Medieval Judgement! (oh my!)

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Medieval fantasy (high and low), modern, slice of life... etc.
Hello, everyone!

This is gonna be short and sweet I guess, but even so, just keep in mind that I haven't RPed seriously in a while. Not that it's a bad thing, it can be seen as very good, as I am desperate to find a great partner!

Anywho, I have a specific craving I suppose.
The RP I want is taking place in a medieval setting, with fantasy elements. Ever played Skyrim or Dragon Age before? Yeah, I'm talking about that kind of setting, but dragons or fantastic creatures won't play a big part in it--at least, not in the beginning.

Basically, my character is a shifter, a Lycan to be specific, and she's been a very bad girl (no sexual innuendos here). Her name is Vega Knavesmire. She has a bounty on her head with a hefty reward, but is hard to reach. Not to mention, others are too scared to find her and claim their money because shifters are considered very dangerous. Even the greatest of bounty hunters choose not to pursue her, as she usually leaves them with nasty scars and whatnot.

Quite frankly, that's my character. I have no true preference for yours, you can be a bounty hunter or a regular traveler or whatever. But I honestly think it'd be best if your character is a wolf-shifter as well. If not, then Vega is not going to get along well with yours, and I'm not about to break character.

If this were to take a romantic turn, your character must be male.
As for romance, if you would like to take it to the next level (eyebrow wiggle), I can do this. However, although I prefer we just fade, I can write scenes out (thanks, Tumblr smut guides!), but you MUST be a blue star. cx

Last but not least, I'd prefer this take place over Skype. Yes, I said Skype RP. I don't use the laptop very often but I'm always on my phone, and have made a Skype account specifically for Internet friends. So if you can do a Skype RP with me, here's my username: loststarss

Just add me and tell me you're from Iwaku, and I'll accept. Then we can get to planning!

If you'd prefer no Skype, then just PM me. However, don't expect super fast replies, as it's harder to type from my phone without a mobile site (and like I said, I don't get on the laptop very often because of how busy my social life is).

Sorry if this was.. hard to follow. I don't really enjoy editing that often. It's irrelevent.
Well, now I gotta close this up. So, hopefully I get replies, either on Skype or on Iwaku!

See ya!​
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