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  1. Are you a fan of Mega Man or Mega man X? Any Beckers on Iwaku? I'm looking for people interested in a Mega man, Mega Man X, and/or Mighty No. 9 rp. Checking for interest here!
  2. The only experience I have done in Mega Man Roleplaying was roleplaying as Gate from MMX6 and a few Mavericks such as Slash BeastLeo, Blizzard Wolfang, Flame Stag and Bit. I have also RPed as Ariga/Magna Shadowman as well. However, due to drama from the Mega Man Community in the past, I can't go back to it.

    Good luck however.
  3. interest from you. that's fine. I was looking for people yeah..... but thanks for the wishes.
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  4. No problem. I may consider RPing Shadowman again, though. Hope you can find a Beck.
  5. I'm not actually looking for just official characters. Actually quite the opposite. I'd prefer non-official characters, OCs if you will