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  1. Because @Grumpy HAD to say it.


    It's raining men!

    1 should grumpy ban me for making this thread?
  2. 1) Whether he should or not is debatable, but I'll be sorely disappointed if he doesn't follow through on his promise...
  3. *Sound of ovaries exploding*

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  4. Used to work with a girl who had ovarian cysts. If you put your ear to her stomach while she bent over. You could hear them pop.
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  5. What are men?
  6. @Blind Hemingway

    Rory stop. You are making me want to say dirty things to you and that's weird.
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  7. My ovaries are still intact. I wonder why. I guess buff strippers don't do anything for me.
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  8. And I'm still not banned.



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  9. I want to hear more from this guy.
  10. is this is because your prefer your men handcuffed to your bed?
  11. Actually, yes.
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  12. To quote @Asmodeus

    I want to hear more from this guy.
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  13. /hands Raz a list of like a hundred questions so she can live this fantasy:

  14. But he's Batman, he's not allowed to have fun.
  15. She had a killer rack and a small body. Her sister was completely hideous while she was borderline goddess. It was heart breaking to hear her whining in the back of the Subway where she worked complaining about ovarian cysts.

    Know that sound someone's stomach makes when it growls? It was like that but over and over and over when she bent over. It's like popping a zit, it's so disgusting but you can't stop it.
  16. Ugly sister poisoned her.
  17. You're a writer. Use your imagination. :wink: