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    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Megaman roleplay. It would be based on the anime game and manga, collectively and anyone would be able to join, not just persons who are familiar with Megaman. I thought the setting for this r.p could be a few years after Megaman and Lan's time. There is a war which has been sparked between the countries of Netopia and Japan, mainly because of the mass deletion of several high ranking Japanese officials by a Netopia assassin. This war will take place in two dimensions, in the real world between human soldiers and on the net between navis. Several abilities will be available in the r.p, including style changes, giga battle-chips, program advances custom busters as well cross-fusion, which becomes more common since it's original inception by Dr. Hikari. The distribution of power in this r.p will be based off a ranking system. C- classed navis are the lowest powered and most commonly seen, B-classed are slightly more powerful and are better able to protect themselves. A-classed are exceptional navi's who have extraordinary skill and power, and S-classed is the most exclusive category, for those who are in possession of powerful battle-chips, or just have great natural talent. I will be the main person in charge of these class upgrades. As for your character, players would be able to create two characters in one C.S. The netnavi, and his/her operator. These characters can be rogue, military or just plain civillian. As I said before, not only Megaman fans are allowed to join. You can join if you are not familiar with the franchise as long as you know at least a little bit about the anime/game/manga. If I get enough interest in this r.p I'll make a sign up sheet with more detail.
  2. I'm interested. I used to love megaman.
  3. Wonderful. I hope we can get enough people to start soon
  4. This looks interesting
  5. It should be
  6. This actually looks sweet I'm actually playing the battle network games right now lol
  7. Lol. I hope I don't end up giving you any spoilers
  8. You won't I've played them all before
  9. Oh, playing them twice. I played both versions for each of them
  10. Same. I liked the cybeast games and also red sun and blue moon
  11. My overall favourite was the third one. White version
  12. Also a good one for sure
  13. I like this........... (And sushie lolololol) I'm in............
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  14. How many people do we need before we can start?
  15. I'm actually thinking of making the sign up sheet tomorrow if I get home early.
  16. Awesome! Can't wait
  17. Yes! I'm so in! I rarely see megaman based rps, and even then it's hardly ever Battle Network!
  18. I know right. That was my main motivation for creating this one. I'm working on the sign up sheet as we speak. My schedule is a little hectic right now. That's why I haven't gotten around to making it yet.
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