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  1. Welcome to Medievical the medieval musical! Starring six diverse main characters; The King, The Queen, The Prince, His Servant, The Three Princesses, and The Love Interests of the Three Princesses.

    This roleplay will rely heavily on voice recording devices as well as YouTube, because YOU will be singing! Solo or Group, you will sing at some point during this rp and it will be splendiforous!

    So come on! Sign up for this wondertacular roleplay! (Don't fret if you can't sing! Neither can I, but I will be singing regardless!)

    Oh! But I have forgotten one thing!

    There is a four part audition and those parts are;

    The writing audition: I'll give you a scene and you'll write out a roleplay response to it!

    The writing audition part 2: You send me your CS.

    The speaking audition: I give you a character to play and a brief script and see how well you can match the characters description and how well you can bring the lines to life!

    The singing audition: This is mainly for me to tell if your mic is loud enough. I'll be giving you a song based on what character you auditioned for.

    And that's it for the audition part!

    Now then, there are some non acting roles that I need to be filled.

    I need one co-gm, to help me with auditions. If you want to be a co-gm, pm me and I will then initiate a test! It's just a small test. Don't worry too much about it.

    I also need someone who can help me with the technical aspects of the Medievical. Some songs will be duets and I'll need to some how get two recordings in one video so that the song can be heard together. Or something. I'm still figuring that out.

    Now then! Here are the characters!
    (I will be following the wonderfulness that is the show Galavant and the movie Cinderella (with Brandi), so the characters even if they are related to each other, can be different races)

    King Jerome:
    A plump man with a cheerful demeanor and an intense love for his wife and children. He is a fair ruler who's kept his kingdom out of war for ten years.
    Age must be above 45

    Queen Anais:
    An outwardly stern woman with a tendency to be a bit too harsh with her children. She loves them dearly, but she just can't express herself sometimes.
    Age must be above 35

    Princess Eve:
    The oldest princess, who is betrothed to the nearby kingdom's prince, who happens to be her best friend. She is quite uncomfortable with this arrangement, but at the same time she's looking forward to her life with her best friend.
    Age is 19

    Princess Vivienne:
    A scrappy girl who would rather through the forest with her lover, Natalia, the bandit queen, then learn how to be a proper princess.
    Age is 17
    Athletic build

    Princess Aria:
    The youngest child, Aria is incredibly shy and doesn't like being the center of attention. However, the boy that she pines for happens to be the son of the captain of the royal guard, who is beloved by all. She wants to get his attention but doesn't have the courage to do so.
    Age is 15

    Prince Jackson:
    As the only male child in his family, it's only natural that Prince Jackson would be the heir to the throne. And he's absolutely fine with that. Learning to rule, forging alliances, getting married and having kids--Well there's one thing he's not fine with. Jackson has no interest in marrying and procreating with anyone, because he just doesn't find anyone attractive. No one understands him except for his long time servant, and together they hatch a plan...
    Age is 23

    Prince Finley of the Bay Kingdom
    From the day they met, Prince Finley has always cared for Princess Eve deeply. When their engagement is announced he is thrilled, but why does Eve look so unsure?
    Age is 22
    Baby faced and a little chubby

    Natalia the Bandit Queen:
    Natalia is a free spirit and rules mean nothing to her. She resides in the northern forest of the Green Kingdom, but not for long. The King's guard are moving in and she needs to get out of there fast. However, Natalia isn't all too keen on leaving without her lover Vivienne.
    Age is 19
    Athletic build

    Gregory, Future Captain of the Royal Guard
    Gregory is handsome and he knows it. He could get with any girl or guy that he wants, but he chooses not to because he's looking for true love.
    Age is 16
    Tall and muscular

    Clement, Servant to Prince Jackson
    Clement has served his master and dear friend, Prince Jackson ever since he turned ten. He knows everything about Prince Jackson, including his secret about not being attracted to anyone. Clement knows that to truly become a worthy king, Prince Jackson needs to be able to produce an heir, but with his aversion to lying with a woman, Clement looks for ulterior ways for Prince Jackson to acquire an heir.
    Age is 28

    Character Sheet
    Appearance: (I'm not forcing you, but try to be diverse)
    Character Name: