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  1. NAME: Amanda Shaw
    AGE: 26
    GENDER: Female
    ORIENTATION: Bi Sexual
    PROFESSION: Actress
    PERSONALITY: Amanda is generally a pretty friendly person, though isn't the most open person when it comes to her personal life. She likes to meet new people, but definitely has her fan girl moments when meeting other actors/ actresses/ producers/ directors/ whatever else. At home, she tends to be rather nerdy, and really isn't as graceful as she may pretend to be in the public eye. The idea of slipping up and becoming an example of who not to be bothers her, even if she comes off as a carefree person. Meeting fans is still exciting and surreal for her, though she isn't shy about telling people when they're being creeps. She is known for being rather happy go lucky, while being brutally honest.
    LIKES: History. Myths. Medusa. Her job. Piercings/ Body Mods. Fashion. Cooking. Energy Drinks. Meeting her celeb crushes. Her fans. Being tall. Dancing. Video Games. Comic books.
    DISLIKES: Creeps. Looking bad. Oily lotions. Being condescended to. Toe Socks. Meeting people and having them turn out to be dicks. When people pretend they can't understand her accent.
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Amanda stands at 6' even, and she's very proud of that fact. Most of her life, she was always the tallest in class, or at least the tallest girl around. Though for a long time, she stood at 5'11 and a half. She had an odd issue with having to say that, instead of simply stating she was, in fact, 6'. When she started yoga, stretching, and watching her posture, it somehow managed to help her stretch the extra half inch. She's got a fit body, with lovely curves, and muscle tone. (Not bulky.) Her skin is a milky pale olive tone, with the odd freckle or scar here and there. Crystal blue eyes, and dark brown hair that is dyed funky colors now and again, depending on the role she's currently engaged in. Currently, her hair is a little higher than mid back, and often kept back in a tight, high ponytail. She's debating just shaving it of, since she's stuck in a wig for most days shooting in this one. Her ears are stretched to 1/2" with a few other rings around the cartilage. She's got a philtrum piercings (Medusa) and a split tongue. Her hips have surface bars, as does the nape of her neck. The girl has a few small tattoos, though has avoided large pieces, considering her career. They're all symbols, most of which have a Viking or Greek origin.
    HISTORY: Amanda had an uninterestingly normal childhood. She was an only child, and spent a lot of her time rolling in mud, or reading comic books. In school, she loved drama classes, and ended up managing to take 3 of them in her last year. There was a movie shot in her home town of North Berwick; a small, old fashioned seaside town in Scotland. The girl ended up getting a small part in the movie, but managed to get rather close to the director, who snagged her other small parts, until her name eventually made it out there. She still lives in Berwick, though does travel a lot for work, and is currently staying in a nice flat in the middle of London.

    IDEA: Basically, it's about two actors that fall for one another, while working on a movie. Her part in the movie is a sort of alternate modern version of Medusa. I'd really prefer your character be Tom Hiddleston, because A) He's adorable, and B) I like to think they'd work well together. But if you have someone else in mind, let me know. We can also work out the movie, as well as his part in it. Whether he's trying to take down Medusa, or working with her, or whatever.​