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  1. *Hiru had been traveling for a long time now, following up a case which revolved around his friends being watch by some mysterious force. There wasn't much to go by but he had to do the best he could. While riding a horse for most of the day, he came across a city called "Mudri" it sounded rather peaceful but looks can be deceiving. It had mutants and humans alike in the city but it wasn't exactly clear. Everyone looked human which wouldn't surprise him if someone thought it was just humans but he could tell that there was mutants here as, Nosfentor had already informed him about some mutants being nearby.*

    *Hiru got off of his horse at the local stable, his jacket dropping down to his shin and hanging down while covering his utilities within. He gave the stable master the necessary funds to look after his black horse and left the stables, intrigued by the city and how it looks calm and civil. Hiru walked through the paths and walked around for a while, looking for a nearby inn or an arena to practice. There was definitely a lot of people in this town/city so, he wasn't sure whether that was because of some season that was happening or if that was just because loads of people liked this town. *

    *After walking around for a while and noticing the different vibes in the town, Different from his own dark aura, it was as if a lot of people was stressed at something and there was rumors of mutants nearby. It was strange to Hiru to hear rumors of Mutants as if, they were a abomination or something that was unknown. Hiru noticed a sign that indicates a restaurant which caught his attention as, he had been traveling for a long time and . He then went to the restaurant and as he entered, it was different.*

    *Everyone was calm and actually talking, mutants and humans from across the globe. It was surprising to see that people were more calmer here than outside. He then got a table that was close to a window and waited there, pulling out a book from his bag and reading as, he knew that if he read his usual, he would draw too much attention to himself which sometimes, is not the best thing to do.*
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  2. "I heard the news Annix. You collapsed with exhaustion a few days ago, next time I want you to tell me immedaitely." The man with the head chiefs hat looked at Annix seriously, his words serious, yet holding concern."Cooking is a hard business to be in, I can feel your Aura its huge.if you collapsed you mustv'e been exhausted."

    "Sorry chief, I will next time." Annix said, glad she hadn't done anything too serious. She'd only started in the cooking business, and found it very difficult to be in. Her lack of progress, disappointed her.

    "You've only been in Haiven little over a month now, you of course are used to surviving on your own. You don't need to anylonger. I'd like you to take the week off, recharge your batteries and be back in tuesday morning. Each chief has two days aweek off, as well as having a few days off once a month. Your progress in the kitchen is very very good, i'd hate to push it, every mind, aragonian or human needs a rest once in awhile." The head chief said, smiling at the end.

    "Yes chief." Annix replied, standing serious, following his orders.

    The head chief slightly laughed."Thats only for the kitchen my friend. Call me Mike outside of work. Now go rest." He said smiling, shooing her away in a jokey manner.
    Annix decided she would take the long road back to her home in Haiven. She.She had been in the neighbouring city for the past few days cooking for one of the alliances of Haiven. The banquet had gone rather well,now She wanted to pass into the city of Mudri and explore for the day. As soon as she entered however, passing a street or two she began to her extreme doubts about being inside this particular city. For one, she could not see a single sign of a mutant creature such as herself. The endless stares and whispers had finally made her concerned for her safety. So extreme were the daggering stares, she darted into a dark alley way. The second reason, was the body language of almost every soul present. Stress was looming over nearly every citizen, as if something catastrophic had taken place here. Having read upon how to tell a humans body language and emotions, she could tell from practice something was wrong here....

    Using chakra at the soles of her feet, she walked up a brick wall. The light lead the way, opening onto a roof top. She scanned with her yellow golden eyes, watching the many faces minding their own business. Tonrah had been watching and thinking, an idea poked at him.

    "Let me see with my own eyes a moment." He said in his usual calm tone, soft and relaxing to those who hear it. He took control and starting sensing the air. Every tailed beast had their own unique traits, Narak could break hot burning sand, Tonrah had a high sense.
    Tonrah said in his mind, speaking to Annix telepathicly.

    "And that's not all ,these people are mutants. I can sense a huge cluster of many in that tavern over there." He pointed towards the building, and gave Annix back control.
    "Best you lead the way, if I am controlling, some may sense it straight away." He said calmly, knowing Annix's curious mind would want to check the Tavern out.

    Annix heading towards the tavern, jumping the roof top to the Tavern roof top. She disappeared using extreme speed, almost looking as she had teleported for a moment.
    Her hand pushed the squeaking tavern door open now. Breathing a deep breath in to calm her mind (try and calm her mind that is), she walked inside. Wearing her silver long cloak, it brushed past tables until she picked an empty one with a window view. She hardly looked at anyone, not wanting to draw attention, missing were Hiru was because of this.

    She sat down and immediately started browsing the Menu. Fear was playing on her mind, it had been ever since Hiru and Sky had returned from a mission in Germany. They held grave concern and for good reason. The same Dark elf who had once controlled Tonrah to try and destroy Black Marsh, was now desparetly looking for her. This worried her terrible, Dark elves frightened her so...