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Would you use your abilities in the outside world?

  1. "Hellz Yeah!!!"

  2. "No! I'm not getting expelled and...decomissioned"

  3. "What outside world?"

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  4. "Just to show my friends."

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  5. "I'd rule the world!"

  6. "I'd use them to advance technology or help the militaries"

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  7. "Spliced student for hire!! $$$$$$$$$$$"

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  8. "Everything's lame."

  1. GM Post

    The Freshman cruise is almost at an end. The neon orange sky begins to invade the horizon with a scope of hope and light for the new students of Mercury. They have not seen what the institution has grown from in the rich history of an unknown tradition. But they will. They will rise, and be exposed as the sun they seek before them. Unknowing of their futures, their cause, but their path will arrange itself onto a light from that which yields no source of radiance. The beautiful port of Sydney, Australia catches the sight line of many, as cheers from the large cruise goes all around. It was time. The Provosts could feel them.

    They were ready.

    Freshman META yields (open)

    The Freshman students step into the Student Center offices one by one, for a one on one examination with Head Advisor Allun. He smiles at each of them as they enter in and places their file in the desk before them ,containing their META results and footage from the virtual-cog program.
    Head Advisor Allun: "Hello, I personally want to welcome you to Mercury Institute School, we've seen your potential and thus we know you will serve us and humanity greatly in your voyages into an adult. I am Head Advisor Allun, I oversee all day to day matter affairs of the school, and of the students. So anything you need, questions, concerns, come to me or your corresponding House-Faction advisor. Alright! Let's get started...."

    A. Hail (open)

    Allun: "Ms. Hail, let's break down your META shall we...hmph! You are definitely a Jaws alright, that tenacity and drive..."

    1 - You made them let go, your words damning them to death. Is it worth your humanity?
    2 - Secrets and loyalty can be grey waters Ms. Hail, seems you need to draw a line.
    3 - Lone wolf? Interesting. We all need someone sometime. Remember that.
    4 - To be young...
    5 - Noble, but you still broke a vow...
    6 - Really? Then how are you a niece if the four of them are as well? ;)
    7 - Oh my, we have ways of honing that for you here, to channel that.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You shot her, but I implore you...how did she stab him 71 times, yet her clothes and skin only contained sand and dust? [video shows crowd cheering for her at the woman's death]
    9 - [video shows her body slam into the ground from the top] Oh my....seems to me like you should have picked another window, maybe a lower one? But you remained resilient. Noble.
    10 - [shows jackals biting her neck and into her face, ripping her apart as blood pours from her head] Don't be alarmed, many choose this option. They always think they can break free...some actually do, but then you have to outrun a pack of rabid canine in the safari. Sounds dreadful.
    Allun: " Ironically there lies a fire in you, I would push you to consider taming this fire, and not let it consume you, for a wildfire destroys all but an inferno focuses and feeds from its own heat. Well, congrats on being admitted into The Sharks, I'll see you at The Turbine! :) "

    D. Robertson (open)

    Allun: "Mr. Robertson, let's break down your META shall we, yes. You are definitely a natural leader of sorts...I was very interested in your results. They were...peculiar. In a good way."

    1 - Nobility at its finest. However, you would move, and you would die along with your loved one. Sometimes searching for a way out is to look within yourself.
    2 - Indeed Sir Dallas, a very noble answer indeed. Well done.
    3 - Compromise is always key, traits of a leader. Nicely done.
    4 - Bravado yet considerate? One of a kind Sir Dallas.
    5 - Kept the vow, but kept loyalty to your mother, not everyone can find that solution. Splendid.
    6 - Really? Then how are you a nephew if the four of them are as well? No room for five after all... ;)
    7 - Ahh, a nobility of aggression, sometimes lines have to be drawn Sir Dallas, make sure you don't cross yours to the point of pure chaos.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You went down a traitor to the people, but you died with your dignity intact. You were right to do so, if only you could've done more. [video shows crowd attacking and stoning Dallas for lack of shooting the woman]
    9 - [video shows Dallas slam into the ground from the top] Compassionate, blissful. Even in death, you remain the same. That's good to know. Real good. We sometimes accept fates that doesn't have to be our own....
    10 - [shows water rushing in, sweeping Dallas from the middle and out the east where he falls through a vast sky towards the ground below] You chose to remain still. Inevitibility is sometimes fickle to fate itself.
    Allun: "I want you to seek out a student named Reneza Locke, or either Vaun Jollery once you are placed by The Turbine, they're not a Stripes as you will be, but tell them I referred you to the "Atmos Club" they'll know what that is. You have cause to be something of a marvel Sir Dallas, don't lose your way. Welcome to The Bengals, and to MIS!"

    K. Jongdae (open)

    Allun: "Mr. Jongdae, welcome!! Let's break down your META shall we....oh, interesting. Loyal yet lucid. Something you don't see everyday. Your heart is your biggest strength and weakness, but that's only bad if you allow it to be."

    1 - The thought is nice, but sacrificing yourself is to sacrifice them as well, thus killing you both.
    2 - Humility over Loyalty. Always a tough one am I right Sir Kim?
    3 - Loyalty prevails, your heart shines through.
    4 - Considering of the environment around you I see? Chivalrous indeed :)
    5 - Intersting, not many people side with their father. Your empathy and heart both show great lengths to do the harder thing, to take the hard road. Perserverance is admirable.
    6 - Really? Then how are you a nephew if the fourth is Wind? Then there'd be no room for you!
    7 - Compromising of the scales of justice, but never at the cost of your humanity. A noble man indeed Sir Kim. The best of both worlds requires finding a balance, and keeping it. Remember that.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You went down a traitor to the people, but you died not for the defense of the woman, but for the rejection of the purpose. Never run from destiny lad, weave it. [video shows crowd attacking and stoning Kim for lack of shooting the woman]
    9 - [video shows Kim slam into the ground from the top] You came to peace with your fate, and accepted it. Nothing more to do.....right?
    10 - Ahhh the jungle, face to face with the apex jungle cat himself. The idea was to break free and seek to run correct? As fast and agile as the bengal is, and seeing how it's his jungle, maybe there was no way to win from the beginning. [video shows bengal snapping Kim's neck with its fangs before dragging him into the green.]
    Allun: "You think with your heart....which is the crucible you face. Start finding the balance of your spirit here at MIS, and let you heart feel, but your mind think. Not to make emotional choices, but conscious ones. Welcome to The Falcons! Dismissed."

    S. Heart (open)

    Allun: "Mr. Sebastian Heart...what a name! Let's break down your META shall we. Ah! Wow, you are one of the strongest tested Jaws we have ever admitted! And I don't mean physically, but the crazy thing of it...you were also 1 point away from placing into The Hounds, Very intriguing indeed. Let's get to the results."

    1 - Accepting the choice to die for both of you seems a bit emotional and one-sided, perhaps they wanted to live? Think outside yourself Sir Heart. The loyalty was noted of course.
    2 - Loyalty to the point of passion and primal testosterone, noble to embody, easy to exploit.
    3 - Not only loyalty, but one of the rare few who added Love into the mix. Heart fits the name indeed.
    4 - Strapping fellow like yourself must parlay all the lasses eh?
    5 - A dark and sinister move to exploit your father at the cost of his trust and feelings as well, even a noted physical confrontation. Very emotional extreme, your 'Heart' could backfire with decisions like that.
    6 - Wrong, we always love throwing that in there hehehe. Four members, three of which are named. You are a member too right?
    7 - This answer shows me you are very in tune with yourself and apt, as even I deduced the same from your answers. But Sir Heart...is chaos for good ever TRULY benevolent? Think about that.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You killed the man for a hunch, but nothing of evidential stature? The Chaotic Good shows, but when you don't know if she's innocent and you pull the trigger, that makes you a murderer, again feeding from your emotions. [video shows Bash pulling lady off the pillar, but both are rushed and stoned to death by the raging crowd]
    9 - And you would've lived, had to determined that of which you jumped. Nice optimism though!!! [Bash slams into the ground, lifeless]
    10 - Very nice Sir Bash! If only you would've maintained instinct a moment longer. But, it was different from most entries. Close one. [video shows shark eating Bash, as both slide out into the east shutter sky, where they fall to death]
    Allun: "This one is simple. You're a diamond in the rough. You control your setback and your emergence. Your emotions are the dirt, you are the material. You must learn to trust your instincts, and not let your emotions and ego consume you. That was the barrier from the Hounds and Jaws. So thus, welcome! I look forward to your progress here at MIS."

    C. Erichson (open)

    Allun: "Ms. Erichson! Delighted to see you! Let's break down your META shall we. Ah! Wow, you very balanced, almost split down the middle in everything. You're a natural Falx if I'd ever seen one. Let's dig into this."

    1 - Seeing as how they were hanging onto you for dear life....literally, it seems the risk you took was short, as you would have fall and taken the loved one with you, both dying from the fall. Weigh the risks. Sometimes balance isn't the best clarity.
    2 - Leave the family that raised you for your dreams eh? Some wouldn't blame you. You go from one phase to the next. I see.
    3 - But what if you can't? Would you break the trust? #2 suggests so. Preservation. Hmm...
    4 - An 'in the moment' type of girl? You'll fit Falcons very well indeed.
    5 - Siding with your father to preserve your mother's peace of mind. Sooner or later it will come to the light, where will she stand with you then? Think on that.
    6 - If Air is the 4th, then where does Connie come into place? ;)
    7 - Remaining the unbiased scale while adhering to the right way of moral standards can be tough, especially when decisions call yourself at stake, will you bend, or will you break? The only thing about not having a side is being the target of both sides when fate comes to knock. I think your assessment is precise Ms. Connie.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You decided not to do the man's dirty work. Only out of lack to kill another human. Compassionate is the term, but sometimes justice needs to be done, but from which side? [video shows the man taking the gun from Connie and shooting the woman himself, everyone looking with disdain for Connie]
    9 - Fighting it eh? Right until the last stretch. Shame you had to fall from that high...real shame. [Connie slams into the ground, lifeless]
    10 - Yeah this is the logical choice. Trees, a chance to climb or hide, but the bengal is right there. You're entangled, there is no surviving that unless you're made of steel. The thought was on track though. [video shows bengal pouncing on Connie and ripping her neck open while still tangled and wrapped, her body is drug off.]
    Allun: "You are free flowing, balanced, maybe too much. You have a pure spirit, one that MIS needs very much. Take the time here to learn to go to the reaches of both spectrums, it will help you understand and appreciate your balanced spirit more, and you'll become clearer than ever. Welcome to The Falcons."

    E. Delacour (open)

    Allun: "Ms. Delacour! Just wonderful, lovely name! Let's break down your META shall we. Ah! Wow, I see that your perspective is very focused and harnessed within yourself, you make the brave choices, but with the same trained insight, lets dig further..."

