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  1. I think we all know the Megaman Series, and i think we should be able to make a good rp from that.

    But in case you don't know them, let me sum it up:
    In Megaman NT Warrior are the NetNavis and Humans. It plays in a Futuristic timeline that is very similar, but more advanced then ours.
    NetNavis are programs that are stored in a P.E.T. (Personal Terminal. A handheld device/computer) and their main use is similar to a organizer. They help their owner to organize their schedules, data, call the users friends, and communicate with compatible devices. But they can be used for battles as well.
    Personal NetNavis are the best kind since they are programmed in a special way. They have a AI (artificial Intelligence), personality, and surpass regular NetNavis in pretty much any way.
    A user supports his NetNavi with "Battle Chips". These battle chips contain extra programs which give the NetNavi ether new weapons, abilities, attacks, or even create external small programs to support them in battle.

    But this world is not completely peaceful. Cyber terrorists attack the network and cause a lot of chaos, even for "Small people" by sending viruses across the net. This can cause many problems like: Ovens overheating and causing a fire, causing a malfunction in a Dam's Software that makes it stop sending electricity, and even more things.

    It is up to the police to take care of this, but very often regular users with NetNavis fight of the viruses by themselves.

    And this is where you come in.
    In this rp, you can ether be a NetNavi or User. Both can't do much on their own, but together their possibilities are almost unlimited.

    Who is interested?