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  1. Hello! I have requested for Roleplay partners before but never really get anything in return.

    A bit about me and What I want (open)

    1. I'm a teenager and being a teenager comes with school responsibilities.
    2. I am a bit slow at replying
    3. I love music.
    4. I want a person that understands that I have a life away from my iPad or computer.
    5. I write a paragraph to Two paragraphs at the most. I'm working on adding detail.
    6. I really want to Roleplay Fandoms. I might do an Orignal If I'm interested.

    Fandoms (open)

    These are in order of what I know the most about. Crushes I would have will be in parentheses.

    1. Harry Potter (Draco or Ron)
    2. The Hunger Games (Gale or Peeta)
    3. Divergent (Four or Will)

    TV Shows (There is only one because I don't really watch Tv)
    1. Supernatural (Dean but I'm open to Sammy note that I am only on the first season!)

    Plot Ideas (I like playing the female on these.) (open)

    When Marnie was twelve years old, she was the only one of her friends who did not have a boyfriend. At the mall one day she saw 'Santa Clause' and a little girl who looked afraid. That's the day she made her wish to have a boyfriend for Christmas.

    Now 10 years later she awakes to a strange man under her Christmas tree, Who says that he was sent by Santa to be her boyfriend.

    More to be added
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  2. You might get more takers if you lost what fandoms you like!

    People respond better to specifics :)
  3. Hi there, what fandoms we're you interested in?
  4. I'm going to but haven't got to it yet, this thread is a work in progress
  5. I'm working on it
  6. It's all good :) But I could roleplay any of the three fandoms you listed if you'd like :)
  7. Which would you rather do?
  8. Either Harry Potter or Divergent?
  9. How about we do divergent would you mind Pming me so we can talk?
  10. Still looking for Roleplay partners
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Not open for further replies.