    1 - Cunning and noble thoughts, but remember, nothing to climb or move to. You moved, and thus you would perish along with your loved one. Sometimes the safest thing you can do is remain.
    2 - Ah, moral code while also acknowledging the flaw in a secure promise? Interesting. A very human response milady.
    3 - Loyalty and perspective, a very apt observation indeed.
    4 - Aggression in you? You look so harmless...er, anyways, you have a drive for what you see acceptable. Noted.
    5 - Refusal to promise and be direct!? Honesty at its finest may I say, you have the fire of a Stripe in you, but there's that inner locking I see in you. You're stowing it.
    6 - Air you say? Then....what would you be? ;)
    7 - Oooh, the brink of the turmoil. This could result in recklessness and endangerment of all, however it brings an unkempt and unwavering balance to the universe. The necessary. Not necessary good, nor evil. Just neccessary. Rebel without a cause. Be ready for the inevitibility of it all coming back to haunt you. Unless, you reach into your self to calm the chaos.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - Apt, perceptive even, but now what does it matter you lead the land into anarchy without a leader? And you and her die anyway? [data null]
    9 - Going out peaceful and happy, if only you didn't have to jump so high off.... [data null]
    10 - Many choose this, nothing wrong with the answer at all. Trees, a chanche to climb or hide, but the bengal is right there. You're entangled, there is no surviving that unless you're made of steel. Had to be something right? [data null]
    Allun: "I want to go on record and say you responded to the virtual-cognition in hypothetical context within the simulation, corrupting the file. Sort of like you were responding to an outer body experience. This doesn't penalize you in any way, but it was the lack of syncing that nulled the data. Learn to hone your perspective here at MIS, and delve into your aptitude, replace that mishchief with humility, you'll grow greatly. Welcome to the Jaws and MIS!"

    V. Belanger (open)

    Allun: "Ms. Belanger! A very special young lady indeed, I've heard about your condition, and even still you excel. Let's break down your META shall we. Very perceptive and responsive, your awareness was most impressive. Hmm..."

    1 - Contemplative and perceptive. Nicely conveyed. The struggle of your instinct vs huanity has always been the testament of time yes?
    2 - Forgetfulness, but genuine. We're only human, but remember every ripple makes a wave.
    3 - Compromise is key, the natural traits of any successful leader Ms. Belanger.
    4 - You say kissing is fun? Even at the expense of public respect? You are young however :)
    5 - Emotional overload eh? You meant well, but now you have caused a rift between you and your parents, and now yourself. Take control of your heart madam.
    6 - Shouldn't be boring, seeing as how you answered that question wrong, haha :)
    7 - Oh......oh really? Wow.....Ahh I see. Neutral Good? The middle of the scales of justice, capable of reaching for the more extreme measures of morality and the conventional way alike. Be sure you don't get to consumed to the point of extreme where it compromises who YOU are. Remember that.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You lost your head. You were on the right track. The perception was there, but you must not lose yourself to the situation, that's the reason for these virtual-cognition programs. You break down, then you break. [video shows Val going crazy and then shooting herself]
    9 - Blissful, and very open and compassionate ending. Shame you had to fall from a building that high, let alone a window that high. [video shows Val slamming into the ground, dead]
    10 - You weight your options carefully, again keen and cunning, but like the previous sims you just cannot follow through can you? You knew the doors would open and be subject to all four, but all four would face off as well. If only you could have kept going. Nevertheless, loyal and apt until the very end. [video shows water rushing through, sweeping Val out of the east shutter and into the sky, the shark falling behind her, the falcon looking forward to its next meals]
    Allun: "You have it. It's in you, but you have to trust yourself and your instincts. You heart, mind, and spirit are strong, but ironically your instincts are wavering. Interesting that it's backwards like that. But you have something unique. I'm going to refer you to two names. Reneza Locke, and Vaun Jollery. They aren't in the Jackals but tell them you were cited for the "Atmos Club". Well, welcome to MIS!!"

    S. Fujitsu (open)

    Allun: "Ms. Fujitsu...you are a unique one indeed. I'm glad you decided to join us this year, we understand your age but you will still be a Freshman. You have a bunch of different persona traits that battle each other. Let's break down your META shall we. It seems your loyalty and instincts are at a helm, and all the while cunning."

    1 - As soon as you moved though, you'd fall and your loved one with you. Trying to act to save them would certainly kill you both right? Instincts can be such malleable things.
    2 - Valor in your response Ms. Fujitsu, but according to your profile you would bend others to do things they never thought, yet you'd never trust someone who broke yours? Not even a loved one? Black and White with you I see.
    3 - Loyalty and compromise, both very noble and admirable indeed. Well done.
    4 - Considerate of the children yet not the decency of the greater public? The suggestion was most thoughtful however. Different from others.
    5 - You vowed not to tell your mother as you stated, but even if you waited until the most opportune moment to tell her directly then, it's still breaking the vow. You try to bend others, you end up breaking yourself. But you care and mean well, and that is what matters.
    6 - You sound so sure...but, what about yourself? Are you not in that category?
    7 - Hm, if one aligns on the side of good, how could they have in their hearts to bend others to do things outside of themselves? Are you inciting your chaos, or theirs? Are you enforcing your good, or theirs? Think about that.
    Allun: "Please note that you may not remember some bits and pieces of the virtual-cognition. Short term memory loss is common in these profile simulations. Let's look at the footage shall we?"

    8 - You were on the right track, in fact I commend you on your initiative, but you didn't have any factual evidence that she was innocent,you let her go on a hunch, and sometimes that is worse than one full course of action. Always take heed madam. [video shows freed woman snapping Sun's neck and taking the gun, exacting her revenge on the man in the hat.]
    9 - Ahh, the final moments. They are always the most powerful are they not? Tis a shame that you would perish so abruptly, if only it could be any different... [video shows Sun slamming into the ground, dead]
    10 - You weight your options carefully, but chose not to act. You accepted your fate. This is interesting, even with little hope you see the grand scale of chances. But maybe if you take one of those chances, that hope will prevail. [video shows water rushing through, sweeping Sun out of the east shutter and into the sky, the shark falling behind her, the falcon looking forward to its next two meals]
    Allun: "You were very close to a Jackal milady, however it is your will to influence others by the set of your moral code that divides you in this case. You see what you see, and ignore the other signs. I implore you to reach outside of this, to gain sight of a greater understanding. You do this, and you will acheive wonders you cannot imagine....yet. Welcome to The Bengals!! Enjoy your year at MIS!"

    "Thank you for your time, please proceed to The Turbine."


    Volume One: Side


    The sun was eve. The sky blankets the overscape with a neon orange hue. The wind was slight and ever blowing delicately. The limo ride to MIS wasn't like it was last year. This time a year ago, the freckled girl was estatic, jumping for joy at the anticipation of her new adventures. Eyes bright with wonder and intrigue, but now....now she was just blatant with coldness. She looked at her cell phone one last time, only texts from her parents. Sad, no friends anymore, no besties to connect with. It along with other outside devices would be confiscated once she got on campus per league with campus rules. She sighs audibly and dreads the luxury ride with free ale and champagne. She looks down at her hands, wiggling her fingers in an isolated mindset of instinct now. Another year. The last was full of disappointment. She couldn't convene with any of the other HouFacs, she didn't have class on House Days (Tuesdays and Thursdays that are House-Faction specific classes only), and above all...she felt like an outcast among outcasts. She knew the Freshmen were probably hours out from pulling in from their festive little orientation cruise, but she was there early. She could imagine the look on their faces when they pulled up and rolled into MIS Campus. She remembers her face, it was like she'd seen a dinosaur face to face.
    She takes her bags from the limo and straps them over her shoulder, looking around at the very few other non-freshies that arrived. They already had their HouFac uniforms on, the tactical and suave looking suits with their HouFac logo and their personal name on the back. Reneza however, contained a suit with no logo, just her name in a drab grey color. A Blankie. Some of the other students eyed her and she could see the discrimination in their eyes. To them all she was was the band camp kid who sat alone. Such was accurate. Neza rolled her eyes as she walked towards the campus dome in the spicenter of MIS. There the plaza resided, a place full of shopping stores and resturaunts. It was MIS's version of campus stores, where you could buy all foods and cuisines from around the world, and HouFac t-shirts, jerseys, apparel, etc. All with your MIS access card. But she wasn't going there to shop like a happy goer. She reaches the dome plaza and sees Head Advisor Allun waiting for her, a smile on his face. He walks up and takes her bags.
    Head Allun: "Hello there Reneza, how was your trip?"
    "Twas fine."
    Allun: "Glad you got here so early, the sunrise is always beauti--"
    "So what is it I'm doing today?"
    Allun: "Right then...you will be escorting the Freshman around, showing them to The Turbine, getting them placed, and then welcoming them to the MIS school in the way only we can do! It's going to be splendid!"
    "Wait....I have to escort them?? Why me? Why not a HouFac?"
    Allun: "Because you're still number one in your class Ms. Locke, besides I think a little more attention to you won't kill you, after all you are special."
    "Ugh, aren't we all though."
    Neza rolls her eyes and takes her uniform as Allun moves her bags into the transit so they can be moved to The Spire, where all Blankies live at for the year. The other four dorms of course are free to visit, so long as quiet hours are respected; there aren't really any restrictions. The Spire however denies access to anyone above the 1st floor. So if one were to visit a Blankie they'd have to hang out in the lobby of go elsewhere. Security at The Spire would be like America's Pentagon, unassuming men guard The Spire, but they are the strongest Mercurians on campus. Reneza steps into a store bathroom to change into her uniform, dumping the clothes in the trash. Who cares anyways. She walks out, logoless and her name drabbed in grey on the back. She preps her hair and thinks away her mundane, disdainful look in anticipation of the Freshman.

    Uniforms (open)



    She sits down underneath the large tree in the middle of the plaza as the upperclass students trickle in happily, looking at her blank suit and shaking their heads. She knew what they were thinking, the judgement and shame projection on their expressions. It wasn't as hard as she'd thought to deal with being a Blankie, all it took was restraint and will, something most people don't have at MIS, even with all their brains. Even the jocks here are technically geniuses. Reneza sat and wondered what could The Provosts seen in some of these students, it escaped her. She rubbed her temples and looked up at one of her original friends from last year, Ashton. They met on the cruise and had a blast together. He's from the States, and he liked hiking, that's all she remembered, but they were really cool, until she got placed...or lack thereof.
    "Hey Ashton."

    Ashton returns a look at her, scoffing and ignoring her greeting as he walked with his Bengal cohorts, the brillaint red logo on his chest and red name on his back. Neza looked down and centered herself from reacting. She couldn't blame him, anyone seen around her or any Blankie that was in a HouFac would probably get disavowed socially. Some Blankie got respect, only because they were usually in something important, like a star athlete, director of a club or project, or something. All of those cases it's extremely rare that any one of those is a Blankie, but it still happens. Like Vaun Jollery for instance, he gets picked on from time to time but no one messes with him to the point of a fight, rumor has it he's exceptional with small blade weapons and carries around one of his father's. Reneza wasn't very close with him, but knew enough. He was always so laid back and calm, like too calm. Reneza walked into a self defense class last year to work on her Aikido, and had a very interesting bout with a surprised Vaun. Both of them were, of each other. Reneza isn't the type to divulge all her cards, which is why she takes on the whole 'silent but deadly' mantle. You never know what she's capable of, or maybe that's a load of bullshit she tells herself because of what she is, and where she is. She sits Indian style on the garden under the tree and awaits the start of a new year. A new beginning. Probably one of chaos. She looks onward at the budding students.

    "This should be fun...just peachy."

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  2. Valerie

    Valerie Belanger left Head Advisor Allun's office, a copy of her META results in one hand and belongings in another. Her next destination, according to the Freshmen Orientation schedule booklet, was to go to the main plaza for a tour and to be taken to her assigned HouFac, The Jackals. She wondered what the Jackal's house was like. The name alone gave her the image of a bunch of people sitting around laughing, which sounds like a really fun place to be. Maybe she won't have such a hard time making friends too, especially with her disorder.

