Medieval Brutal Times

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  1. A land known as Azenthoth there lurks many dangers from the blight mountain caused by lich known as menzthous, though the inner island is the blight mountain many place have yet to be affected. Volcanos are spread more to the north, vast forest randomly set within the island, plains outstretch to the south west and eventually making a grand beach. A desert stretches from the plague mountain to the far west until reaching the remains of a huge port town. There are six kingdoms withheld in the island not including the lich's domain. Daruth within the forests of the north east, Balmung, a neighboring kingdom to Daruth to the south where many trades occur between the two. Trestath was the vast port town within the desert but was destroyed by the lich, Krentale to the south of the desert within the Iron wood forests. Fadmuv, a large orc colony residing not in but very close to the volcanos to the east, and finall Vinhaven, a noble kingdom residing into the center of the plains. Many other smaller settlements are within the the island but the one where our adventures meet is Tel Canre, a small farm settlement to the south of and owned by Vinhaven.
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    Character Name: Kahlan
    Alias: Kay
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Human
    Age: 23
    Current Residence: Wanderer
    Occupation: Warrior
    Height: 5'11
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: grey
    Distinguishing Marks: She has several scars that she got from her many skirmishes
    Dislikes: loud and ignorant people
    Talents: She has the ability to hide or show her wings and can even fly with them. But she can't fly more then 10 miles or so
    General Personality: Normally she likes to stay away from other people, but she can hang around people every now and then. She walks around as if she has a chip on her shoulder, but she wont say anything about it. Her kindness can show up every now and then. Basically she isn't a heartless fiend.
    Weapons: Her sword and few small daggers that she carries for close combat.
    Magics: She can shape shift into other animals, but tries not to since it hurts a lot. Also she can fly but not very far away.
    General History: Growing up her father taught her to fight when he saw that woman and children could also be killed by the sword. He made sure that she was proficient in both swords, dagger, javelins, and bows but she prefers a sword over anything else. But when she was a teenager her father was murdered in front of her by who she thought was a good friend and potential husband. This man let her live if she still married him, but she refused and was able to escape him. Now she roams around the world trying to stay away from people since she fears that they too will betray her. She also tries to keep on the down low since she doesn't want her ex-fiance to find her. Her ability to shape shift came from her mother's side of the family. But she never knew her mother so she didn't have anyone to teach her to control and strengthen her skills.
  3. Redigox Fire State.jpg
    Picture of Redigox in Fire State (above)
    Redigox Earthen State.jpg
    Picture of Redigox in Earthen State (above)

    Character Name: Redigox
    Name Meaning: Creation of name is my real name just jumbled up with an X added into it
    Alias: Red or Redi
    Gender: Male
    Species/Race:Elemental Atranoch (soul of a human)
    Age: 19
    B-Day: Somewhere in June.
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Bloodtype: None
    Place of Birth: A volcano
    Current Residence: Wanderer
    Occupation: Wizardry
    School/Grade: none
    Family: Sorceror family known by the Gragux Crest
    Gemstone: Painite
    More: Fire state has a long tongue because he enjoyed making funny faces with his mother with it. Earthen state has tattoos all over his body that are really carved shapes of his choosing and can change them at any time.


    Height: 6ft 5inch
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Pitch black (onyx)
    Distinguishing Marks: Bone structure (even though not there) seems to be very large and distinct.
    [b]General Appearance: Humanoid normally, can become four armed.
    [b]Strengths: Invigorated by fire or earth, depending on current mental state is prone to be agile and crazed while invigorated by fire or prone to be slow and forcefully strong when in earthen state
    [b]Weaknesses: hates ice and despises swimming on account he is then forced to walk on bottom in his earthen state
    [b]More: When both states work together and are able to manipulate magma their form is still humanoid but can be amorphic as a pile of magma.


