Medieval Pokemon RP - Insurgeance

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  1. This RP occurs in Medieval Settings, in another continent known as Atlas

    Well, the basis of the RP is that there have been odd, dark forces instilling terror and corrupting peaceful Pokemon into berserking beasts. The six regions of Atlas blame each other for this occurence, until the Emperor of Phoenicis brings the issue up, and claims that all six regions should cooperate, not fight.

    With that, a campaign was started. Word of this campaign spread across Atlas, attracting warriors from all over to aid in this treacherous quest. A treacherous quest where not everyone will live...

    @Ambra @Sen @Crescent @Shattered♦Secrets™ @Minami @Yosuke @Ayla @Cats @Chexmix

    And everyone else I did not tag.

    Up for round two?
  2. Sure, I'm up for it.
  3. What happened to the old one?
  4. Here's a brief summary.

    It died due to people quitting, then Twilight set it up on another forum - Roleplayer Guild.
    He had difficulties and couldn't run the RP, so I held the torch for him, until it died AGAIN.
    After that, I tried to rev it up, but couldn't, so here we are.
  5. I'm in. Can I stick to my old form?
  6. Yeah, sure. I intended to use my old forms as well.

    If I do make any modifications to the form, I'll tell you, and they won't be major.
  7. Same here ^^
  8. I think I'll drop out of this one ; ;. But I hope you guys have fun~
  9. Pretty interested in this!
  10. That makes one new member to the crew.

    There's one part of the app I've been itching to alter for a while. However, it is literally nothing major at all.
  11. That's five, six if you include me

    Pretty good group size if you ask me. Let's wait for more before Friday comes. On Friday, I will be capable of making the OoC.
  12. I'll be coming back to this yet again. I just can't seem to stay away. :D
  13. Your dedication to keep it alive is inspiring, Crow.

    On top of that, I really love the idea. I would love to see the story actually fleshed out and advanced further than introductions.

    Well boys and girls, you ready to rock and roll? Because I damn well am!

    The differences are very, very, slight. Considering that Verdante was retconned in the last incarnation, I'm going to consider changing it into a little something else... it was suggested to be changed into this region's Antarctica, so I'm going to make it 70% hermits, forests, and wilderness and 30% civilisation.
  15. Any room for another? I may need help along the way. My Pokémon knowledge is limited.
  16. Yes. There's room unless otherwise stated.
  17. Great! I'll explore more tomorrow afternoon on my break.
  18. I might be included to take part... If this is still a thing.
  19. Yes.
    Yes it is.

    In fact, we could use more people.
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