    Attached to her file by paper clip was a card with Allun's name and two other names on the back: Reneza Locke and Vaun Jollery. They were two people personally recommended by Allun for something called 'Atmos Club.' She wondered what the club then stood for. 'Atmosphere Club'? 'Astounding Traditional Murals of Sydney Club'? Or 'Alternative Teachings for Mentally Obstructed Students Club'? Okay that last one didn't sound fun.

    She walked along campus, following the arrows labeled 'Freshmen tour.' A salty breeze blew by and when she turned, she lost her breath. Before her was the harbor of Sydney. The sun gave the sky a bright orange glow, the water below reflecting a similar shade. The Sydney Opera House could be seen alongside the Harbor Bridge in a dark silohuette against the orange sky. The city looked beautiful. If only she didn't have to go to this tour right now. A bell dinged in her head and she pulled out her cellphone to take a picture of the sight. The picture wasn't perfect, but Val planned to recapture the scenery on her sketchbook.

    Another breeze blew by and Val closed her eyes. She's not joking when she says she's nervous. Austrailia is a long ways away from home. She wondered how her family was doing, how were her old friends back home in France. Being in another country, all alone. It's not something one can so easily take with stride. Even if the cruise here was a lot of fun.

    "Don't be weird, Val," she told herself, taking one deep breath. She might be alone here, but she won't let that ruin her time in Australia. It probably would be a good idea to check out that Atmos club Allun mentioned too. If it stood for the latter abbreviation, then a club like that was made to help people like her.

    With one final look at the Harbor, Valerie continued following the Freshmen arrows until she arrived at the Central Plaza. It looked amazing, and there were so many people. Though they had on the weirdest outfits. Was this the required school attire? Her heart sank a little when she realized she won't be able to wear her favorite cardigan-and-boot combo. A girl with dark brown hair and freckles on the bridge of her nose sat under a tree in the very center of the Plaza. Next to her was a sign that read "Freshmen Orientation right here!" The girl also had on the same skin-tight suit as everyone else here, though Valerie noticed there wasn't a symbol. She approached the girl and waved.

    "Hiya. Are you the one who is giving the tour?" she asked.
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  3. Alexandria Hail
    Alexandria had been going to MIS for quite some time. She got the letter before she turned 18. She was to go to MIS and taking herself out of the Mafia life. She did enjoy school she also enjoyed her time at home in the summer. Her dad was very proud of her for doing it. She had learned many useful things at the school that worked for when she went home.

    Alexandria was coming back from summer break. She had been at the school for many year's though alluns words always rung in her ears. Learn to control the fire with in. She sighed as she got off the plane. Alex had flown from Ireland to get to Australia. She landed and got off to go grab her stuff. She walked out of the security area and saw a black Limo. She walked up and nods to her usual driver." Welcome back Ms. Hail another year. He put her suitcase in the back. She nodded and got in.

    They drove for the school. She sighed when they pulled up, she was glad to be at her second home. She grabbed her bag from the car and thanked her driver paying him. She made her way to the cafeteria and grabbed a bite from the Irish grill and bar. Lex decided to go to her dorm next and walked up to her room to put her things away. Being a senior plus she got her own room.

    Once Alex was dressed in her uniform. She went down. Her logo on her chest like the others except the blankies. She had her name on the back in blue. She liked her hou-fac. She fit in perfectly. She was athletic, yet had a burning rage yet, she however did not try to take it out on others. She was walking for the pool just to cool off when she saw All in heading for her. She groaned and walked for him.

    " hello sir, what is it that I can do for you?" She asked him as she approached him. She had visited him many times for trouble. It however was the first day and she had just arrived. She was in uniform so she hadn't broken any rules as of yet.
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  4. [​IMG]

    ♦Location: Student Center (Allun's Office)-Main Plaza ♦Mood: Excited & Optimistic-Optimistic But Less Excited ♦Outfit: Day 1... Before Those Uniforms

    Bash had been sitting in Allun's office reading and watching his META Test results, he understood that most of his decisions were made because he followed his heart. It's really ironic that his last name is Heart... which was another thing that Allun kept hinting at and making old people jokes, which Bash just gave a fake smile to. He didn't like the video footage of the virtual world parts, every video he died... maybe he should work on trusting his instincts and not going with what his heart always tells him. He did like how Allun said he was a diamond in the rough, with just some more polishing and training, maybe he could be a way better person than what he was now. "Thanks." Bash picked up his results and left the office, his main bag in his other hand. Before walking out towards the Main Plaza, he threw on his shades and his hoodie's hood. He looked around at the other students that have already been placed, they were all wearing the same thing, just different logos and names on the outfits. "What the fuck?" Bash was not excited about having to wear a uniform that looked like it came from some bad sci-fi low budget movie. As long as he would be able to wear his own sneakers, that would be cool... this place was not going to kill his shoe game.

    Bash started following the arrows to the "Freshman Orientation" area or whatever, at the same time he was thinking about The Jaws... his faction or HouFac. The Jaws seemed like the faction he would like the most, sharks were ferocious and dangerous, just like he was. It was also how he died in the virtual world stimulation, by a shark attack, he hoped that wasn't some bad omen telling him that The Jaws would be the death of him or something, he shook his head and kept walking.

    "Wow this place is huge!" This was the first time Bash had ever left America, his family doesn't have the type of money to fly out to exotic places every damn day, so this was going to be something to remember, if not only for learning how to control his emotions, but also for the experience of a new place. He held his hands in the pockets of his hoodie, watching as everyone walked around. He saw some Jaws students, and nodded at them, they nodded back. "Cool..." Bash finally spotted a girl sitting next to a big tree and a sign, another girl had already made it their, so he guessed she was another Freshman like him. He took off his shades and his hoodie's hood, giving his charming smile towards the two girls. "Hey, so I'm guessing you're our tour guide?" He spoke to the girl sitting under the tree. "I'm Bash Heart, Jaws newbie." He winked at both girls.
    Interaction(s): Head Advisor Allun, Reneza, Valerie
    Mentioned: Head Advisor Allun, Reneza, Valerie

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  5. VaunLaying flat on his back on a nearby rooftop, he held his hand out in front of his face, blocking some of the golden rays of light from the setting sun. The sun was warm, it felt good on his skin. He squinted his almond colored eyes at first, looking through the spaces between each finger at the honey dipped sky. He exhaled and lay his hand on his chest, the other tucked behind his head. He wasn't usually one to take note of such things but he always thought the sky was beautiful, even when it rained it interested him. It was a beauty of complexity, from the rainbow of colors to the swirling clouds to precipitation of rain and snow. He figured he was probably one of the only people odd enough to appreciate it though.

    He closed his eyes for a few minutes. Even though he was so high up and removed from everyone else, he could still hear the low hum of chatter from his other schoolmates. Today was an important day, a new batch of freshman were arriving and would probably be placed in their appropriate HouFac's. Once placed, they would quickly make friends and learn the ropes. It sounded nice, belonging to a group that was kinda like a family. He opened his eyes, the sky had already darkened to a light bronze. He sat up and rubbed his hand over the spot on his chest where his HouFac insignia should have been but instead there was nothing. Yeah, it would have been nice, but it didn't really matter if he was without a true HouFac, he was used to being an outsider at this point.

    Pushing himself up so that he was standing, he walked near the edge of the building and watched as the boat carrying the new freshman docked and how they all filtered down to their new home. A cool breeze swept past him, tussling his dark hair, which caused him to run a hand through it to keep it out of his eyes. ~I hope these kids are ready.~ He thought to himself as he turned to leave, the wind blowing hard against his back. He emerged a few minutes later on the ground level outside, tugging at the uniform which he hated, he just felt like he didn't fill it out quite right, plus it wasn't his style. He liked his clothes to fit loose and comfortable not tight and revealing, however he would be lying to himself he didn't appreciate how it looked on some of the other students. Tucked under his arm was his skateboard, he'd probably hop on it sooner or later but didn't want to get in trouble with one of the Stars, at least not yet.

    Eventually, he reached the spot where Reneza was sitting, apparently waiting to greet the freshman. He quickly took note that there were two already there. Allun had told him earlier about his plans to have Reneza meet with the freshman, that was right before informing him that -he- may have to direct some students to Atmos himself, much to his dismay. "Hey." He greeted Reneza in a deep voice, butting into their conversation but not in a rude way. '"Allun said you'd be showin the newbies around, and that some of 'em might get directed to Atmos. Figure I'd just go on your tour, incase somebody needs me." He said in a dull voice. "Hey." He said to both Val and Bash before walking over to the tree and leaning against it while staring off into space. Oddly, his uniform looked similar to Reneza's, there was no HouFac affiliation whatsoever.
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  6. DallasDallas would be one of those Freshman finding themselves at the edge of the cruise ship as they arrived in the harbor, breathing in the sea air and trying to ignore the over excited cheering. The cruise was wonderful sure, but it wasn't like it was the best thing to ever happen. Too flashy, not enough real friendships were forged, tons of superficial acquaintances that wouldn't mean much in a year. He was way more excited with thoughts of maybe having a roommate, taking awesome classes, and making friends. That is to say if he managed to make any friends, he had an unsettling air about him that tended to drive off others. It came from being an unrelenting ads and hanging around social outcasts and weirdos. Normal people and superficial cliques were useless and boring when it came to Dallas' belief. Weird people are the real diamonds among seas of coal.

    Upon arriving they were all ushered campus, a big sprawling place with a huge spire sitting right in the middle, he didn't get to look at it much before finding himself bouncing like a ping pong ball between the different student services and then finding himself going over his metas. He was rather pissed with himself when he got a second look at the test, he really fudged it up on certain questions and the simulations. But he did find out they thought he was special... Not many people thought that. Not to mention. He was referred to a club? Is everyone referred to a club or is it an important thing to be referred? Time would tell, he just needed to talk to one of those two students.

    In the meantime these suits were a piece of shit, he saw several older students wearing them since he's been there and wondered when all the freshies got theirs. They were disgustingly drab, her much rather be wearing jeans and converse and shit. He hoped to Christ that wasn't all they had to wear. If they didn't have casual Fridays or something he was gonna strangle a bitch.

    Then he was apart of the Bengals House, which made him kinda sorta happy. He was a frickin tiger! It was time to bring Katy Perry up in here... That was an acceptable course of action right? He got to keep his iPod right? He needed his music to function normally in social settings, musical therapy was what it was. Remove it and Dallas would devolve into a much darker more assholian version of himself. That's just how it was. Either music or a cute person to sit by his side and say simple sweet nothings, but that was much less reliable sooo... Music or bust.

    Dallas found himself following some signs to a garden where some freshman he saw on the cruise from afar where gathering around two older students with blank uniforms. Those were the blankies right? They had no house and sometimes did work for the school... if he remembered correctly. They were probably there for a tour or something, so he found himself hauling his ass over there, only to see a sign that said tour.

    Dallas walked right up behind them, barely making his presence known for the first few moments as he took in the appearance of everyone there, right down to their body language and facial expressions. In an instant he had a good idea of their emotions at the time, and a good idea of what they might look like shirtless. They were all pretty damn cute, even if they weren't necessarily his type as far as he could tell. If you're a social outcast and you know it, raise your hand.

    "Hey uh... this is the tour right? For us freshies?" He asked, placing himself smack in the middle of the four there, first turning to the guy who looked disturbingly similar to a Jonas Brother, but the bone structure was all wrong. "Oh, well hi there tough guy." He said with a sarcastic smile before giving a side glance at the girl he'd later find out was named Val, and turned back to the guides. "The name's Dallas, Stripe, I hope I am in the right place." He said, with just a touch of condescension in his voice, just a touch though, enough to be playful and not enough to be infuriating.

