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Hello! I have requested for Roleplay partners before but never really get anything in return.

  1. I'm a teenager and being a teenager comes with school responsibilities.
  2. I am a bit slow at replying
  3. I love music.
  4. I want a person that understands that I have a life away from my iPad or computer.
  5. I write a paragraph to Two paragraphs at the most. I'm working on adding detail.
  6. I really want to Roleplay Fandoms. I might do an Orignal If I'm interested.

These are in order of what I know the most about. Crushes I would have will be in parentheses.

  1. Harry Potter (Draco or Ron)
  2. The Hunger Games (Gale or Peeta)
  3. Divergent (Four or Will)
  4. Avengers/Avengers AOU
  5. How to train your dragon 1 and 2.

TV Shows (There is only one because I don't really watch Tv)
  1. Supernatural (Dean but I'm open to Sammy note that I am only on the first season!)

A Boyfriend For Christmas
When Marnie was twelve years old, she was the only one of her friends who did not have a boyfriend. At the mall one day she saw 'Santa Clause' and a little girl who looked afraid. That's the day she made her wish to have a boyfriend for Christmas.

Now 10 years later she awakes to a strange man under her Christmas tree, Who says that he was sent by Santa to be her boyfriend.

Inspired by A Movie on Hallmark.

Let it Snow
An executive examines her company's new property and prepares a presentation to transform the rustic lodge into a new hot spot. Little does she know that She will grow to love the town and that she will find love here.

Now she has a choice Her father who has no Christmas spirit or a little lodge that stole her heart.

Again Inspired by a movie on Hallmark.
  1. Angel X Demon
  2. Human X Werewolf
  3. Step-Siblings
  4. Princess X Pirate
  5. Arranged Marrige
  6. Princess X Prince

More to be added
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Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Yuri, Yaoi, Furry, Steam Punk, Historical, and many more
Fandoms I can't really do since I'm not so big on any of them or remember how every thing goes and such
But I am quite interested in the Santa Claus bringing a guy for her for christmas lol


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Still looking. I feel like I have a bit more that I can add. I'll go do that now.


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Are you open to doubling for role plays? Also, do you mind role plays through PM?

I'd like to play Draco or Ron for you, if in exchange you'd play George Weasley?


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Yes I'd be fine doubling please pm me so we can talk!


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