    [b]Allies: Enjoys silent people who will listen when he rarely speaks, can even be willing to associate with demons if not hostile to him.
    [b]Enemies: loathes royalty, anyone or anything that is spoon-fed riches in his opinion should be scarred or killed.
    [b]Current Goal/Purpose: Find his mother, and to become strong with power from magic.
    [b]Aspirations: Hopes to uncover all secrets and abilities that fire and rock magic has to offer.
    [b]Hobbies: In his fire state he enjoys cooking outdoors, though he does not eat he enjoys burning a tree down and cooking for others. He also enjoys sculpting magnificent statues when in earthen state.
    [b]Likes: Gems, canyons, beaches, and fossils
    [b]Dislikes: The color white, imperfections, snow
    [b]Talents: If in earthen mind state can be much more enduring, pacifist, patient as a virtue, and is overall stronger. in fired state he much more flexible, agile, and faster in general. Both are well suited for using their elemental magics.
    [b]Inabilities: Neither mind states have a sense of touch, smell, or taste
    [b]Fears: Earthen state has a fear of heights because if fall is enough he will shatter and he hates how long it takes to put himself back together. Fire state fears water, ice, or becoming smothered in earth for it forces him to the earthen state.
    [b]General Personality: Bipolar, while in earthen state he seems to be more peaceful, stern and more unwilling to talk. Fire state is tempered very easily, quick to be a rebel for a fight, and laughs easily.
    [b]Inner Personality: Both earthen and fire states have inner urges to cry and feel deep longing for their mother.
    [b]Fondest Memory: When being raised by his mother. No other being has shown him kindness.
    [b]Biggest Regret: Not being powerful enough to prevent getting himself taken away from his mother and when in fire state always feels extremely at fault for murdering his father.
    [b]Secret: Earthen state loves seeing women at beaches (he crushes easily), fire state murdered his father and feels extreme fault for what happened.
    [b]More: Fire state is insane when angered and normally energetic to do things while the earthen state is completely the opposite (he would rather sit their lazily and not care). There is a rare occurrence when both minds work together, thus fusing there magical capabilities to manipulate and conjure magma but is so hard to come by due to both personalities of this bipolar case hating each other.


    [b]Special Items: Soul gem within the center of his body, acts as a life source (heart)
    [b]Weapons: earthen state prefers to crush things with enlarged fists or blunt objects, fire state prefers to throw things. (earthen state proficient with blunt weapons while Fire state can throw almost anything easily with skill)
    [b]Magics: Fire and Earth (magma mancer if working together)
    [b]More: His entire eyeballs are pitch black, as beautiful as pure onyx gems and when crying, though rare, magic water is formed and is intensely fire resistant to anything the tears cover.

    [u][b]HISTORIC BACKGROUND[/b][/u]

    [b]General History: Redigox's parents were powerful sorcerers within a dark cult that withheld itself in a volcano. The cult would use their magics to sift the magma in search of a legendary painite gem that would increase the cult's magical powers. One day when his mother was in labor with him she gave birth but the child immediately died of unknown causes. In haste the father managed to incase their infant child's soul within a gem the size of a fist and then used the closest material to fuse their child's soul into which was the magma within the very volcano. The creation was a success but the magic was too unstable and the infant's mind had no idea how to hold or control any of the power and for a brief time the being they created was feral and murdered the father in an infernal blast until he was a smouldering pile of remains, then the mother managed to gather enough strength to use water magic to calm her child by forcing him into his earthen state (at first she thought she killed him for he did not move for awhile and was as solid as a statue). After the ordeal of making him calm and handle able he was raised, nurtured, and taught many magics by his mother. They had the strongest bond a mother and son could have. But one day a neighboring kingdom near the volcano discovered the cult and attacked. While Redigox hid as his mother told him to, the mother was taken among others and turned to slaves and transported to random other kingdoms. Upon taking in all that had happened Redigox stayed in the volcano for some time until he managed to use the magics that were taught to him to find the sacred painite gem within the volcano. After a year of constant work he found it and put it where he thought would be safest, forging it within his own heart stone (soul gem) giving him an innate ability to master fire and rock magic and even conjurer the two at his own will.

    [b]Present Life: After leaving the cult site Redigox has been wandering around for years trying to find his mother by going from one destination to the next, killing any who oppose him and consulting whoever may have info on the whereabouts of his mother.

    [b]Special Historic Notes: The painite gem within Redigox is actually sought out for by many people who have heard tales of the legend. [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b][/b]
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