    Dallas licked his lips because they were chapped, but the way he sorta side glanced Vaun made it seem entirely different. Oh well, who the fuck cares? He was kinda cute.
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  7. Emilie Delacour It wasn't surprising in the least to Emilie that she had managed to borked the META test in one way or another. In the virtual world parts of the test, where others would be watching video or sound clips of what they had selected or chosen to do in the test, she was treated to nothing but a blank screen with the words in brackets, data null. She had not answered it as properly as intended, causing the system to malfunction. That elicited a smirk from the blonde as her eyes landed on the screen.

    Head Advisor Allun had then explained to her that responding to the test as though via an out-of-body experience had ended up corrupting the test. She had been assigned the house faction known as the Jawas, the masters of water and the seas. It was not something she would pick for herself, but the girl simply took it in her stride, and went along without any complaint.

    She was then chided to hone her perspective and delve into her aptitude, thereby replacing her mischief with humility. Silently sniffling a rising snigger from the words of the head advisor, she imitated the words that came out his mouth. When he was done and he welcomed her to Jaws and the MIS, she simply said. "Ah, magnifique! thank you." in her french-accented english. Dressed in a simple white button-up shirt tucked into a navy-blue pants, she walked out of the office, with her hand-carry bag in slung in hand, she started to head towards the main plaza.

    It was there that she began to see the rest of the students, clad in the uniforms of their house factions. "Ooh this is interesting!" she remarked as she saw the modern-looking outfits her fellow students seemed to be clad in. They even had all the cool-looking logos and their names printed on the back of their uniforms. She got excited for a moment at the thought of her wearing one herself.

    Following the signs leading to the 'Freshman Orientation', Emilie was excited at the thought of meeting her fellow Jaws members, her Hou-Fac. She marvelled at how big the place was, it was simply breathtakingly enormous. Eventually, the blonde spotted a small group of people gathering under a tree where the signs seemed to be pointing at. Walking up to them, she said in her french-accent english. "Excuse me, is this the orientation for the new people? My name is Emilie Delacour, and I am a newbie to Jaws." Her eyes wide-eyed in excitement at the thought of what awaited her. She particularly eyed the guy with the shades in question, giving him a smile if he would look towards her direction. He looked to be rather handsome, she thought to herself.
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  8. Connie Erichson
    A soft breeze, tinged with salt and sun, brushed past Connie's cheek as she walked out of Allun's office. In one hand she gripped her tattered blue duffel bag, heavy with the assortment of books and clothes crammed inside. Well, mostly books. The bag was battered and faded thanks to its twelve years of constant use, but by a miracle it was still intact enough to be useful. In the other hand held firm and tight, were the results for the META test.

    Giddeness rose inside her as Connie glanced at her results. The Flax, Allun had called the House Faction. The Falcons. The name itself drove a shiver of anticipation through her spine. Falcons were free creatures, with power in their talons and wings. Plus, the name itself had an 'X', which automatically meant badassery. Connie couldn't help but grin in excitement at the thought of her HouseFac. This was going to be her new family. Her new, stable home.

    Connie shoved her hands into her jacket pockets and gazed around, her breath catching in her throat as she took in the view. Her family frequently traveled, but they nevered stayed long enough for sightseeing. It was always Sweden one day, then Italy the next before heading off to Switzerland. But now...now things were different. A good different. She was going to make sure of it.
    Connie's mind spun as she took in the vast buildings and numerous students. Most, if not all, were wearing jumpsuits with logos on them -- no doubt the uniform of the academy. It was...odd, to say the least, but not unwelcome. Most of her clothes had been hand-me-downs from her brothers, so something new was always a pleasant accomodation.

    A series of arrows labeled 'Freshman Tour' led her to a plaza where a small gathering of students had already formed. Most of them were dressed casually, save for a girl with a logoless uniform. Connie broke into a light jog as she headed towards them. "This is the tour, right?" Connie asked brightly. "Name's Erichson. Connie Erichson."
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  9. Reneza

    Reneza sits legs crossed on the mound in the middle of the Plaza. She looks over her shouler at the large spire that sticks out and towers over the other buildings of the campus. Her home for the next three years while in Sydney. She looked around for some of her Blankie colleages, but all she sees area sea of colors; the red, the blue, the gold, and the green. She eyes a small blade of grass in between her legs. The wind sways as her hair floats adrift in the wind, the current pushing to the east. She tilts her head to the West, staring at the blade of grass as it begins to drift to the west. She snaps her focus and notices some students placing up guide signs, all pointing to Reneza. She wallows in her mood and rests her hand under her chin while tracing the grass with her other fingers. Before long one student appraches, then another. A small but keen looking female, and a very brute guy that look like the epitome of some leader of a boyband gone wrong.
    Girl: "Hiya, are you the one giving the tour?"
    Come on, Neza...don't close off....
    Guy: "Hey, so I'm guessing you're our tour guide? I'm Bash Heart, Jaws newbie." He winks at Reneza, and then the girl in front of them. Reneza snapped out of her grass stare to lock eyes with the large Freshman, raising a brow at his demeanor.
    "Yeah...you're a Jaws alright."
    ?: "Hey..."
    She knew that voice anywhere. A deep and bold voice, but a really gentle and sharp soul behind it. Vaun. She breaks her stale attidtude at the sight of him and hugs him casually.
    "Hey...didn't know you were here yet. Good trip I assume."
    Vaun: "Allun said you'd be showin the newbies around, and that some of 'em might get directed to Atmos. Figure I'd just go on your tour, in case somebody needs me."
    "You're kidding.....ugh what the frick he didn't tell me anything. Great, so now we're on Atmos duty too!? Skitsnack...well thanks then, yeah you can tag along. Did he say who?"
    Another guy walked up, introducing himself as Dallas with The Stripes. Looked like one, charming, noble looking, and really sharp. Reneza eyes him for a moment, and then looks way awkwardly. There was no point in trying to act all happy go lucky with the freshies, they were already happy, even in her mood it wouldn't change that. She wanted them to be happy despite her mood, she didn't want to infect them with her poisonous status at MIS. Two more now, both females. Emilie Delacour, Jaws. She was French, and it made Neza smile a little bit. Connie Erichson.
    "Nice to meet you all, I'm Reneza Locke...this is my friend Vaun. We're Sophomores here but you probably won't see us again after today because...."
    Don't get all pessimistic Neza....
    "...never mind. I hope you guys had fun on the cruise and also like the place. It's pretty big and overwhelming at first but you'll get used to it as you go along....do NOT that's what she said's me."
    Reneza breaks her indian style seating and rises taller than most would have thought. She stands at 5'10" and her tone and body shape can be well viewed through her uniform, her abs even mildly breaking through the cloth. Her honey-chocolate eyes scanning the crowd like some android built to kill everyone. She stands on the garden platform under the tree and the freshies were all starting to eye her. She didn't know if it was the menacing look in her eyes, or just her posture that intimidated them, or maybe her face, but the Freshman started to get death silent. She takes a deep breath and nods at Vaun.
    "Ahem...welcome dear Freshman students to the Mercury Institute School, I'm sure you guys are all excited as we were a year ago...uh...well anyways, MIS embodies on the notion that we can always be greater. Always. No matter what fate or situation beholds us, we can step outside ourselves and inside ourselves at the same time to discover past the illusion of life, and past the illusion of our burdens. The META you have in your hands only slightly represented that example. The rest, your curriculum, will be forged and shaped by your doing....or undoing. You are a part of THE most exclusive organization on the entire planet. Welcome, to MIS."
    A barrage of cheers and applause come from the excited teens with fresh smiles and hope on their faces. If they only knew what was in store. Reneza was actually sort of excited for them to experience The Turbine and the exposing of its use. All they'd seen on the brochure was that it was a traditional standard at MIS, but what they didn't know was what it was capable of.
    "My name is Reneza Locke, I'll be your guide through this entire day. So, basic information you need to know. This is the Plaza. It is the geographical center of the campus. It contains over 500 stores, restaraunts, and shops from all nationality based places around the globe, for those who get a bit nostalgiac or homesick, or for those who wish to try something new. Clothing stores, antiques, yes...even GameStop....we have it all here in the Plaza. If you look down at your bags,,,you'll see they're gone. They've been moved to transit into your rooms. Don't bother asking how they were taken without you noticing it's a traditional mystery no one has ever solved while here at MIS. Rules are that HouFac...which means House-Faction for the ones who don't have a social sense yet, all uniforms must be worn on both Merge Days and House Days. Anyone care to share which days are Merge and which days are house...?"
    Reneza awaits as a few Freshman shouts the answers.
    "Correct. Merge Days Mondays Wednesdays, House Days Tuesdays Thursdays. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays are free to wear whatever you choose, obviously with decency in mind. Fridays are no class with optional courses ranging from subject based, to skill based, and even extracurricular based. These will not be graded and it's for progression and cleansing after a hard week. The Jackal Dorm is at the North of the campus, The Bengal Dorm is South, The Falcon Dorm East, and The Shark Dorm is West. The Plaza is the geographic center, and The Spire is commercial center."
    A junior Jaw walks by and snickers as he walks behind Reneza towards a store, bumping shoulders with her: "What about The Blankies hehehe....why don't ya tell em where they sleep?". Reneza eyes the Jaw for a moment but for the sake of the Freshmen stands down.
    "As you can see not everyone loses the high school immaturity after they get here...sigh the Blankies are a body with no affiliation to a House-Faction. They are...just students. Notice my uniform with no logo. I am a Blankie. Statistically speaking no one will be placed as a Blankie for another two years but....if you are, don't be alarmed it's not because you're dumb or stupid, it's just that you didn't match the psychological spectrum that are most commonly known. And no, it doesn't mean were psycho's either."
    Reneza started to re-live the shame and embarrassment all over again. Now she felt a bit hearkened, but feeling like she had to explain and defend herself to Freshmen...all over some dumb, stupid META results and a break of the psychological scale that MIS had set. But...she knew why. Everything happens for a reason. Again, maybe that's bullshit too.
    "I'm number one in my Sophomore class among all students and HouFacs so...yeah. Blankies sleep in The Spire where The Star and Provosts also are, as you know it's off limits past the first floor, but the dorms for us are floors 2 through 50. There are 100 total floors and there are nowhere near enough Blankies to cover each room on each floor, so we have a lot of suites."
    Reneza thinks on if anything else needs to be said.
    "Oh, lastly, the MUST. Mercury United Security Team. They are our campus police. They monitor any abhorrent behavior and suspicious activities on or around campus. They are armed with rifle carbines containing an enhanced tesla coil charge that can range from the effects of a taser, to that of a small lightning strike, putting you in a coma. So think about that before deciding to get all gung ho everywhere. Many of you might be thinking, why would they need to have that much power? Oh, you'll see why. You guys are about to be exposed to a whole new world. The colors of the houses, and their mascots will all make sense soon. Follow me...to The Spire. That is, if there are no questions."

