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  1. And not the big, hulking ones either.
    I mean, more along the lines of a suit of armour, mechanised.

    Plot-wise, I have absolutely no ideas at the moment. I'll have them when you're interested, and whether you wish to do sci-fi, or post-modern.
  2. So like Ratman or Asame no Kiru esque mechs? I've always appreciated that more than the big ones. Fuckin' Iron Man. post-modern sounds cool too. The whole warring factions thing is a common theme when technology reaches that point.
  3. Hells yeah we're going to be doing Iron Man-esque suits.

    As for warring factions, I'd prefer something where the conflicts were more 'under the radar-' where the suits are heard of, but not in wide distribution. By forcing a (relatively speaking) small number of people to have them, instead of uniformity, people in possession of such technology are forced to make and adapt their suits however they see fit. That way, we get more of a wide range of technologies, and this makes things all the more fun to play.
    Necessity is the mother of invention, as it was once said.

    Does that sound plausible? Or is it just a load of old tosh?
  4. Reminds me of a thing I tried to get started with another guy. ...Or maybe it was you, and I just kinda disappeared off the radar. What about an underground fighting/racing thing? The people with the suits buy their own parts and whatnot, and they battle for parts/money. How does that sound?
  5. What was its name? I vaguely remember doing a mech suit RP many moons ago, but it was a total flop, and I ended up just leaving it to fester.

    Plot-wise, your idea seems plausible. However, I do have some concerns, such as where they're going to get a place big enough for this kind of thing.
    Given the scale of this kind of thing, it's only natural they'd have to pick somewhere big and deserted, but the problem is keeping it hidden, I think.
    And may I enquire as to whether rewards for races are dealt in straight-up parts, or in money/monetary equivalent?
  6. Maybe somewhere in vegas or a similarly popular yet middle-of-nowhere sort of thing. Depending on the technology, there could be several sorts of things to keep it off the radar, along with it being partially underground. The group that runs the events could even be messing with the media to prevent too many leaks, and these sorts of things could be integrated into the plot. The characters could be just as confused as we are about how it hasn't been busted. Like the mafia, bribing the government to keep it invisible.

    As for the parts, it would be something like a pre-arrangement. Money is the normal way of doing it, but recently racing/fighting for parts has become popular as a good way of getting rare/legendary parts for your mech. Or something like that.

    It wasn't you by the way. Just checked my history and it was someone else for he mechs. The reason your name looked familiar was from your SOA thread I saw.
  7. Well, damned be me if I have a better idea.

    As for the whole parts thing, would performance affect rewards? As in, if you win, but put on a poor performance, would that affect what you get?

    Regarding my SAO jump-in, I guess you could say I abandoned that. I'd tried it multiple times before, but to no avail, so I was all but ready to toss that one to the dogs.
  8. Maybe this will clear things up. scrap pit.png
  9. You aren't Rukia, by any chance?

    Jokes about doodles aside, I think I get what you're saying.

    But, I do have one more question. Just one more - on a scale of cutlery drawer to Expendables, how much in the way of weaponry would be sensible/wanted? Because mech fights are no fun without the entire thing looking like Michael Bay remade Iron Man.
  10. In my defense, there were no bunny ears.

    Oh, goodness, they can be as advanced to as dull as you can imagine, as long as it's not too far fetched. Keep it "science" based, no DBZ shit like, "THIS CANON GATHERS SPIRIT ENERGY FROM ALL LIVING THINGS AND FIRES IT IN ONE SHOT". Something more like, "THIS CANON ABSORBS RADIATION AND SHOOTS IT OUT IN ONE SHOT" idfk.

    Also, I was thinking, did you wanna do something where you play the protagonist in first person, and I play the antagonists in third person? Because I really don't see a way where we can both be main characters on the same side, and I like being a bad guy.

    Oh, and I see now. As far as explosions go, anything besides something that would endanger the audience is fine, so no nukes.
  11. Would it be acceptable if I played in the third person, as opposed to the first person? I just hate doing it in the first person - no room for proper description and whatnot.
  12. Shit son, fine by me. Moreso asking if you're okay with me playing the bad guys. I'm fine with whatever style you use. I do third person present tense personally.
  13. Most excellent.
    That aside, you're more than welcome to play the antagonists/bad guys/what-ho. I do have one condition, though - that you don't make your 'main' villain, as such, one of the typical ones that are beaten by the hero each time. No no no no, I want him to be like Moriarty - always one step ahead, always able to trump the hero. How, and when, is up to you. But a villain must inspire fear, and it's a little hard to do so if there's more hope than futile to have.
  14. Oh, no. I don't intend to babysit you. I can't guarantee the lives of your characters loved ones. Also, I don't plan on pointing an sign to my big baddie saying "YOU HATE THIS GUY" with a big flashing arrow. You'll hate a lot of guys.

    I barely have a plan, but it's a plan. I've thought up several cool baddies you'll be fighting.

    Speaking of character, do you wanna give me a bio now, or introduce it through writing?
  15. How does a brief overview (appearance, starting mech, etc.) sound? Just something to go on - I plan to develop him through the RP.
  16. Sounds good to me. Lay it on me.
  17. Name: Alan Smith
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Alan’s build, though not especially tall, is still enough to leave his height not noticed by the rest of the crowd. He is fairly slender, built more for technique, as opposed to raw power. His hair, turned coal grey from the constant exposure to his suit’s radiation. Cut to a medium-short length, to keep it out of the way during combat, it allows his sea-green eyes full view of the visor, when it appears. His skin is not exactly a perfect example of pallor, but he still appears to be paler than is healthy. This is just his genetic makeup – it has no real effect on his bodily functions.
    When in civilian clothing, he often wears clothes suiting the weather – darker colours for colder weather, lighter colours for hotter weather. Irrespective of weather, however, he does have the constant of a pair of off-white trainers, both the laces and the footwear itself stained from their constant use.

    Mech Suit: This.
    The left arm is equipped with a Condensed Beam Rifle, a semi-automatic weapon that fires beams of Harlux particles. In natural natural, scattered form, Harlux particles eats slowly away at any matter it can, taking several millennia to make about three millimetres of progress in a sheet of iron. However, if condensed and fired repeatedly, the process is sped up exponentially. Due to the nature of the particles, excessive use requires intermittent maintenance, and the rounds themselves aren't particularly useful unless fire is concentrated on a single area - otherwise, damage is minor, but not negligible.
    The right hand is equipped with a Focussed Wave Projector. Similar to a grenade launcher, the shots from this weapon are not as fast as the Beam Rifle's, but cause a moderately-damaging explosion upon contact with a surface. However, a direct hit is necessary for maximum damage, and splash damage can be negligible, if dodged correctly. However, repeated use and practise allows the user to predict enemy movements, and adjust shots as such.
    What used to be a Landmine Deployment Pack on the back, is now a storage container for highly-condensed Harlux particles, used when firing the the Beam Rifle. It recharges automatically, and can go from empty to full in ten seconds. However, it still needs to recharge nonetheless, so the user may wish to stop and allow a few seconds for a quick reload, as opposed to ten while trying to fire off inaccurate rounds from their other weapon. It was implemented, so as to allow the Rifle to fire more efficiently.
  18. Sounds sweet to me. Should I start the thread then? Or is there anything else you wanna go over?
  19. By all means, start it. In all honesty, it's a relief you're doing that - I've started nearly every one I've been in.