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  1. TAADAA!
  2. Rin smiled as he neared the entrance of the school. He was extremely early and stood just outside of the gates. The sun was just coming out and the dawn revealed a beautiful scene. Dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, Rin walked through the gates towards the office. He knew that no one would be there for at least another hour, so he found a nice place to sit and relaxed. With a small duffle bag and his trombone case, Rin reclined on a bench in the open area. The smell of dew was prevalent in the air and made him smile.

    It was the first day of the second semester. Already the students were preparing for the concours. Rin was way behind in terms of his practicing. Either way, he had a lot of catching up. It was already the end of the day. Like usual, the first day at a new school tired him out. The only thing that helped him relax was knowing that he was here to stay for once. The school had already given him a room in their new dorms and he had unpacked. Since the dorms were brand new, there weren't many people living there and they all had to share a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The upside of living there was the private practicing rooms. But even those were filled to capacity.

    Rin sighed heavily as he shouldered his trombone. Part of him envied those with smaller, lighter instruments. Yes, he was a strong guy, but he didn't love that he had to lug the instrument around ever where. Despite this, he'd never leave it unattended. The instrument was something that he'd never let out of his sight. He was excited that the school had accepted him. They are known as a 'strings school' and produced several world famous violins and cellists. The idea that such a school accepted an unknown trombone like him made his heart jump.

    As he headed out to find a place to practice, Rin stopped suddenly hearing a familiar melody in the air. It resonated and sang like a songbird. Rin closed his eyes as he listened silently. There was something magical about the sound, the intonation, the emotion. As he listened his feet began to carry him closer to the sound. His hands trembled slightly as he tightened his grip on the strap of his case. His heart began to beat faster and faster as he got closer. Getting to a clearing, Rin found the source of the sound...a young girl and a violin.
  3. Lindsey spent her day like any other running between the gen Ed and music departments. Now that it was late she found her self rushing to get some practice in. She didn't live here at the dorms but her parents did pay for a room when she practiced late. Maybe she would get stuck here again tonight.

    After she finished the melody she had been playing. She let her arms drop though rather lazily her movements were still graceful as if she were on stage. A small sigh left her lips before her eyes opened. Her vision opened to a boy standing in front of her. He had a rather stunned look on his face. "Hey, you know listening without consent of the musician is kinda rude." She laughed lightly before kneeling down and opening her violin case.

    Gently she put her instrument away. Her long black hair fell in gentle curls behind her back. A stack contrast to her white uniform. "You the transfer student right?"!she asked without looking up. Her light brown eyes looking gently at her instrument one last time before closing it up. She stood up and walked twords the boy. "I'm going to head back to the dorms would you like to join me?"
  4. Rin smiled as he replied, "Well, you're not in a practice room. So if you'd like treat me as if I were a bird." He wondered who she was and how she knew him. Well, he guessed that most of the music department knew about him since he was transferring into their classes... Aside from that thought Rin replied, "Yeah, sorry about barging in. Rin Ota, first year, trombone." He didn't think he needed to say much else as he watched the girl pack up. Her hair reminded him of someone he knew. They also had long black hair, but instead of curls it was usually in a pony-tail. Looking around, Rin wondered if it was really getting that late. He wanted to get some practice in for the day, but as he glanced up at the sky he realized that the window of opportunity had passed.

    As the girl drew nearer, he noticed that she was rather tall. He didn't really care that much, but it made him smile to know that he wasn't craning his head to meet her eyes. The cool evening breeze blew gently over his skin as the leaves rustled slightly. Breathing in the fresh air, Rin replied, "Sure. Are you dorming as well?" He was excited to meet someone on the first day. Although he'd met most of the people in his classes, none really talked to him. Yes, he wasn't shy, but he liked to get the feel of a place before trying to make friends. At the moment, the academy was still rather foreign for him.

    By her uniform, Rin deduced that she was a music student. By her sound, he deduced that she was good. Her tone quality as well as her ease with the instrument made him smile. She seemed very in tune with her instrument, but also herself. Rin reflected slightly on his own musical abilities. He didn't think he was that good, or at least someone who deserves a place in the academy. Nevertheless, Rin was excited about the new experience. Adjusting the shoulder strap, Rin prepared himself for the walk back to the dorms.
  5. "Ah, well I have a form room her for when I lose track of time it an hour ride back to my home so it's a pain when I get in late." She smiled at him her eyes naturally closing with enjoyment. "There's not many tronbone players here." She simply stated as she began to walk back to the dorms pausing for him to catch up to her and fallow.