    MUST security all are lined along a path to The Spire, silent and motionless.
    Reneza smirks as she leads the flock of students to probably the greatest sight they'll ever witness. No, not The Spire, something far greater. The look on her face when she'd seen it for the first time. Many were scared, many were shocked, many were excited, but Reneza was just...captivated, she was captured. A cluster of different students from different HouFacs all eyed Neza and Vaun as they walked and led the freshies to The Spire. Some even took the liberty to alert the Freshmen to the social status of the Blankies, warning them not to befriend any if they wanted to make it here. There were a lot of freshies, so Neza couldn't monitor them all, but right now she could care less. They were all the same. Different, but the same. They all feel prideful about how super intelligent they are and how skilled they are, but they fail to realize EVERY student is like that here. That's not what makes them different, not even their personas. Neza could see them, she could identify their strengths, weaknesses, psychosis, and personality without even knowing them. It was all over them. She looks up at Vaun while they lead the freshies.
    "Hey Vaun...seeing as how we got a free day of classes removed today because of this event, you maybe wanna train with me later, like we did the end of last year? I wanna learn how to stop a knife attack, and maybe take one if I have to. It's easy when I have a weapon but I get kind of nervous when I'm unarmed. I know I can do it, it's just nerves."
    Like she actually needed to even learn that, like it'd make a difference in her potency. Reneza leads the troupe into the center of The Spire, the long, brilliant tower that reached for the heavens as the lights from the inside suggested live activity and functionality. Not even the Blankies knew what happened above the 50th floor, but they could only speculate it was all based on management of the campus and regulations. The students all marvel at the building, even now Reneza looks at it like she's never seen it before. It was a beauty, and the inside too. Unfortunately she couldn't take them inside, but for what was about to happen, she didn't need to. They were about to see everything they needed to.
    "So this is The Spire, take it in....look at it...amazing right? Almost as amazing as this...."
    There was silence and inactivity the first few seconds, but then something started to sound off in the distance. It sort of sounded like a jet, or maybe something in the air that was similar to aircraft speeding through the sky. From the top of The Spire a bright light can be seen, taking off into the sky, but then suddenly changes trajectory and speeds down right towards Reneza and her crowd. It showed no signs of slowing down. Reneza remained still, but the murmur and fear from the Freshmen started. The light as it got closer actually was recognized to be fire, a speeding body of fire. The Freshman take ominous steps backwards, some running even. The fire approaches the ground like a missile, with one final slam as the fire extinguishes on impact, the heat blasting through the area. Everyone looks in awe as a woman repaces the fire, her vibrance full of vigor. She smirks at the freshies as a shout of joy can be heard from the surrounding area. In a nearby campus lake, the water thrusts upward like a geyser, with another woman sitting atop the gushing water. She sits like a queen on the throne, smiling and waving at the freshies as she stands and literally surfs down a stream of water to the ground, snapping her fingers as the water drops back in the pond in perfect, still form. A swoosh of air could be heard as another figure can be seen in the air, but this time the winds were raging out of control. Reneza still remains still, eyes squinted from the force of winds. The figure circles overhead before twisting as he descends down into a butterfly twist before landing, stopping the winds upon hitting the ground. He doesn't smile, more like gazed into the crowd. Finally, the ground begin to tremble, heavily at that. In the center of the three people, a crack in the earth starts to open, as the ground shakes apart at the upheaval of a large human male, with rocks and sediment orbiting around him. The freshies all applause and scream vibrantly, as the man takes a chunk of dirt and hands it to Val, as the dirt sprouts dozens of beautiful roses. He then balls his fists, causing the ground to convex and merge perfectly back into the concrete before. Reneza could see the shock on their faces. Some great, some just in disbelief. Good.
    "This is why MIS is special, this is why you are special. Because these things these four people just did....you will too. These are The Star, the four head advisors of the HouFacs you will be placed into. The HouFacs are also masters of the elements, I know it's a lot to take in...but I assure you, it's real. It's possible, and you will get used to them. The abilities you will recieve are an extension of the unlimited potential of human spirit, and as such you will have to mold them into yourself as such. It goes as follows: Bengals are of Fire, Sharks are of Water, Falcons are of Air, and Jackals are of Nature."
    The Four Heads (open)

    "These are your following Advisors for each HouFac: "
    Advisor Kagi of The Stripes. (Alluring, Sensual, Domineering)
    Advisor Zephora of The Jaws. (Fearless, Outgoing, Impressionable)
    Advisor Winston of The Falx. (Observant, Cold, Abstract)
    Advisor Gustav of The Hounds. (Charming, Wise, Confident)
    "You've already met Head Advisor Allun."

    "These are who you report to in the event of any matters related to your in House-Faction affairs, they also monitor progress and affairs of you, so don't act like things will be all flowers and ponies all the time. They are your teachers, counselors, guides, mentors, and occassionally friends if you seek it. Despite the different groups MIS is a family as a whole, we have each other's backs, no matter what. Remember that. As for Blankies....we don't have either of the elements, so consider yourselves lucky..."
    Reneza feigns her inner turmoil.
    Just forget it Reneza...
    "So, before we make off to The Turbine, which will give you these abilities, you have to know that these abilities are not to be used in the outside world. Obviously no unsanctioned fighting or threatning of any kind towards your fellow students. Doing any of these will get you both expelled and/or decomissioned. So behave. We're grown now, this isn't high school. So no curfews or set attendance policies, but be responsible enough to manage your time and life properly. Got it?"
    Neza could see some students were still shocked and amazed.
    "HEY! Do. You. Understand?"
    Now there was silence.
    "Good...now until we get the signal from The Chancellor for The Turbine, take the time to converse with one another, and the Advisors. And also....your mascots"
    Mascots (open)

    Hutch(M) and Hunnie(F), Twin Jackals
    Fenix, Hierofalcon
    Sandy, Golden Bengal
    Jay, Great White

    The Advisors then bring out the MIS mascots for each HouFac, with Jay dwelling and swimming in the campus freewater lake. Reneza is done talking as she walks towards a nearby bench and decides to let the freshies mingle and talk to one another, as well as the advisors, even play with the mascots if they wanted. Reneza would hope they had better sense than to antagonize the mascots...or it'd be one sad day for the kids. Neza crosses her legs and looks at all the happiness and festive faces, that was her this exact time a year ago. No matter how aloof she presented herself her compassion felt joy for the students. She looked in the far half of the epicenter and eyed Allun talking to Alexandria, one of those megasenior Jaws. Probably about watching herself this year. She was a troublemaker, constantly into something bad during Neza's first year. Her demeanor was just...malevolent. Reneza never knew her personally, but she knew enough. Jaws don't talk to Blankies anyways. Let alone Seniors really hanging with Freshman at the time, especially seeing as how Alexandria was on her 5th plus year. If Reneza could take the META and do it all over again, she didn't know if she would. If you could be cruel to someone you don't even know just because of a House-Faction affiliation then was it really worth it? Neza begins to daydream...anything to take her away to bliss for a moment.
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  10. DallasDallas seemed to find himself in the right place, noticing immediately he had his normal almost-visceral reaction on the people around, the girl giving the tour was what caught his eye though. She seemed… different. Yeah, that’s it, she was a little depressed for some reason, it was written all over her in details few people would notice, that is except for Dallas, the guy who could tell you were having a bad day with as little as a single glance on most occasions. The girl must be annoyed she had tour duty, which was understandable, Dallas always hated doing shit like that.

    Reneza soon started talking and giving them all the not-so-rehearsed explanation of the tour and what not as she stood. When she spoke her name, however, and the boy’s next to her. Dallas’ ears perked, they were the two he was supposed to talk to. He would have asked about Atmos but it seemed that the tour group was becoming larger and larger, looking behind him he saw the crowd and tried to keep himself from groaning aloud. So, he decided to stay where he was and listen.

    He also learned about the uniforms being required a majority of the week and silently cursed to himself, drab Drab DRAB, FUCK. Why did schools have to have such boring ass uniforms, they even hugged their frames a little too close, just ew. At least his was red as hell, or so he deduced from observance of returning students with the recognizable stripes logo. Dallas also got directed by compass-type directions towards where he would be staying, looking over in its direction but being unable to quickly discern it, looking back to Reneza as she continued, explaining dorms, blankies, courses, and free time. He found himself snickering a bit at her response to the Jaws member that walked by.

    He sorta mentally checked out for the rest, he still internalized it but his mind was elsewhere for the moment. The sights and sounds were barraging him from all directions, constantly demanding his attention, since he was the type to get annoyed if he didn’t take in every single detail about the scenery. Dallas was sure that there was some sort of mental disorder that he had that caused his obsessive collection of scenic details, but he never did go get himself checked out for it. MIS was HUGE, there was shit everywhere, wonderful shit, and came packed with its hellishly cool police force for the students here.

    As they continued walking however, Dallas became increasingly aware that he was staying at the very head of the flock, along with a couple of other students. It was normal for Dallas to be fading into the background, but at the moment he was super-imposing himself on the school, in a way anyway. It felt… right, like he needed to make the statement “I am here, and all of you are going to be in my footsteps whether you like it or not.”

    By the time Dallas left his little analytical headspace he was standing before the Spire, watching it, looking at it. It was pretty cool, but as usual it was just some unimpressive building that would eventually become so normal to every student’s existence that it would no longer be that special in appearance. Jeez, what a negative way of looking at it. Reneza said something that captured his attention and the noise was soon evident in his ears. His head jerked up to stare at the source of the sound, a bright light that flung itself through the air and arced down towards the students, looking rather dangerous. However, this was a school, and whatever that was couldn’t possibly be dangerous, considering Reneza was ready for it. Therefore, the Stripe known as Dallas didn’t budge a single inch, just watching the thing with a sort of understanding smile until it hit, sending a wave of heat through the area, which honestly felt really good. (666th word)

    Dallas did look surprised when a woman replaced the fire. Now that was a hellishly good entrance. He looked toward the next phenomena of water, then that of air, then that of earth. Each figure that appeared gave him a jolt of adrenaline, and soon he found it hard to stay still he was getting so excited. He lifted up his right foot and repeatedly kicked at the ground with his right foot’s toe to release some of the energy. MIS got better and better the longer he was here. The news of the Turbine and what it did caused him to switch feet for a moment. Again, he mentally checked out as his mind went through all of the things he had just learned, and subliminally taking in the extra information Reneza was saying about school rules and whatnot. It all seemed so unreal, but at the same time like this was meant to be.

    Dallas shook his head to clear his thoughts for a second as the large mass began to break apart and meet the advisors and mascots, some of the new students breaking off into little groups they formed on the cruise, others with whoever was next to them. That didn’t really matter much to him, however, Reneza still tugged at the back of his mind, he needed to ask her about Atmos. He turned a small circle a few times before he spotted where she had headed off to, a bench off out of the way were she could observe and think at the same time. Before he knew it Dallas was walking towards her and promptly sat next to her on the bench, not really paying mind to the fact he was being an awkward little shit.

    “Reneza, right? Allun told me to seek you out over the Atmos Club? What exactly is that?” he asked, not looking at her but looking at the crowd, giving her just a small peripheral glance, expecting. “You didn’t really say anything about it.
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  11. Kim Jongdae


    Jongdae was late and he was mortified. He'd hoped that there was at least someone else that would be running behind as well, but when there was no line in front of the Head Advisor's office, he knew that was not going to be the case. "Good job. . ." he chided himself, shifting the weight of his backpack and dufflebag on his shoulders. "Good first impression, Jongdae, really." After fixing his hair, which had fallen messy over his face in his haste to scramble in on time, he stepped into Allun's office. Their meeting was fairly brief, and all they did was go over Jongdae's META results, which he was a little embarrassed to have messed up on question six, but otherwise was fairly satisfied with being sorted into the Falx HouFac.

    According to the freshman orientation packet that he'd sandwiched ontop of his META results, he was already late for the first orientation of the day. It was rough going trying to find the place, but eventually Jondae saw the signs pointing him in the right direction, and it was easy to find the large group of what had to be freshman. They all had the same bright-eyed look that Jongdae was sure he himself was wearing right now, and apparently he had picked a good time to stand at the back of the crowd because four other figures appeared in different, theatrical ways that had Jongdae's lips parting wide in a gummy smile. He tried hard to listen to the rest of orientation, blood thrumming under his skin excitedly at the mention of actually being able to acquire the kind of powers he'd just seen displayed.

