Melancholy Dreams

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  1. Hey, this is my first self created RP, so please enjoy!

    Jake laid down on the futon, and flipped on his playlist of smooth jazz. He ran a hand through his hair, and closed his eyes. Jakes eyes snapped open, and he sat up. Looking around the room, he found the music to be gone, strange... It was on a loop... He rose from the futon, and walked out of the room. Jake pulled a phone from his pocket, and called someone. "Hello?"

    No response. He turned off the phone, and stuck it back in his pocket. He walked out of the house, and stared at the sky, it was a green, blue color. Jake walked back inside, and shook his head. His eyes closed, and he tumbled to the ground. He attempted to rise, but the oncoming wave of sleep overtook him. He slept.

    He woke up, staring at a pair of shoes. He pushed himself up, and looked up at the person standing over him. They helped him up, then left. "What the..." Jake ran, or, stumbled after the girl, and stopped at the doorway, she had disappeared. Staring at the sky, it seemed normal. Shaking his head, he walked inside and into the kitchen.

    ((There are 3 dimensions, waking, sleeping, and the unnatural. You can reach the latter by being put to sleep by drugs, or being knocked out. Thanks, and have fun! Oh, by the way, if possible, keep people living in the same general area. Thanks! Link to Thread: ))

    Name: Jake Smith
    Age: 18
    Gender: M
    Starting Dimension: Waking
    Brief Description: Tall, heavy built, brown spiked hair, brown eyes, jeans, black t-shirt, leather jacket.
    Intro to Story: /\ see above
    Other: Plays saxophone, is an actor, likes swords.

    Starting Dimension:
    Brief Description:
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  2. So with this rp is it a jump in or did you want me to make a character sheet. I can. I was also wondering, is it like a dream state type thing? Just to be clear.
  3. It is, somewhat. Please do make a CS, i like to know a bit about other people's characters
  4. Name: Raven Masterson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Starting Dimension: Sleep
    Brief Description: 5’1, petite with dark brown hair. Emerald green eyes with an olive complexion that has changed a bit to more pale due to her being inside all the time. Seen mostly in jeans and hoodies when outside, Raven hides in layers making her look bigger then she is or so she thinks.

    Recently she has been inside and wearing hospital gowns and a pale pink robe. Little slippers with tiny purple flowers on them, and white socks. Nothing special just clothes found last minute at a drug store by her parents.
    Backstory: Raven was a normal teen getting good grades and making plans for college until her nightmares wouldn’t go away. She started to not sleep and then her grades when down. She started to take sleeping pills to help her sleep and then she couldn’t stay awake.

    Soon one issue became another and yet another. Raven found herself loosing hours of her day to day dreams or nightmares. Unable to know the difference because of stress or worry her parents kept her home. Depressed she started to sleep more and more. The next thing she knew she was in a hospital and told she had slept for over a week for no reason. They are running test to find out what’s wrong with her if anything. That’s the part she hates. No one believes she can’t tell the difference between her day dreams and her new reality of broken dreams and fading future.
    Other: She thinks she is going to have a birthday soon. No one has the heart to tell her she missed it already.
  5. Opps Ill relocate it.
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