    As they walked she remained quiet at first. Until about half way. "My names Lindsey by the way. If you ever need any help just let me know I'm normally on the Gen Ed side during school breaks." She stopped to hold out her hand to him and to get a good look at the mysterious transfer student. His black hair wad a stark contrast to his hazel eyes but they looked good together some how. "I hope we can be good friends. Though we may not have any classes together I'm a second year." This boy seemed like someone she could get along with more down to earth like the gen Ed students. Not snobby like music student, though she did get along with the music students it was only because of her talents if she was bad at the violin none of them would have talked to her.
  6. Rin smiled as he took her hand and replied, "The pleasure's all mine. Don't worry, I'll be sure to have many questions for you later." He enjoyed the girl's company. She was rather friendly. He had a feeling that they'd get along well. Adjusting his shoulders slightly to stretch, Rin thought to himself, what if I'm all alone here as well. Like she said there aren't many trombones...she probably means, there aren't many wind players. This was a strings specialty school. But this was the only school that gave me full tuition. It's the only place that would allow me to stay on campus. It's the only school that wouldn't throw me away at the flip of a hat. The thoughts clouded his mind and he nearly forgot that he was walking alongside Lindsey. The silver bracelet that hung loosely on his right wrist rubbed against his skin, bringing him back to reality.

    As he walked back to the dorms, he asked, "Are you going to say tonight?" He didn't know anyone in the dorms and didn't like sleeping in an empty building. Although he knew that there were people in the building, he liked knowing someone inside. With a warm smile, Rin looked up at the sky. A dim orange filled the once blue horizon. He loved dusk and dawn. There was a peaceful serenity about it.
  7. Lindsey watched him as his eyes seemed to fade into his mind. She almost reached out to pull him back but stopped when she relized he was coming back. Why did she want to help him all of a sudden he's a complete stranger. She shook her head and looked forward again.

    "Yes, I'm staying here tonight. So, if you need anything I'm in room 38." She smiled at him. As they approched the dorms doors. The girls where on one side the boys where on the other. They had lax rules out side in the commen rooms and halls but they couldn't have the opposite sex in the rooms with the doors closed. It was fine most people here were more into music then relationships.

    "It's good to meet you if you want in the morning we can meet up and I'll show you around some more." She held her hand out to him. A kind smile on her face.
  8. Rin relaxed as he replied, "Sounds good." With that he looked up at the dorms and walked into the building. It wasn't that big compared to the school itself, which calmed Rin a bit. He didn't like large unfamiliar buildings where he had to find things. Before he entered the dorms, Rin said, "Oh, I'm room number 41." He was on the top floor in the room on the far corner. For some reason they put him in a rather secluded part of the dorm building. Maybe it was so he could practice. Wind instruments, specifically brass, were rather loud compared to their string counter parts. As he watched Lindsey disappear into the building, he followed silently with his trombone resting securely on his hip.

    Heading to the top floor, Rin watched as some other students walked past him. They weren't dressed in their uniforms, but rather in casual clothes. This made Rin want to hurry up and change. Although he liked the uniforms, they were a bit constricting after a while. Rin got to his room and realized how quiet it was. Most of the other students were at least one floor below. After changing, Rin decided to take out his trombone. It was a simple f-attachment professional horn, yet it was beautiful to Rin. Putting in his practice mute, Rin began to warm up. After about 10 minutes of warm ups, he pulled out his solo piece. It was an old one that he practically knew by heart, Morceau Symphonique. This was also one of his favorite pieces. It was sad and slow, but resolved to form a wonderful picture in his mind.

    Rin played in the back corner of the dorm building. Unless you were in the room next door or right behind his door, one wouldn't be able to hear the song. Rin finished and was unsatisfied with the song. The sound was off, distorted by the mute, but he couldn't take it out without the entire building hearing him. Sighing heavily, Rin wondered if he should try to find another place to practice. Looking at the horn intently, Rin decided to suck it up and just continue on as is.
  9. Lindsey didn't practice anymore for the night instead she washed up for bed changing into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt before playing on her computer for the night.