    There had to be someone he could talk to to fill in all the blank of the orientation before he had arrived, but he got the gist of it. . . mostly. Or at least, most of this stuff should be in his orientation handbook anyway, because there was no way that everyone was going to remember everything this girl had just said. After strict rules of not using powers outside of the school, and with the knowledge that there was no curfew, everyone was free to break into groups or chatter amongst themselves until they were called to the Turbine.

    Being late to the orientation made Jongdae a little self-conscious, plus he normally hung out on the outskirts of groups anyway, but he was a bit startled to find that his bags had simply disappeared. "What the--" It was okay. . . they were probably waiting for him in his room - wherever that was. He fiddled with the paperwork in his hands, pulling the orientation booklet out and flipping through it to see where the Falx dormitories were. "Right. . . east, probably can't miss it," he mumbled again to himself.
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  12. Vaun

    Noticing the look Dallas gave him and the licking of his lips, Vaun raised a brow, looking comically confused. Was that kid flirting with him? Vaun grinned back at him and didn't read too much into it, turning his attention back to his conversation with Reneza.

    "You're kidding.....ugh what the frick he didn't tell me anything. Great, so now we're on Atmos duty too!? Skitsnack...well thanks then, yeah you can tag along. Did he say who?"

    Vaun shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “You know Allun, he can be kinda cryptic at times. I think he does it on purpose to piss people off.” He said with a slightly amused huff, leaning back against the tree while more students approached. Reneza was gonna be busy today. He found himself wondering how she felt about being given director duties for all the newbies. Then he wondered if however she was feeling, would be different if she wasn't a Blankie? He assumed the answer was yes. To find the answer, he just asked the same question of himself. Would he have a different attitude towards the new students if he had been placed in a HouFac? Sure he would, he would probably be more interested in meeting some of his fellow HouFac members and getting them acquainted with the school but the fact of the matter was, he was without a HouFac, just like Reneza, so it was a little difficult to be more interested. At least he and Reneza got along, she was like the only person there he could call a friend.

    Eventually more people showed up and Reneza introduced herself. When she introduced him as well, Vaun raised his hand and nodded to the group. 'Hey' He said again, and while his tone was slightly flat, it still came across as somehow welcoming. When Reneza stood and nodded to Vaun, he knew that meant she was getting ready to start the tour, so he nodded back and pushed himself off the tree he was leaning against. He stood beside her, his feet wide apart and his arms clasped behind his back in true military fashion, something unconsciously learned from his dad. He kept his head forward in a blank stare, his almond colored eyes focused and serious. He stood tall and slender, his uniform showing off just how trim his body was. He didn't have much bulk but clearly he had a well defined physique. He stood there, poised, while Reneza gave her speech, the blank expression never changing on his scruffy features.

    When Reneza explained where the dorms were located, one of the upperclassmen decided to give her a hard time about being a Blankie, it was the first time Vaun broke his stance since Reneza started speaking and he turned his head to look at the disrespectful member of Jaws.

    "What about The Blankies hehehe....why don't ya tell em where they sleep?"

    Vaun raised a dark brow before responding. “And why don't you keep moving eh?” The Junior shot a sideways glare at Vaun, then smirked before walking off. “Go ahead Reneza.” He said in the same deep but calm voice as before, turning his attention to her first then to the new students as she continued and gave a brief explanation about the Blankies. After she pointed out how her uniform had no HouFac affiliation, the other students would probably notice that his was blank as well. He wondered how many of the newbies would end up like that jerk from Jaws after they got settled into their HouFacs. Vaun picked up his skateboard and walked beside Reneza when they started the tour. He ignored the looks of disdain he and Reneza received as they walked through campus, he had pretty much gotten used to it after the first year. He also ignored the taunting he heard from the other random members from different HouFacs as they warned the freshman about Blankies, threatening to ruin their social standing at the school.

    Part of him wanted to tell the freshman to ignore the upperclassman but he couldn't deny that what they were saying was true. Everyone knew it was social suicide to become friends with a Blankie and it wasn't his place to tell the freshman to ruin their social lives by doing what he thought was the right thing. He would just have to let newbies make up their own minds.

    "Hey Vaun...seeing as how we got a free day of classes removed today because of this event, you maybe wanna train with me later, like we did the end of last year? I wanna learn how to stop a knife attack, and maybe take one if I have to. It's easy when I have a weapon but I get kind of nervous when I'm unarmed. I know I can do it, it's just nerves."

    Vaun nodded when Reneza asked about training. “Yeah that's cool. I think it's a good idea to know different ways of defending yourself. You never know when you might find yourself in a tight situation... maybe you might need to disarm someone with just your bare hands or take advantage of a small blade. One of the only pieces of good advice I got from me old man.” He said sounding somewhat disgusted. Eventually they met up with the four stars, each of them showcasing an impressive display of power. While all this flashiness was going on, Vaun displayed a similar blank expression as Reneza but if anyone looked carefully enough, his lips were curled into a light smile.

    It wasn't quite time to head to the turbine yet so the group had taken a break. Vaun watched as Reneza and Dallas took a seat at the bench. He watched as most of the freshman conversed among themselves or approached the Stars to talk about the astonishing use of power they had just witnessed. He also saw Alexandria, a Jaws, speaking with Allun. He didn't know the girl that well but he knew she had a reputation, he figured as long as he didn't piss her off though, he had no reason to get into an altercation with her. He wasn't quite sure what to do at this point, he wanted to just hop on his board and skate out of there but Allun was right there, so he probably should at least show some effort. “Uhh, did anyone here get an invitation to Atmos?” He asked in a deep voice, trying to speak over the collective chatter.

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  13. ValerieThe girl confirmed she was the one giving the tour and soon more people started trickling in. Many of them introduced themselves along with their assigned HouFac. Another guy walked in, sporting the same uniform as the girl; he didn’t even have a logo on his chest like everyone else.

    “Valerie Belanger, but you can call me Val. I’m in the Hounds!” she said brightly, not wanting to be left out.

    The girl then introduced herself as Reneza Locke and called the guy in uniform next to her as Vaun. Val’s eyes grew wide as she realized the two people she was looking for were right in front of her. She waved her hand up high to get their attention but the tour had already started and everyone had moved on. Reneza outlined the basics of the entire school, going over the school’s philosophy and perks found on campus. Valerie grew bored of the speech when the different stores were listed, but perked back up when Reneza mentioned she can still wear her casual clothes, even if it was only on the weekends. Thank goodness she didn't have to be stuck wearing the suits all the time.

    Her mind then wandered elsewhere, taking in the sight of the rest of the plaza. It really was huge and so busy. She then noticed the group began moving and she hurried to keep up. They were led to a really tall building which Reneza called the Spire. Valerie pulled out her cellphone and took another picture of it; she was going to try and copy this one onto her sketchbook later too. There was a commotion and suddenly there were four people, displaying an odd act with environment around them. A woman materialized from the fire, another rode a large wave of water, one man flew through the air and finally a portly man popped out of the ground. He beckoned her forward and placed a wad of dirt in her hand. Suddenly dozens of pretty roses sprouted from the wad in a myriad of colors, some she had never seen before. This one is also going in the sketchbook!

    It seemed like a very showy sort of entry. After watching them a little more closely, Valerie realized they were controlling their respective parts of the environment. Now that just blew her mind. People can actually do that? And she can learn how?! It seemed unreal though, as if something pulled from a TV show! But the proof of it was right there, right in front of her very eyes. Valerie felt as if everything she had ever known had been turned upside down.

    The man who controlled the ground introduced himself as Gustav and said he would be her house advisor. As he greeted her, he brought the two Hounds mascots with him and they were the two most adorable things ever. Gustav seemed very nice, asking her questions about herself one at a time and they were easy enough for her to give simple answers. Petting Hutch and Hunnie also seemed to make it less awkward talking about herself.

    Someone spoke, mentioning Atmos. Valerie turned to see it was the sophomore boy with no logo, Vaun. She then noticed Reneza sitting by herself at a bench away from everyone and was soon joined by another boy, Dallas, who would be placed in the Stripes.

    “Oooh! Me!" Valerie raised her hand. "Gustav, I’m going to go ask the tour leads about something.”

    Gustav nodded with a smile, letting her pet the two jackals before greeting other Hounds students. She walked straight up to Vaun, hands behind her back with a bright smile as she rocked back and forth on her heels.

    “So you’re Vaun Jollery, no?” she asked. “Head Advisor Allun didn't exactly give me an invitation. More like recommended I talk to you and Reneza about the Atmos club? What’s that?”
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  14. [​IMG]

    ♦Location: The Tour-The Outside Of The Spire-Near The Freewater Lake ♦Mood: Bored-Excited-Calm & Relaxed ♦Outfit: Purple Swag

    Bash stood there, waiting for the tour to start as more people started to show up. The only one he really noticed was a cute blonde girl that smiled at him... and she just so happened to be in the same HouFac as him, lucky day. He nodded her way, and turned to walk with the group to get the tour started finally. The whole time he just looked at Reneza and Vaun's lips, as he was playing music from his phone and he had his earbuds in. He looked around at the stores... they were pretty nice, but nothing he would actually wear was in the stores that he saw, hopefully there were more stores in the big place. Bash did hear over the music that they had the weekend off from classes and they could wear their own clothes, at least he didn't have to look like some robotic freak everyday. While the group was walking, Bash looked around at everyone and everything. Hopefully he wouldn't get into too much trouble, but knowing him... he would be called into the Main Office a couple of times a week.

    Bash looked up from his phone to notice that a member of The Jaws was smirking and saying something to Reneza, and whatever he said seemed to tick her off a bit. Bash smirked at that, not knowing what they said, but it had to be funny. He looked at the high level security that surrounded the beginning of The Spire, damn they were professional around here. While Bash was walking, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to look at a tall dude, taller than him. Bash took out his headphones. "Yeah?" He just looked at the man, who was obviously a Jaw, Bash didn't even have to see his logo to know that. The guy told him not to become close friends with Reneza and Vaun, because they were Blankies. Reneza and Vaun were Factionless to say the least, it was Social Suicide to even be seen walking with a Blankie. "Thanks for the Info." Bash shook the other guy's hand, before turning back to the Freshman Group. Bash would have to keep that in mind, he doesn't know anything about the different groups in the Institute, but if a fellow Jaw was already warning him about who he should and should not be around, he would take that in to consideration.

    Once they made it to the outside of The Spire, Bash had to crane his neck towards the sky, and he still didn't see the top of the massive building. "Fuck, how far does this thing go?" He wasn't asking anyone in particular. Bash was soo amazed by the size of the building, that he barely heard the next words Reneza said. "What is that..." He had on his Shades again, but the bright light was still irritating to his eyes. He moved back a bit, not knowing what was speeding towards them. He expected for something like a giant explosion of confetti or something like that to come skyrocketing down, he didn't expect to see a woman come out from the fire. "Wo!" He felt the heat hit him a bit, but ignored it. Than another sound started up, but it was from behind him. Bash turned around to see a lake full of water shoot up into the air... another woman was there, she was sitting on the water. "That's fucking cool!" He bit back a gasp, that's how excited he was to see someone do something like that. He watched as the lady surfed over to where the fire lady was, snapping her fingers as the water returned back to the lake.

