the tunnel and Madara quickened his swimming, hope at its highest. Suddenly fear gripped his heart stronger than before as out of nowhere massive black eyes peered into his own and a maw at least twice the width of his head opened. The massive Monray Eel looked at its eventual meal and launched its open mouth forward to grab a hold. The Monray Eel immediately pulled back as it feel a surge of pain it is mouth. The Mermaid whom had looked so delicious and delicate before now look far from it as razor sharp needle pointed scales had sprout over the entirety of his body besides his face. Some of the needle scales along the marine creatures body were at least 7 inches long and half a inch wide at the base.

    Madara looked at the eel with fear strickened eyes as he hadn't yet realized his natural Mermaid defense mechanism had kicked in. He hadn't realized until the blood of the eel came out in thin streams and he then observed his own body. Observing his defensive body Madara gained a surge of courage as he knew that only the rare fin strider was the only predator reportedly able to get pass the armor with its needle like sucker. Seeing no need to wait anymore Madara continued to swim and sure enough he was met with the open waters he loved oh so much. The defensive scales slowly becoming brittle and broke off as the body sent the command that they were no longer needed.
  6. [​IMG]

    One of the first things Madara had noticed when he reached the open waters were the strong almost erratic currents that grazed his scales. Knowing what the sea currents to be a potential sign of he gazed up through miles of water. Sure enough, where there were once beautiful stretches of the sun's rays in the water now were little bubbles jostled from the ever increasingly violent waves above. The yellow fish didn't retract from the the events but rather smiled at them as he ascended through the miles of water with powerful eager sweeps of his tail. His crown of gold hair breached the water and he looked around. This world filled with air was blurry to his water adapted eyes. The blurriness was not distracting or a problem for sight however. Waves at least as tall as himself were beginning to form and crash into one another. In the far distance dark and gray clouds began to form, streaks of lightning gracing their surfaces. He smiled, knowing that soon his merit oriented people would soon surface in mass in order to enjoy and ride the violent waves. He descended below the waves and sure enough in the distance he saw the reflection of the lightning's light. Only fish scales could reflect the light in such a way and Madara swam to the Pod of Mermaids, eager to join in their games.
  7. [​IMG]

    Madara was just nearing the pod when a large swell was passing over top of them. Majority of the pod waisted no time welcoming the new comer as they wanted to curry out their activities. It was common in Merpeople society to openly accept strangers into a pod so they could be apart of the activities. However, two mermaids (both female) did not join the group in entering the might wave above. Instead the two treaded water as Madara approached and looked at him with a curious gaze. "Ready to achieve merit new comer?!" One of the females asked while nearing Madara. He smiled at her eagerness to challenge him to a game of merit and achievement in the waves. To her excited question Madara commented "Is our sea wide and endless?!" She knew the usual sign of agreement from a Mermaid and turned away from the yellow fish. Madara sped after her and the third Mermaid took up the rear. Madara pitch upwards and with his building speed leapt from out of the water to briefly fly on the air. He looked forward through the usual blurriness and could see a moderately sized wave coming up. Immediately he descended back down into the water and began to descend even more in a smooth arch. Behind him the two females were doing the same and smoothly the three began to rise again. Each had amazing speed and soon they shot out of the water's surface. Each effortlessly flew over top of the wave that Madara had spotted. Madara could sense once back in the water many other Mermaids taking up the rear, all wanting to see who could jump the highest over the waves.
  8. [​IMG]

    Madara soon found himself amongst many more of his kind, all eager to make use of the bounty provided by God. A pod that had originally started out as three was now just a bit over ten. Madara was in the middle of the dispersed group, a kinsmen brushed scales against him in passing, a congratulations of sorts. Madara had pulled the male along after his tail slapped a wave in a attempt to clear it. The male went tumbling and was brought to a abrupt stop. Madara swiftly grabbed him and got them both back up to speed with the pod. As the thankful male passed him Madara lightly touched his emerald scales in recognition. The male proved a very strong swimmer but not the nimbless of the group. He created rather strong slip streams as he swam along and Madara made good use of them, the two soon nearing the front of the pod. A great tug suddenly grazed the scales of all the merfolk present and several including Madara jumped out of the water. What they saw was a massive wave, one that just had to be enjoyed. As they reentered the water all the others looked at them for a sign. Immediately the few who had raised from the water stopped and began to swim in the other direction. All the others followed and produced equally great smiles for they new what this was to signify. Immediately the group reached great speeds again but that would not get them away from the wave as it moved even faster. Soon the monster of a wave was directly over top of them and one by one the merfolk swam up into it, eager to accept the challenge of riding the wave.
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    As the yellow fish entered the bottom of the wave he felt himself become weightless as the tidal forces that produce the wave now moved him along with it. A myriad of colors flashed by his form as other Mermaids joined in riding the wave. Despite his current feeling of exhilaration however Madara knew that he was not quite at his goal. With a flick of his tail he went further up the wave, the thin layer behind him allowing a clear view of the sea which they were now at least twenty feet above in the wave. Soon his head broke threw the tidal wave and he looked back through blurry eyes to see he was quite a ways up from the sea surface. He moved further up so his torso was also raised in the air. He raised his arms in excitement as the cold air whipped against his face. The gills on either side of him were sealed tight as the Mermaid was unable to breath in the thin air. Turning around he saw that he was far from the crest of the wave. He reentered the massive liquid vessel and with powerful strokes of him tail fought against both gravity and tidal forces. Soon his head poked from the crest of the wave along with much of his torso. He looked forward and looked amazed at the height he had reached and the vast distances he could see from so high up. In front of him but much further below were merfolk riding smaller waves. Suddenly a head full of auburn colored hair broke the surface of the wave and next came the torso. It was the Mermaid from earlier whom greeted Marada into the pod. She smiled as she came up and upon seeing Marada let out a cheer. Unable to truly speak in the air her words came out as hisses. Marada new well what she was trying to express and with her he cheered from atop the wave. Suddenly it would seem gravity had got the upper hand over the wave as Madara and the other mermaids suddenly felt themselves going down. They enter a dive formation and with a mighty crash found themselves in the liquid medium from whence they came.
  10. [​IMG]

