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  1. Hello! :wave:

    So, I am looking for one maybe two RPs. =) Below is an outline of what I look for in writing partners, as well as what I can offer. Please go over this--yes, I know it's a bit dry--because I am a firm believer in writing-compatibility. Generally, though, I am pretty easy going and friendly. RP is meant to be fun, exciting, relaxing, and an all-around good time.

    - Questions? Please respond in this thread.
    - Want to write a story? Please respond via PM.

    Partner Expectations
    • Must be over 18
    • Writing Conventions - High school level minimum; College level preferred.
      • Only third-person, past tense writing styles accepted.
    • RP Conventions - IC responses should be long enough (or short enough) to provide forward momentum to the scene/story. Description and creativity is certainly encouraged, but I am not one to count paragraphs, words, or sentences.
      • No one-liners, please.
      • No fluff; as a rule description and narration should be there enhance the story.
    • Story Elements - Plot, setting, characters: please be willing to help build and be involved with all parts of the story. Please be comfortable helping to build and drive plot forward, including and especially before starting the RP.
    • Friendly Communication - Let's chat! We don't have to become best friends, but some general friendliness and making oneself approachable often makes for stronger RP. (This also helps if we need to chat about RP issues or concerns.)
    • Pacing - Be committed to the RP, or please let me know when you need a hiatus, or if you wish to stop. Truly, I understand about life and priorities; there are times when my own responses will be slow. I will do my best to communicate my needs as well.
    What I Offer
    • Integrity - In other words, everything from the list above. I do not ask for what I cannot give.
    • World Building - I love it! For all the RPs I engage in, I like to do light research, learn new things and create a world both before and during our RP. I can't get enough of it.
    • Quirky Enthusiasm - :veryhappy:
    • Pacing - Currently, I post about once every week or two weeks. If you are one who needs frequent-to-daily posting, I may not be the writing partner for you. However, this is variable depending on how busy I am with life/work. Otherwise, I am generally too exhausted on weeknights to post. Regardless, once I start an RP you can trust that I will not give up on it, and can often pick up where we left off without missing a beat even after a long hiatus.
    Preferred RP Elements
    • Limits - I have very few limits in terms of content in stories. Please refer to my resume for further details, or you may ask.
    • Genres - Fantasy, Sci Fi (soft), paranormal, romance, post-apocalyptic (non-zombie), mixed-genre
    • Romance - Always welcome, never required.
    • Gender - I am comfortable playing both males and females.
    • Characters - Originals only.
    • Settings - I prefer original stories, but would enjoy a fan-based story from one of three settings (original plot and characters are still required):
      • Mass Effect
      • Dragon Age
      • Skyrim


    Currently I have only one plot idea to offer, but below are some less developed ideas for your consideration.

    Plot #1


    She wanted no part of her family's legacy. It promised only a short, brutal life of killing and bloodshed. Going to college was the chance for her to leave it all behind. For a time she thought she was free to live a life of peace and simplicity and yet the most distance she gained from the life the more she knew she could not escape it. As expected, they came for her anyway. He came for her.

    He was a werewolf. She knew it from the very first moment their eyes met. Feral. Dangerous. Kind.

    The enemy.


    Man and wolf have been at war for countless centuries, fighting for a cause that is long since forgotten. Now that war has become bloody, merciless and threatens to break out and become very, very public. There are greater, darker forces at work that have been ignored, and now the entire world is on the brink....

    Tags: Werewolves, adventure, horror, romance

    Plot #2


    Prison has become the world's dumping ground for the unwanted. They are no longer places for criminals or the insane. It is a convenient solution to all of society's blemishes and ailments. Everyone sees the injustice of the world, and yet either out of fear or willful ignorance over the year prison has become an animal unto itself. Whether you are guilty or not...


    In the near future, the world has changed dramatically, and at the heart of this change are prisons. They are no longer facilities used to house the violent and the dangerous, they are worse. No longer are these facilities run by guards or wardens. There are no cells, or bars. These facilities are rapidly growing into small nations within themselves. The animals caged within run free inside nearly impenetrable walls, stockpiling and hoarding what little resources they can find. In these places, it is a dog-eat-dog world. You either rise, or you die. There is no salvation or escape other than death, and if you want to survive... you must choose.

    Some other ideas...
    • The Siege - Our numbers were depleted, resources nearly gone. Innocents were starving and well beyond fear. We had no choice but to... surrender. (Alternative - we had no choice but to risk the path through the mountains...)
    • Forgotten - We should not have forgotten our past. We were complacent and foolish. Now it may be too late...
    • Immortal War - ... and as usual mortals are caught in the middle.
    • Pirates - A swashbuckling pirate adventure is always fun, and I have a few plot cookies here and there for those willing to brave the depths...
    • Time Travel - Always fun for a bit of adventure and romance... especially when one finds themselves out of their own time and place.
    - Questions? Please respond in this thread.
    - Want to write a story? Please respond via PM.
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  2. I'd love to do Skyrim or Dragon Age, but original ideas are a bit more intriguing. For a created setting, what genres do you typically prefer? Fantasy? High or low? Modern? Steampunk?
  3. I love fantasy in all its forms, and in any time-frame (medieval, renaissance, modern, etc.). =D

    I always enjoy building new worlds including maps, cities, political structures, races, and more. Most of the time, I like to put together a simple world-framework, and then build on it as we play--I find that nicely balances the fun of writing a story with the joy of creating a new world.

    As far as steampunk goes, I do not have much experience with it, but I'm not entirely against the notion either. It would likely depend on the plot.

    I also enjoy sci fi (as long as I do not have to get too high- tech), post-apocalyptic (non-zombie), horror, romance, and any combination of these. =)
  4. Sounds to me like you've got yourself a potential partner! Shoot me a PM and we can discuss plots. :) I've been craving some good fantasy lately, I'd love to delve further into it.
  5. It amuses me that few people read the bold text in red, but I will PM you momentarily. ;)
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  6. I would love to find one more writing partner. :)
  7. Still looking for a writing partner, and I added a new plot cookie. :)
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