    The other two entrances were great as well, but Bash thought the water lady was the best... and she was beautiful. He listened to Reneza speak about how each HouFac controlled a different element, and that all the Freshmen would learn to control that certain element just like the Advisors did. "Are you serious!? That's fucking awesome." Bash balled up his fist and shot it up into the air, as if he had just won the Super Bowl or something like that. Even though he is a big Jock, Bash loved and still loves superheroes and X-Men, he would be like one of them soon. Since he was a Shark, Bash knew that he would be learning to control water... which he was soo ready for. His Advisor's name was Zephora, he had never heard of a name like that, he liked it. To think that he was one point away from not having her as his Advisor, but having some giant dirtman teach him how to garden... lucky day for sure. Bash smirked at the way Reneza got irritated at the Freshmen who weren't listening to her.

    While everyone went off to do their own thing until they were to go to The Turbine, Bash went over to Jay, The Jaws Faction Mascot. He had never seen a shark up-close before, well in this Reality. "Hey... I guess you were the one that killed me in the video?" He smirked, as he stood near the edge of the lake. Bash bent down to be closer to the water and Jay. You would think that Bash would be scared to be this close to one of the world's most dangerous predators, but he wasn't. Jay seemed to like Bash, swimming closer to him... the shark even let Bash rub his fin head. Bash eventually sat near the edge of the lake, watching Jay swim around. "You have this whole lake to yourself... no one can take this from you, just like no one can take my strength from me. I can already tell that me and you will get along well." Bash smiled as he sat their with the first friend he has made at MIS so far.
    Interaction(s): Emilie, Jay The Great White
    Mentioned: Emilie, Reneza, Vaun, Jaws Advisor Zephora, Hounds Advisor Gustav, Jay The Great White

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  15. GM Post

    As A couple of Blankies lead the Freshmen to their new bounded fates, Head Advisor Allun speaks to one upperclassman in particular, Alexandria Hail, Senior+ Jaw. He bears his warm yet cold eyes into hers and explains to her that this was her year to actually become someone and not cling onto the ways of a high school girl that just wanted to be the star of a clique. He saw more in Alexandria, as he did when she was a Freshman with the only META results categorized under Chaotic Evil. He knew in that moment she wasn't truly, but she believed she was. 5 years later she was still causing trouble, all the while growing in her abilities.

    Allun: "I have to go now, but Ms. Hail...the choice is yours what you will be in this world. You wish to mosey about like a cool rebel hippie that's fine, just remember there are cool rebel hippes out there that didn't need this opportunity to do the exact same thing you're doing. Report to the cafeteria, get you some food, join your fellow students, hopefully I'll see you at the 'pep rally' we're having today to break The Freshmen in."

    Allun walks off, his back towards Alexandria now. As he walks towards The Turbine dome, he feigns a deep grin under his casual slight smile.


    Reneza started to mentally drift for just a brief moment. She looked forward to training with Vaun later. It was him and a couple of other Blankies that she really considered friends, the rest were just so secluded and secretive. She thought about Vaun's disgusted look when he mentioned his dad. She didn't know too much, but she did knew the way Vaun talked about him he was a dick. Times two. Squared. Reneza drifted her hands along the marble bench, feeling its composition and almost melding with its properties. Her senses snapped at the awareness of someone coming. She wasn't looking, but could just knew the presence was getting closer. She turned her head to see the Freshman she dubbed as confident approach and take a seat beside her, his eyes condensed to the wave of freshies mingling with school staff and mascots.

    Dallas: "“Reneza, right? Allun told me to seek you out over the Atmos Club? What exactly is that? You didn’t really say anything about it. "
    "Not supposed to. The Atmos Club isn't for everyone, and don't feel special, because even though he recommended you for it, you still might not be a fit."

    She responds while looking ahead. She exhales with irritation and brings her arm from the lining of the bench down to her lap.

    "It's basically an all-HouFac club designed on placing students into positions to represent the other students. Like how traditional schools have student council and body positions, we have the Atmos Club. But it's more than just presidents and treasurers, it's a program as well, to see how far you're willing to go past your limits. Not political, personal. Four representatives in each class of the HouFacs from Freshman to Senior, take that with four HouFacs that means 16 students make up the Atmos Comittee, now for everyone else in the club who isn't on the committee will just be honorary members, which is a glorified way of saying better luck next year. My guess is he wants you to audition for Freshman Stripes representative."

    Before Dallas could respond Reneza continued abruptly.

    "And no, Blankies have no reps. Basically you do a trial of tests and things to see if you can make representative. The representatives have power to take requests/needs of the students to The Star, who will then take it to The Provosts. They are the ONLY students other than staff or Blankies to have access to The Spire above the 1st floor. You can see how rare the opportunity is. But, like I said....it isn't for everyone."

    While Dallas responded Reneza locked eyes on a small freshie, and in the three seconds she looked and anaylzed him she deduced he was either late or lost. Seemingly ignoring Dallas, despite hearing everything he was saying, Neza rises from the bench and walks away, going towards the boy looking through his freshman orientation book. She chuckled on the inside, taking her back mentally to herself last year, doing the exact same thing, only but for being early instead of late. She took his META results right out of his hands and seen his name. Kim Jongdae. She onced over his results and handed them back casually, he had the demeanor of a Falx alright.

    "You must've missed the introduction. I'm Reneza Locke, director of campus tours for today. You should go mingle, there'll be time for the boring reading stuff later. You're in for a full extravaganza today. South Korea huh? Naneun meosjin nyeon dangsin-i wonhaneun..."

    Reneza nods her head after wishing the young Freshman a wonderful year. She didn't know why she decided to talk to him, maybe a part of her wanted to open up not for the sake of being a guide, but maybe she needed to believe she could have a heart for people in HouFac's again. The freshies just got here, it's not like they were the ones that semi-bullied her last year. So many times Reneza could have just ended it all...but it was her will and restraint that saved her integrity of life. Looked back at Dallas to see what Mr. Confident was up to, until a familiar voice pierced her ears. It was the campus reporter, Derek from California over in the States. He was a junior now, but last year he gained his reputation for his large conspiracy on MIS. To be honest his reporting was exceptional work. Pollution, how these powers of the students can be used to help the world without ever using them outside of campus, his report on The Sharks' project to find Atlantis was really fascinating, but this conspiracy...it was something else altogether. Poison and propaganda towards his own fellow students. Reneza's eyes went full with Bengal fire. She had to stop him from spreading his unhealthy theories to Freshman who just arrived and only wanted to enjoy today, not hear crazy banterings.

    "Excuse me...."

    She leaves the Freshmen as she approaches Derek, shouting loud and trying to hand out his paper, The Mercury Tribune to freshies.

    Derek: "EXTRA EXTRA, be aware Freshmen! Open your eyes as you grow into adulthood! Take heed of The Spiders!!!"
    "What. The Heck. You're not pulling this mischief again, this is NOT the place nor time! I'm director here and I won't allow it. Leave Derek."
    Derek: "Freedom of Speech and Press Blankie, all you have to do is just admit I'm at least onto something with this..."
    "NO. You aren't.... don't you think if there were some hidden 'Spiders' the Blankies would know seeing as how we have access to The Spire?"
    Derek: "Only until the 50th floor! Why not the other 50!? What does The Star and Provosts need with 50 floors all to themselves?? Why has NO ONE ever seen The Provosts? Okay now think about this....on the META, on the last simulation--"
    "Just stop, Derek. They are some calculated points, but really...do you want to be that one kid no one respects because he's trying to turn the great leaders of the institution into some malevolent secret sinister figures just for attention? They pay for our EVERYTHING, and that isn't enough for you? They LET you print all these reports about this conspiracy nonsense yet they don't ban you, nor stop you. They let you exercise your rights. Yes, sounds like they have a secret plan up their sleeves alright..."

    Derek says nothing, but instead takes his was of articles and leaves The Spire courtyard where everyone is, making his was around other areas of campus to hand them out to upperclassmen probably. Reneza shakes her head and rolls her eyes. She was tired of the same old step. If it wasn't telling HouFacs off then it was telling Derek off, if not him then it was constantly being told by Allun what to do and those god awful Merge Day classes of being stared at like some rodent. But she learned to adapt. She knew everyone was different. She felt like she was a completely different person from the girl that grew up the past 18 years. She wanted to show her compassion on the outside, and had she joined a HouFac no doubt she'd be the most keen, generous, outgoing individual at MIS. But she went through loads more than what everyone else had to. Most Blankies did. She watches the Junior depart as the sound of a very large, but serene horn sounded. The mascots all retreat back inside The Spire save Jay, who simply went deep into the lake. The Advisors all smiled and eyed Reneza.

    "It's time...."

    She didn't even say it out loud. She sort of whispered it to herself. She just started walking down the smooth stone path, away from The Spire. She knew this was going to be the game changer for the freshies. Forever. No turning back. She eyes the large dome ahead that held the tradition that would give them their newfound gift and abilities. She watched it menacingly, but also regretfully. As she thought about it....maybe being a Blankie has given her a sort of freedom from the constraints of the other HouFacs. Not to be shallow, nor superficial. She enters the down where Allun was already waiting and smiling. She nods at him as she looks at the double doors, automatically opening as the freshies start to pour in. They take marvel at the place where it'd all become law. The Turbine. The students pout in as she eyes them again, prepping another impromtu speech.

    "This is where it changes for you. This is where you take what defines you, and you shape it into what you'll define. I hope you're ready. As each of you pass through the Turbine, you will feel the fire of your heart, the flow of your emotions, the wind of your life, and the gravity of your soul. The Turbine will release the color energy of the element you proclaim from your HouFac, and then move to the right to Head Advisor Allun who will administer you your made uniforms. Annnd I'm done, no more talking. Step forward."

    One by one she watched as the freshies stepped forward. A tall freshie entered first, long sleek hair and his arm was filled with tattoos. He reluctantly but readily approached the Turbine, placing his hand on its wonder and mystery, the whirring sound of its power scaring him but instantly jolting a golden energy into him from the top down. The inside of his skin flashes gold for a moment, as his fear subsides and his face is replaced from shock to zest. He balls his fists and wiggles his fingers, as Allun tosses him his gray and gold uniform with the Jackals logo and his name in gold. Reneza congratulates him and the freshies after him one by one as they are commissioned into MIS. So does Allun.

    Allun: "Welcome, great things are on the horizon. For you. For all of you..."

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  16. Dallas
    Dallas was kinda hurt when Reneza’s reaction was just as nonchalant as his normal demeanor. He was used to unnerving people, but he guessed if one was an outcast themselves, unnerving people weren’t uncommon. His ego found itself caving in just a tad bit further when she told him not to feel special. That surely wasn’t a nice thing to tell someone who never fit in where he was told to. Comes naturally to you when you’re very being is resistant to predestination from another. So as rebellion would go, he was going to feel like the most special goddamn asshole in this place. To be even more amazing, he was going to get that spot in the Atmos committee.

    Dallas would turn to look at Reneza, who was pulling his “stare off in another direction and still listen” move, which honestly earned her some respect from the flaming Bengal boy. “My dear Reneza, I’m not everyone. “ He said, looking back towards all the freshmen like himself, smirking. Past my personal limits huh? How far past my limits can I go when I haven’t even set them for myself? I guess it’s time to adopt the philosophy of one Buzz Lightyear.

    Reneza left Dallas sitting there and he just kinda smiled to himself. While every other freshman seemed overexcited and bustled about, Dallas was able to contain the boundless excitement and energy behind him. Sure he might be doing somersaults in his heart, but his only tell of happiness was as usually simply just a smile in his eyes and a smirk that some saw infuriating.