    He tumbled and rolled uncontrollably deep into the ocean waters. The uncontrolled movement of his body was not a point of alarm however as the yellow fish was aware that soon he'd straighten out. In the moments where the myriad of bubbles summoned by the wave he rode would subside he could just glimpse other Mermaids both near and far tumbling down surrounded by bubbles as well. A small spot of pride had begun to well up inside quickly as Madara felt a love directed at his people as a whole. He enjoyed the friendliness he had been shown his whole life and the wonders of the oceans in the waters they had procured. Though the love was dominant at the moment Madara wasn't ignorant. He knew that given the fact they were a medium Mermaid Village their attitudes and interactions with one another weren't mirrored by other fish in the sea. That had been well known by the male as he had to observe several territorial disputes between his village and others play out. Oh how violent and fierce his people could fight when they had to. Finally free of the bubbles that cloaked him and able to straighten Madara looked out, watching as other Mermaids were also given control again. Great pings of ecolation could be heard tearing through the water in a instant. Madara wasn't alarmed by the sound but instead opened his maw and produce a note himself, adding to the booming harmonic symphony. It sounded like hundreds of varying musical instruments playing together to make a wonderous symphony. Madara's own added notes sounded like varying notes on a cello. This was a song to portray the joy and excitement the Mermaids felt to all who could hear.
  11. [​IMG]

    Madara had lowered his call until he fell silent, feeling satisfied with announcing the merits of the Pod. Suddenly the same silence he willed with in seemed to also be forced upon the entire group. All eyes gazed upwards as the sea's surface glowed a dazzling white, lightning strucking its surface. It may have seemed odd to another creature to observe the same faces that smiled at monsterous waves to frown and, for some, cower in the midst of little lightning strikes. Some of the surrounding folk started to descend deeper into their realm of wetness. Madara merely looked in awe at the dazzling white lights above. Madara and others like him were a rarity in the world of the seafolk. It was said that long ago the merpeople travelled far from the north in a event called The Exodus Current. It was said that many many people lost their lives due to lightning strikes as they swam along the surface in order to escape predators in the Dark Depths. Those stories were very healthy in the merfolk villages and as such many feared lightning. Some needle like scales floated in the water all around him and those that stayed, scales from the mermaids that fled as their defense mechanism kicked in from fear. Madara's state of wonder soon subsided and as such he observed the waters around him. Perhaps only five other of his kind stayed suspended in the water gazing above as he had prior. Turning around Madara began to descend to deeper waters, his tail deliver mighty swipes to propel him. Soon he found himself enveloped by darkness but far off in the distance below came into sight two orbs of pale blue light. He continued to swim and soon two mermaids that looked as if guarding something came to view, one on each side a orb below. Madara soon found himself leveled with the guards and swam right pass them, swimming into what could be described as a gaping maw of rock. Just before entering the cave Madara paused and looked up where there was miles of darkness, the same miles of water he descended through. Suddenly he rejected the idea he had of going home and started to ascended with powerful tail swipes. Soon he broke the darkness and was met in the very far distance by the same bright lights he knew to be lightning strikes on the surface of the water.
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  12. Not too terribly far from him tread another figure. A mermaid from the depths-- come up to admire the lights. She drifted for a moment, seemingly mesmerized by the dancing lights on the surface above her, simply content to watch the water pitch as the storm above churned the flashes into intricate patterns. Perhaps she lingered a bit too dangerously close to the surface of such a storm-- though she seemed unaware of that fact.

    Her hair drifted in the swirling current for a moment longer before she suddenly shot upwards, her powerful tail propelling her forward to breach the surface. The wind was magnificent, catching her as she spread her arms out, sending her spiraling back down into the water with a rush of adrenaline as the clouds roared overhead, clashing together with enough force to bring light out of the sky. She didn't seem to notice the yellow scaled merman.

  13. [​IMG]

    Madara had been caught in the marvel of the ocean again as it seemed to reach new heights of beauty. Perhaps deciding to come back up wasn't such a bad idea after all, perhaps it was a chance to discover something new. It was a shadow that brushed over his face that brought Madara from his hypnotic like state. He watched as the Mermaid climbed higher and higher, each inch filling him with worry. Though the merfolk society praised merit they certainly embedded the difference between courage and insanity in their members. Just as the figure breached the surface of the water Madara's mouth gaped open in fear that lightning would surely strike the lunatic down. Before he realized it his hand had also stretched out as if it could stop the individual from such a great distance away. The yellow fish ascended only slightly, concerned. Suddenly the splash of water came to his ears the same time the figure came back into the water. As he sat with his mouth half open and astonished the sound of Mermaids around him cheering for the female's feat through a symphony like earlier entered his ears. Slowly but surely Madara added in his own deep cello like tones. Soon he approached the female and upon getting into ear shot said "That was quite reckless, but glorious!"
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