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  1. #doesntfckinnohowtotaganotherperson ( MY LONG LOST SISTER!!! :D

    I swear, we have so much in common it's not even funny! XD


    - We both are perfectionists.
    - We both stay up late even though we know we have school the next day (though I don't know how often she does it herself)
    - We're both female (lol)
    - Our birthdays are both in August
    - We're both teenagers
    - Both of one of our favorite genres are romance (gotta love love!)
    -We've both been RPing for over three years
    - Her name on her previous website was "TheArrowTravels" and my current name on this website is "PinkArrow"
    - We are both extremely creative, having similar interests in drawing, writing, singing, and photography
    - Although her career goal is to become an author, mine is to be a Pediatric Nurse, but I do want to have a side career of writing books
    - We are both grammar nazis!! ;3
    - In the past, we both wanted to be actresses, singers/songwriters, artists, and marine biologists
    -Our weakness in school is Math
    -Music is life to both of us!
    - Some of our favorite bands are Linkin Park, Metallica, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Seether, Staind, Papa Roach, Flyleaf, and Skrillex. We also like country, as well.
    - We don't care for bands like One Direction and pop icons such as Miley Cyrus
    -We usually wear comfortable clothing (i.e. hoodies, jeans, denim shorts) and converse, and have glasses!! :D
    - We're friendly but have a breaking point. Friendly equals friendly.
    - We both have DeviantArt
    - We like anime (i.e. watched Rosario + Vampire, Chobits, Wolf's Rain, and Sword Art Online)
    - AAAANNNNND *drum roll* ...... Our favorite color is blue!! ;3
  2. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. I think I'll go cry now. I've never met someone so much like me. It's the best thing ever. And people ask why I'm on the internet so much, WELL, because you can't find people like PinkArrow in life outside it. I wish I had her in my life and I hardly know her. We just met yesterday but I already feel a sense of friendship for her and that's a rare thing to have. I don't have any siblings, but I've wanted a sister in the past. Now, I have one. :D Sappy words are sappy because they are true~

    *Hugs LLS*
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  3. D' awww~ I love you too!! *hugs back* ;w;
  4. Someone else that does the D'aww thing! X3
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  5. Coincidences are fun.

    Side note: Glasses are super adorkable, I wear them myself, and blue is the best color.
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  6. I thought this post was blank for a moment. Then I realized the text was just blending into the background :[