    Just a little bit longer and he’d find himself with power over fire, and ability to do things he never thought he’d ever be able to do, though it was rather nice to have some old childhood dream of power and grandeur come true if even at some silly college that invited him solely on his aptitude. All of the students here were invited based upon their aptitude, but few had the aptitude for Atmos is seemed, and even fewer had aptitude to get that position as representative of a house. Dallas fancied himself no better than anyone, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t think of himself as different. To some people, the illusion of being better than another was the fastest way to being seen as different. Such a position would definitely set himself apart, and with the integrity and influence from his position, he could stake his claim as the one whom nobody was akin to. Every snowflake was special, but some are definitely more beautiful, and though he’d fade into history with every other snowflake, the knowledge he was set apart would make his eventual death so much more acceptable.

    “Bring it on.”

    Dallas’ head snapped to the side when he saw Reneza moving away from the Spire, knowing that meant it was time to see this turbine. Hopping up he filed into rank with the rest of the freshies that began to follow Reneza. He made his way gently to the front, sliding between bodies and maneuvering, contorting his form to get through the crowd with such ease it was obvious he had a background in dancing, even if it was as an amateur. Right before he reached the front, however, some nearly brainless slab of meat threw out an arm and connected with Dallas’ diaphragm, knocking the wind out of him and sending him coughing for a few moments as he stumbled continually forward through the crowd, catching his breath and looking up to see the arm firmly in front of his path as they kept walking.

    Dallas looked up to the owner of the arm with an anger in his eyes as the nameless piece of trash, some tall buzzcut blondie with an obvious attitude problem. “Wait your turn, kid. We’re all gonna get to have our turn.” The guy said. Dallas, slightly infuriated, kept a cool expression on his face despite a twitch in his eyebrow. Effortlessly, he pivoted his feet and glided under the guys arm before firmly acknowledging the guy with a glare of firey passion.

    “Back off.” Commanded Dallas, his voice rather unpleasant yet controlled, and very stout in his confidence. “I don’t care if we’re all getting powers or not, I won’t slow my ascent, asshat.” He said, gaining a teasing, caustic tone to his voice. “Now if you excuse me, I’m next.” He said matter of factly, quietly turning around and skipping a few steps forward to watching the first guy getting thrown his Jackal uniform, and following suit up to the turbine before anyone could wonder who was going next.

    Dallas’s sure steps quivered the closer he got to the turbine. He was confident, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t eaten alive with anxiety and ignorance of the future at this moment. Constitutions can sway without confidence doing the same. He reached out his hand toward the turbine and touched its surface, warm and powerful. Energy coursed through Dallas in that moment, empowering his confidence and steadying his step again. Welp… that was anti-climactic.

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  17. [​IMG]

    ♦Location: The Freewater Lake-The Spire-The Turbine ♦Mood: Nervous & Excited-Powerful ♦Outfit: Purple Swag

    Bash was having a great time with Jay. Who would have taught he would be soo calm around a shark. He never thought anything that has happened here was something that could actually happen... but it did. He turned around to hear Reneza talking to some guy. He seemed like the type who would bomb MIS just to prove a point... what a psycho. Bash was glad when Reneza shut him down, if the guy would have talked to him... it wouldn't have ended good. He smirked, turning back to the water... just to see Jay swim away from him. "Hey..." Bash turned towards The Spire... seeing the doors open up. "Guess it's time... see you later Jay." Bash ran towards the doors, not caring who was next to him or not... who would really try to push HIM out the way?

    Bash made it just in time to see the first Freshman get his powers... his skin had glowed gold for a few seconds, which made Bash cock his head to the side out of shock and excitement. He had never seen anything like that, but a lot of things that happened here he had never seen before. As Bash got closer to his turn to get his powers, he got even more nervous. What if something went wrong? What if his body couldn't handle the power... what if his body drowned from the inside out? Could that even happen... he shook his head, deciding to stop thinking about the negative and just hoping for the positive.

    He looked at everyone around him, they all were staring at him. "What?" Some of the Freshmen pointed to the Turbine, it was his turn. "Okay..." Bash isn't a punk, but this was intense. In a few seconds he would have powers that he would have never dreamed of having, what would he do with them? Would he go by the rules of MIS, or what he make his own rules? He didn't know what he was going to do, but he approached the beautiful spiral beast. "Here goes everything." He placed his hands on the Turbine. At first he felt nothing, but than he felt a strong and cool energy flow into him. He could see the skin of his arms turn an ocean blue before going back to his normal skin color. He could fill the coldness of the waves now in his body... the way the water moved around in his body... now he could control water. "Wo!" He felt powerful, he walked off towards Allun.

    Bash had a bright smile of his face, and not his usual flirtatious cocky one, this was a genuine happy smile. He took his uniform, it had The Jaws Logo and his name was up there as well. "The uniform is so far the worst part of this, just so you know." He sighed and threw the uniform over his shoulder, going over to where the new powerful Freshies were situated. He was too hyped right now, he wanted to try out his powers like now. He knew that he would probably get in trouble if he tried them without permission, so he would wait until the Advisors gave the okay.

    Interaction(s): Jay The Great White, The Turbine, Head Advisor Allun
    Mentioned: Jay The Great White, Reneza, Derek, The Turbine, Head Advisor Allun

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  18. Vaun

    "Oooh! Me!" Valerie raised her hand. "Gustav, I’m going to go ask the tour leads about something."

    Gustav nodded with a smile, letting her pet the two jackals before greeting other Hounds students. She walked straight up to Vaun, hands behind her back with a bright smile as she rocked back and forth on her heels.
    Just when Vaun thought he was in the clear, a bubbly young girl popped up infront of him, identifying him by his full name and confirming that she was one of the two new students that Allun reccomended to Atmos.

    "So you’re Vaun Jollery, no?" she asked. "Head Advisor Allun didn't exactly give me an invitation. More like recommended I talk to you and Reneza about the Atmos club? What’s that?"

    He was much taller than she was and looked down at her with dark almond colored eyes, his gruff features calm yet somehow appealing. He recognized the girl from earlier, from when Reneza was giving her speech. He remembered that she was trying to get their attention. It wasn't until now that he realized it had something to do with the Atmos club. "Oh, so you're one of the students Allun reccomended for Atmos eh?" He asked in a flat even tone. He scratched his messy head as looked down at her, looking unsure of what to say. "Well, uhh... To be perfectly honest, I don't know much about it but I'll fill ya in on what I do know." He began in a slight british accent.

    "Basically you were invited to join because something stood out in your test results, nothin bad you see, but the faculty here wants to know if they can get you to demonstrate even more potential than what they've already seen in you. Atmos is a club made up of the different HouFacs. I guess the simplest way to think of it, is like a student council. But different..." He scratched his head again, hoping he wasn't confusing the girl even more. "I guess you'll just have to sign up and find out for yourself eh?" He looked her over for a moment. "You haven't been through the turbine yet but you have the makings of a hound if you ask me. So you might wanna think about trying out for Hound representative of the freshman class. Goodluck." He said with an amicable grin.

    Moments later, Vaun overheard some sort of comotion between Reneza and Derek. Allun had warned him about Derek and to try and shut down whatever conspirasy theories he had been spouting, however it looked like Reneza was already on top of it. With a little cajoling, she was able to get him to leave and without causing a scene. Afterwards, it was time to get the freshman to the turbine, which meant the tour was coming to an end, much to Vaun's gratitude. However, he was looking forward to the pep rally afterwards, at least that would be exciting. He walked with the freshman when Reneza gathered them to go through the turbine and he approached her, watching as a handful of students entered. He made a game of it, standing there beside like he did before, calmly, with his hands behind his back, feet slightly apart but somehow more relaxed.

    He watched as the kid who seemed to flirt with him before got ready to go through the turbine and Vaun surmised he would be a stripe. The red glow the boy emitted proved he was correct. Then there was a rather strong looking jock type who Vaun assumed would end up a jaws. Looking at the brief blue glow the boy gave off after exiting the turbine gave confirmation to Vaun's suspicions about him as well. He looked over to Reneza as the students filtered through the turbine. "So I see Derek's up to his old antics again? Somethin about that kid spells trouble to me..." He said while looking off into the direction Derek had vanished into.
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  19. Alexandria Hail
    Alex listened to Allun and rolled her eye's. She hadn't caused trouble and yet he was lecturing that she should do something with herself this year. Hadn't she been doing something with herself. She was at the school. She just nods her head and makes her way to the food court. She wasn't hungry she had just eaten. So she veered for the tour group. She decided she follow them and drop in on Reneza. The Blankie had got the job over her and she had been here for years. She walked behind the group listing in as she did. She spotted some of her friends an nods them over. She said hi and asked them to follow with her. She would listen a bit then head for the pool.

    Alex smiled as she saw a puddle. She used her magic to turn it to ice just for fun. She wanted to see who was a jaws the jaws wouldn't slip. The others would, she snickered to her friends and nods for them to follow. They walked a way a bit to watch the group. She shook her head as some seemed to slip on the ice." Come on let go for a swim." She said. She made her way and went to jump in the pool. She stayed under the water as she breathed in like she would on land. She swam slowly to the surface and sighed as she had missed the pool and breathing under water.
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  20. Reneza

    Reneza silently watched as the students filled through The Turbine one by one, as they get sifted into their House-Factions. Neza was internally amazed and yet envious. The secrets of her nature having only to be kept to herself and her alone, while everyone else fellowshipped in good tidings and unified cause. Reneza watches them and smiles mildly one by one. Vaun steps up behind her, his arms still kempt behind his frame and his whisper impeding my hearing. About Derek. She side eyes him and responds in a low tone as well.

    "Derek is harmless....just relentless. I've been trying to warn him but he just doesn't get it. If he keeps it up, we may have-- "

    Reneza stops her speech as she hears the faint cackling somewhere. Very faint, easily swept over to the untrained ear. She looked around and followed the sound down to the ground, as the solidifying of a random mysterious puddle begin to harden. Jaws. They were somewhere and they were causing mischeif. Before Neza could say anything, she watched as the sifted freshies walked past Allun and slipped down on the ice, with the freshies ooing and chuckling. Allun looks back alarmed as he helps them up and stops for a moment to analyze. Hopefully a new Bengal would melt it, while in the meantime a discerned Head advisor looked at Vaun and Reneza and mouth a name: 'Alexandria'. Reneza clenched down on her jaws, feigning a mild turmoil. Allun paused for a minute before speaking to the Freshmen.

    Allun: "Disregard the intrusion students...we still have some grown peopel who enjoy acting like kids....be a shame if they themselves were to be embarrassed around the time of the pep rally we're having for you Freshmen."

    Allun then stares at Reneza, a small smile and eyes of intention. Reneza scrunches in her apparent smile, becoming washed with content. She knew what that meant, as did Vaun, as did Allun. The Freshmen were almost wrapping up the sifting of The Turbine, and a new dawn was approaching. After this, it was back to the world, the new world for the freshies, but the same, ever-changing and evolving world for everyone else. This was more than just education, it was evolution.

    Reneza felt a small surge of excitement at the chance of getting to do more. She still didn't understand why she was chosen to lead the freshies, maybe because she was so anti-social, that with the fact that she was that target of social death anyways. Allun was a heartfelt and very empathic man, but many oft mistook that for weakness or lenience. Reneza has seen what Allun is capable of, his wit and cleverness a bit scary to her even. It was almost time for MIS to officially kick off yet another year. And then Reneza would become a shadow once more. But the shadows was where she'd embraced now, in fact, it was where she took solace.

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