Mega-Neat Space-time Adventure

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  1. Year: All of them.

    Location: Earth.

    Problem: Everything's gone down the drain.

    Mission: Erase history dumb mistakes.

    Team: Super awesome temporal-bending infinite manipulation expert force.

    Goal: Make things more beter-est

    Plan: Jump through time and space and erase stuff that never should have happened such as alien invasions, plagues of murderous robots and horrible movie adaptations.

    Consequences: Infuriating God, changing the future and accidentally dating your mother and/or father.

    Risk: Worth it.

    When do we start: 10 minutes ago.​
  2. If it's to better the world im in
  3. If you're still accepting partners, I would totally be interested in doing this!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.