    The next morning Lindsey got up early and changed into some work out cloths and walked out her door. As she got to the common room she found her self looking towards the boys rooms. Maybe she should ask him if he wants to come? She paused for a second before heading to room 41. He was way off by him self and she felt a bit bad for him. When she made it to the door she knocked softly three times on the door and waited.
  10. Rin spent another hour or so practicing before putting his trombone away. The night was rough. He couldn't sleep. His mind continued to race. He slept for all of 3 hours. It was early in the morning and no one was awake yet. The sun wasn't even visible on the horizon. Knowing that he should get more sleep, Rin closed his eyes...but the silence drove him mad. Rin got up and picked up his trombone. He headed out of the dorms and found a secluded space away from the school. Since the school was so big, Rin felt that even if he took the mute out, he'd be fine. There was enough to mute the sound so that he could be alone with his instrument. Rin played without warming up. He just began to play. The songs he played were sad and melodious. Nevertheless, they filled the silence.

    By the time Lindsey had woken up and went to Rin's door, he was long gone. After he finished playing, Rin put his trombone away and began to doze off under a tree. He liked sleeping in the day time because there was light. He hated nighttime; it was too quiet, too lonely. As he slept under the tree the rest of the academy started to wake up.

    Rin left his door open. As Lindsey knocked the door creaked slightly. It opened slowly to reveal a rather plain room. There were no personal bed sheets, no posters on the walls, nothing really. In the corner was a pile of sheet music and his small duffel. The only thing that brought color to the room was a small picture frame. It held a picture of Rin and his mother from when he was 6. The two were smiling under a Cherry Blossom tree.
  11. Lindsey noticed a picture of him as a child and an older women. After realizing he was there she shrugged and walked out maybe she would just leave it alone now.

    She started her jogged around the school like she always did her head phones in she blocked out the rest of the world. Something caught her eye though under a tree was a very familiar face. She laughed to her self before running up to him. She crouched down in front of him her long ponytail A mess from the jog. "Hey, don't sleep out here crazy." She shook his shoulder gently trying to wake him up.
  12. Rin woke slightly as Lindsey shook him. He wasn't sure what was happening. Smiling with soft eyes, "Oh, what's up?" His voice was soft as he moved around slightly to sit up. "What are you doing here?" he asked as he woke up more. Rin was rather happy sleeping there. Unlike his dorm it wasn't so lonely and he was surrounded by grass and trees. Moving his trombone slightly, Rin looked at Lindsey waiting for her response. She looked a bit frazzled. Her hair was in a messy pony-tail and her face glistened from a thin layer of sweat. By the looks of it, she was running. He wondered how she found him. He wasn't in an open place that people passed by often.
  13. "You, on my secret running path. Actually I just parky spotted something. Maybe it was your hand I don't know. So I walked over to see what it was." She pointed to a path up on a hill a bit away. It was a good distance and the trees where in the way. "eh, maybe it was just fate." She smiled her head tilted and her eyes closed with a small laugh. "but for get about that what are you doing sleeping out here? That's what your dorm rooms are for." She stood up hding a hand out to him to help him up.
  14. Rin stood up and stretched with his arm over his head. "I don't like the dorm room," he replied as he picked up his trombone case. It was a beautiful day; a waste to sleep it all away. Rin thought to himself as he looked back towards the school. "I don't have class until a little later," he stated to himself before turning to Lindsey. "Sorry to interrupt your run. I'll be heading back now," he said.
  15. "How about I walk back with you and you can tell me why you don't like the dorm room?" She smiled linking arms with him playfully. "Is it just the dorms becuse you know they do have a different program for boarding students. You still get to keep your dorm here for when you need to use it but you can be selected by host families to live with you know. Some simply use it because they miss their on homes staying a few night out of the week here and spending the weekends with their host families. It's just requires decent grades a an application. Some of the music families in the program are rather picky about who they take in. It's rather stupid. Gen Ed families don't normally take students due to the lack of practice rooms. You should apply." Lindsey found her self chatting away without thinking. "ah, it must be lonely huh? Changing schools living alone." She put her hand thinking of something. "Here" she fishes out her phone and holds it out to him. "Let's exchange numbers. If you get Linley you can text me." She smiled at him.
  16. Rin walked back to the school listening to Lindsey. She kind of blabbed a bit, but he didn't mind. She was giving good information that might be useful later on. As he walked back, Rin thought about the dorms and why he didn't like them. When she finally stopped talking, Rin decided to reply, "I just don't like the silence." It was the truth, just not the entire truth. "I'll think about the host family thing. Oh, my number..." Rin pulled out an old flip-phone as he recited, "804-523-6651. Sorry it's a new number." Every time he moved, Rin got a different phone number. It was something that he liked to do. For him it symbolized his moving on to another chapter in his life and leaving behind the old.

