Medieval/Renaissance role-play?

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  1. I have been wanting to fill up some of my extra time with more role-plays, and I want to fill up that time. I am interested in doing a renaissance or medieval role-play with perhaps a royal twist to it -because who doesn't love to play as a noble queen, or what have you? Though, I am also open to any kind of mature rp to be honest. I am having a bad craving for it. I prefer FxM, but can do FxF. I just suck horridly at doing MxM, sorry D:! I usually always play female characters.

    Some plots I would like to try:

    MasterxSlave (Me being a submissive slave)
    Arranged marriage (Highly interested in this one.. perhaps between a princess and prince? Or some sort of highly ranked female and male.)
    Some sort of fantasy plot integrated into?
    Captured female rescued by a male?

    I prefer my role-plays to have some sort of plot, but mindless sex is just as fun sometimes! I made this post on a whim, and will probably be able to think of some more plot ideas. And and and and and... yeah =w=

    So! If you have any other suggestions, I am completely open and will do most anything. Just respond in this thread, or pm me. ^-^ I tend to leave this website open on my laptop as I write my story(s), and do homework or whatever I happen to be doing. Though, I do check my notifications and and and and... Okay :D Hope you didn't lose brain cells while reading that...
  2. I like the capture plot. Perhaps, a kingdom forfeits the ost beautiful women in their land to a kingdom thta has bested them in war? i WOULD PLAY the prince. No problem. PM if interested