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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, May 17, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    [size=+1]If you could properly care for and provide the necessities for the animal and were legally allowed to do so, which animal would you choose to have as a pet and why? How do you think you would feel about this pet after a month of owning it?
  2. CHOICE: Penguin (because they so cool)

    AFTER A MONTH: We would be nigaah pals. Ok? And by that I mean, we would go aroud the street biting people and stealing fishes from the market. = w=
  3. *Hits Doxa with tha NIGGAH STICK* D:< Spelling weird doesn't mean I won't catch it!

    Also, as much as I love all animals, I would not keep wild animals as pets. O__O They should be wild and freeeeee!

    However, I would loooove a CAT FARM. Yes. A farm full of cats. I would make sure they were all adopted strays and that they are spayed and neutered, but it would be a giant farm of cats. O__O Cats everywhere.
  4. PHOEN--damn, wait...

  5. -Is hit by the wrath of Diany- Owww!

    Fine, I will spell correctly. I was trying to practice my 'ghetto' dialect.
  6. This majestic beast (open)


    More seriously: a panda bear. Of course. After a month? We'll probably be the most adorable, universe-ruling duo to have ever Sith'd. All the bamboos the panda can eat, all the people I could ever turn to loyal subjects... Yesssss...
  7. A jackalope. :>
    They do exist.

    After a month, I would probably be stranded somewhere in a swamp.
  8. Fennec Fox. Once I get a nice job and my own place, I'm filing for a license to be able to get one. I've made some contacts already.

    After a month?.... Hmmmm, I believe I'll have gotten routines down for taking care of the scamp.