    Rin thought about having a host family, but knew that it wouldn't work. He had enough trouble adjusting to this new situation with the dorms and the foster house. Adding another place of residence wouldn't work out for was just too much. But he'd pretend for Lindsey. By now they were practically back at the dorms. The walk wasn't that long. It just seemed longer. "Well, I should probably take a shower before classes start. Text me," Rin stated as he disappeared into the building.
  17. Lindsey watched him walk off her head cocked to the side. He seemed upset. He seems like his smiles never last long. She thought before heading to her own dorm. As she entered her room. She pulled her phone out again sending a text.

    {Hey Rin, it's Lindsey so you have my number Kay. And one more thing I'm going to get that smile to last on you face got it. :) Well talk to you latter maybe I'll see you around the school. Bye~ }

    She smiled as she sent the text before getting ready for class. Half way through her classes was her practice hour the hour before lunch break. She headed to the practice rooms one she had signed out yesterday. She looked at her planner when she got into the room. Lindsey generally stayed away from competitions. She preferred fun music more Thant the classical so she only seriously practiced when she had a test or required competition coming up. She recently heard romure about one but it hasn't been official yet. So she choose to sit down a play music from some of her favorite movies. Heck she wouldn't even be in this room if it wasn't required for her to be at least three times a week. She went through one move after. When she went through her memory as far as she could she dug through he bag for something else gun. "Ah David's Jig." She smiled setting the sheet up laughing. These where fun to play more than anything else. They made her want to dance with her own music.

  18. Rin looked at his phone. The text was something unexpected. He wasn't sure how to respond. Instead he just closed his phone and set it down on the bed as he left to take his shower. When he was ready, Rin left the dorm with his trombone on his shoulder. He went to class and listened attentively. After class he had a bit of down time. His personal practice time was later in the day. So he went back to that place in away from the school. Pulling out his trombone, Rin began to warm up. There was a specific routine that Rin followed when he played. When he got to the point in his practice that he set aside for various other things, Rin looked at his mp3 player. Scrolling through the songs, Rin put his headphones on and began to listen to a piano track. He layered, what should have been the vocals, over top. The song was All of Me.

    Rin wasn't sure why, but he felt that he was playing to someone. The song was so emotional that it was almost impossibly to not. As he went through the people who he could be playing for an image of his mother flashed before his eyes. But something was off. The song ended and Rin pushed the thought aside. He didn't want to face these confusing feelings at the moment.

  19. Lindsey finished her practice full of energy like the song she played. She packed away her violin gently before trying to neatly put away her music sheets. She sighed as she looked at her mess of a bag. She zipped it up quickly before running out of practice room. She had one stop before she ran off to the gen Ed side. That stop was way off by her jogging route.

    When she was on the same bath from that morning heard a song one she recognized from the radio. She peaked over the edge of the path and down the hill where she found Rin last time. Some how knowing who she would find down there. She could see him off in the clearing on the other side of the trees she smiled before pulling out her phone.

    // nice song. But your taking over my secret area you know. Anyways look up the hill I pointed at this morning.//

    Lindsey sent the message before watching him iff he check his phone soon she would wave when he looked her way. But m, if not that meant he was really into practice and didn't want to bother him.
  20. Just as the song ended, Rin's phone buzzed. It startled him. Rarely did he ever get phone calls. When he looked at the message, he stiffened... Looking around cautiously, he tried to find Lindsey. Putting his trombone away, Rin closed the case and looked at his phone again. Maybe she was somewhere else... He was still unsettled by the text. Rin shouldered the case as he started away from the clearing. She was definitely there...somewhere. Rin had a lot on his mind so he didn't see Lindsey at first. After moving away, he found her... Smiling he asked, "What are you up to, now?" Rin got closer, leaving the clearing.

    He noticed that her hair was a bit frazzled and wondered if it was from practicing or something else. She was probably on her way to see friends. He thought as he joined her side. "Going to see someone?" It was weird to ask her that question, but he assumed that she was popular. That was something he would never be. Especially if he had to move after this year.
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