Medieval Fantasy - Take Charge of Your Destiny! [All Ages Welcome. OPEN!]

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    Group RP Interest Check

    Hello, thanks for looking! I have a general path to follow, however that path can curve as well as branch off with sub-plots. It's an open world and as such, players will change it with their actions.

    Click here for the OOC

    Genre: Medieval Fantasy

    Posting Expectation: Intermediate

    Premise: A Realm of Uncertainty revolves around five Kingdoms, strained by buckling treaties and differing stances on magic. These Kingdoms and races of the land are vying for control of powerful relics left behind by the ancients all the while fighting against a common enemy that promises to kill everyone. There are numerous artifacts and landmarks that will prove helpful or dangerous depending on whom controls it.​

    The roleplay will be based on episodic installments, released periodically. During each chapter, characters will have to deal with changing environments within their Kingdoms, ally themselves with others against forces which seek to harm them, and rise heroically to defeat a growing evil. As the Realm lives and breathes there will be festivities, catastrophic events, surprise visitors, and of course, dragons. Further sub-plots will be available depending on the kingdom in which your character resides, with clans and organizations emerging which can pose a threat or offer friendship.

    We have a custom map and unique system for Classes & Strengths, and Magic!

    Positions that would have to be filled include: King/Queens, Prince/Princesses, Knights, nobles, servants, clergy, commoners, bandits/mercenaries, etc. You can expect an array of festivities, random events and plot twists, as well as many other surprises along the way!

    Please share your ideas and comments to help flesh out more details of the world in progress. Who is ready to take charge of their destiny?
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  2. Interested. ^^ But will there be more detail about classes and species available?
  3. I'm possibly willing to try depending if I can keep up with rps I'm in
  4. Yes more information regarding races, classes and details regarding magic will be posted soon, in fact I'll probably create an OOC thread for it later today. I'm brainstorming with a close friend on that stuff. I'm hoping to use this as a chance for input and suggestions from those on the outside as well.
  5. Okie! Take your time. :3
  6. Also note this will be an 18+ RP so to adhere to site rules it will be restricted to adult members as noted by the red star.
  7. I would be very interested! I have a character that might be able to lend some interesting elements to your story line!
  8. Still have many roles to fill. I'm seeking clarification if younger members would be allowed to join it so I'll keep this thread updated. Thanks!
  9. @God It is personally up to you as GM to decide whether or not younger members are allowed to join in your roleplay because of the mature themes. If you think they can handle violence, grit, and blood of the like, by all means, let them in or don't let them in. However, if what you mean by mature content is that sex scenes will be graphically depicted, then it'd be best to ask a moderator to move your thread to the libertine area. Sexual themes are not the same as graphically depicted sex.
  10. I did hear back from an Admin and it appears as long as I have my disclaimer up that mature content is possible, and a reminder that sex scenes cannot happen between adult and teen members (and scenes conducted by two adults must be in a spoiler/hider tag) I am good to go.

    With that said we're still looking for more and it's open to all ages.

    Just be sure to read the rules and expectations in the thread. OOC can once again be found here:
  11. Still open.
  12. I will read through the OOC later.
  13. It appears Aza and I have similar interests.
  14. Fantasy first, for me. Sci-fi and such are typically secondary interests. If you compared the amount of fantasy vs other fiction I've read it would be about 190 books to 10.
  15. My numbers are reversed in that regards, if its a ratio. However, if we are talking tabletop fantasy far outweighs any other genre.

    That said, am interested and working on my CS for this RP
  16. Ive spent the last hour creating a stable family tree...and Im only halfway done...making sure ages and death dates (by a set year for simplicity) is a pain in the fucking ass.
  17. *cackle* Just ignore that.
  18. Naw, I finished it after two hours of work. Quite literally the most detailed character I have ever made in all my years gaming. Some may have been more complicated but none more detailed.
  19. You guys need to quit following me and being interested in what I'm interested in, it's creepy.
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